Hit up These Tourism Spots in Zhengzhou!

Hit up These Tourism Spots in Zhengzhou!

Zhengzhou was one of the eight ancient capitals of China, meaning that its history is quite long and its cultural relics are quite unique. But visiting Zhengzhou is well worth a weekend visit for history buffs and non-history buffs alike: there are a lot interesting things to see and do here. If you are stopping by Zhengzhou, be sure to check out these "must see" spots: the Yellow River Scenic Area, the Kangbaiwan Manor and the Zhengzhou National Forest Park.

1) Yellow River Scenic Area 黄河风景名胜区
Head north from Zhengzhou city along the mountains and you will soon reach the Yellow River Scenic Area. Here you can see the starting point of the Yellow River (黄河), and the end point of the Loess Plateau (黄土高原). According to tradition, the Yan and Huang emperors formed an alliance at this spot, and the Chu and Han states fought here (Spring and Autumn period), so this place is known as the birthplace of Chinese Chess. There are several well-known scenic spots to check out here. There are the 106 m tall statues of Yan Di and Huang Di (炎黄坛二帝). Also go to Wulong Peak (五龙峰), which lies in the center of the area (pictured), and has a white marble statue with the word "nurture" inscribed in it, representing the Yellow River as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Afterwards, visit Luotuoling (骆驼岭) or, camel ridge in English, which is the best location overlooking the Yellow River scenery. It is named "Luotuoling" because the mountain is shaped like a camel, and is located above the main peak of the "Dayu" statue. Finally, go to Xinghaihu (星海湖), a lake a short distance away from the yellow river. If you are still looking for more "adventure", don't miss the "mountain slide" or Yellow River hovercraft rides

Add: South shore of the Yellow River, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Price:30 RMB
Getting there: ride the No. 16 bus nonstop to the Yellow River Scenic Viewing Area

2) Kangbaiwan Manor  康百万庄园
Representative of what 17th - 18th century feudal fortress-style buildings in Northern China's Loess Plateau looked like, Kangbaiwan Manor is strategically built along the bank of a river, and inside and out included everything that an "olden times" Chinese landlord would need: high reinforced walls, a place for his farmers, officials and businessmen to live and work, etc. The stone, wood and brick world are all highly regarded as fine craftsmanship of the Central Plains. The whole manor covers 240 acres, and its residential, storehouse, workshop, and other parts of the manor are all well preserved. In 2001, the Kangbaiwan Manor was listed as one of the national cultural heritage sites, and is a very popular site for those who study China's ancient architecture. Keep in mind; this massive complex only has one entrance, so it might be kind of difficult to find the exit when you are finished. If you visit the Kangbaiwan Manor, consider bringing along a bag of breadcrumbs so you don't get lost!

Opening hours: 8:00-18: 00
Tickets: 75 RMB per person. Three "classes" of guided tours: 80 RMB, 60 RMB, and 40 RMB
Getting there: from the city, ride the No. 8, 11 bus directly to Kangbaiwan Manor (康百万庄园)            

3) Zhengzhou National Forest Park 郑州国家森林公园
Located in the northeastern part of Zhengzhou, south of the Yellow River, the Zhengzhou National Forest Park is pretty wild. "Rugged" terrain, sand dunes, marshes, farmland, and fishing ponds, fill up the 6 sq. km area. Vegetation in the park is mainly planted, and includes black locust trees and a pear orchard. The Zhengzhou National Forest Park is the perfect place to visit for everyone. If you are coming to get some exercise, park fitness facilities are also available in the public ecological park (大众生态健身园). If you are coming to have a relaxing and leisurely day, check out the BBQ area (烧烤园), which has BBQs free to use, and do some fishing while you’re at it. If you show up in time for Spring Festival, there is an annual fair held here that showcases the Central Plains folk customs too!

Opening hours: 06:00-17:00
Price: the public ecological park (大众生态园) cost 10 RMB per person
Getting there: from in the city, ride the No. 21, 98, K39, 118, 215 Bus to the Forest Park stop (森林公园站)

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