Float On: The Best Water Rafting Spots Near Zhengzhou

Float On: The Best Water Rafting Spots Near Zhengzhou

Strap on your lifejacket because the summer rafting sites around Zhengzhou are open for business! To get to one of these four spots you'll first need to get out of the sweltering city and trek deeper into stunning Henan countryside. Trade the hot pavement and exhaust for an afternoon of bliss and a cool river breeze. Hard life, huh?  These beautiful and exciting rafting spots are definitely worth trip.

1) Yaoshan Grand Canyon Rafting
Yaoshan Grand Canyon Rafting (尧山大峡谷漂流) is located in Yaoshan Village (尧山镇), only about two hours away from Zhengzhou. Yaoshan's raftable river is 9 km long and will take about four hours to complete, so plan on spending the entire afternoon out rafting. The river is fast flowing, has tons of exciting drops and choppy rapids. The scenery and openness of the river changes quite a bit too—it is 85 m at its widest point and shrinks down to only 5 m at its narrowest point, so prepare for a wild ride!

Add: at the foot of Yaoshan, Yaoshan Town, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City
Price: 138 RMB
Tel: 037 5578 6666
Opening hours 11:00-15:00
Getting there: Take bus from Zhengzhou Railway Station (郑州火车站) to the Lushan Bus Station (鲁山长途汽车站). From there take the bus to Yaoshan Village (尧山镇) and then take a local taxi to Yaoshan Grand Canyon Rafting (尧山大峡谷漂流).

2) Xixiaguan River Rafting
Xixiaguan River Rafting (西峡灌河漂流) is located 42 km from Xixia (西峡县城). The raftable river is 12 km long and will take 4-5 hours to complete. Along the way, you'll raft past the Guan River No. 1 Beach (鹳河第一滩), Jiulong Beach (九龙滩), Tiaowu Beach (跳舞滩) and more. The boats at this site seat 5-6 people so bring the whole team for a day of rafting! The water can be rough at Xixiaguan, and there's a chance that the raft might occasionally flip over, so be sure to leave your camera with the helpful staff on the shore.

Add: upper Laoguan River, Miping Town, Xixia County, Nanyang City
Price: 168 RMB
Opening hours: 08:00-16:00
Getting there: Take bus from Zhengzhou to Xixia County (西峡县), which should take about 4 hours. From there take a local taxi to Xixia Guan River Rafting (西峡灌河漂流).

3) Yuxi Grand Canyon Rafting
Yuxi Grand Canyon Rafting (豫西大峡谷漂流) is located outside of Sanmenxia (三门峡市) in the Donghan Village (东汉村), about 325 km from Zhengzhou. The raftable river is 3 km long and will take about 90 minutes to complete in a two-person boat. The main attractions of this area are its unique underground sections. Only 100 m into the journey, the raft will suddenly enter a tunnel and continue on underground, passing through three canyons and ravines. When you've had enough rafting for the day, head over to the Yaoyuan Courtyard (天井窑院) to watch local folk performances, such as shadow plays, puppetry, fire-breathing, acrobatics and juggling. Also check out the nearby Yuxi Grand Canyon nature preserve (豫西大峡谷风景区) which is perfect for taking a relaxing post-rafting hike.

Add: Donghan Village, Guandaokou Town, Lushi Couny, Sanmenxia City
Price:  60 RMB (entrance), 128 RMB (rafting)
Tel:039 8710 7999
Opening hours: 07:30-18:00
Getting there: Take bus from Zhengzhou to Lushi County (卢氏县), then at Lao Bus Station (老汽车站) catch a bus at either 10:00 or 15:00 to the scenic area (景区的班车). The trip will take approximately 5.5 hours, so it's best to make this into a weekend trip.

4) Luo River Rafting
Drift down 36 km of rushing river at Luo River Rafting (洛河漂流). The rafting route, which surprisingly only takes about four hours to complete, is the longest in central China, earning it the nickname of "Thousand-Mile Luohe Rafting." The rafting adventure starts at Xishi Lake (西施湖畔) and ends at the Dayu Shushui Hilltops (大禹劈山疏水) alongside the Yumen River (禹门河). The raftable river is fast flowing and full of rapids and rocks, and the water can get very cold so make sure you can handle a bit of a chill if you come on a cloudy day.

Add: upper middle Luo River, within the borders of Guxian Township, Luoning County, Luoyang City
Tel: N/A
Price: 128 RMB
Opening hours: N/A
Getting there: Take bus from Zhengzhou to Luoyang City (洛宁县), then take local taxi to site. Luoyang is approximately 280 km from Zhengzhou and takes about 4 hours to reach by bus.

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Who ever wrote this is obviously unaware that foreigners are frequently denied access to many scenic areas around Luoyang due to a military base (or so I have been told). Any foreigners wishing to travel to scenic areas around Luoyang (Luanquan in particular) should be aware that you may be turned away!! I have heard that some foreigners have been allowed to enter the so-called restricted areas, but I have always been stopped.

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Ok,So I made the trip to Louyang to go rafting, due to this article.
They tell me you have to be Chinese to go rafting with them.


So I wonder why you posted this in English.

Who wrote this article? I'd be curious to know!!
Thanks for letting me know!

And I am STILL looking for a way to touch a clean river near Louyang if you have any ideas on how I can do that!

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