A Taste of Home: Zhengzhou’s Best Import Supermarkets

A Taste of Home: Zhengzhou’s Best Import Supermarkets

Living far away from home can be difficult, and sometimes some familiar produce is all it takes to beat that homesickness. These are Zhengzhou’s top locations to get your foreign food fix, perfect to stock up on imported goods.

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1) Ole (精品超市)

One of the country’s main quality imported goods supermarkets is Ole, which established a branch in Zhengzhou in 2012, and supplies fresh imported goods and ready-meals for a quick bite. The prices are moderate, the store is spacious, well-stocked, and there aren’t too many people, creating a pleasant shopping environment.

The store is conveniently located near Erqi Square Station, on Line 1. There are various European imported products, as well as goods from Japan, Korea and America; for example cornflakes and other breakfast foods. The imported skimmer milk comes at about 19 RMB per carton, which is 3-8 RMB cheaper than at Better. Ole’s most popular products include home-made cheesecake, priced at 16.8 RMB and whole-wheat bread at 17.8 RMB.

The afternoon meals that are sold are popular with workers in the area, especially white collar foreign staff, and you can put together a meal for about 24.8 RMB. Standard fried dishes cost between 13.8 RMB and 16.8 RMB.

The fruit section often has buy 2 get 1 free offers. Everything is brought fresh to maintain a high standard of produce. If you purchase 588 RMB worth of products you’ll get an Ole membership card for free, which you can use to collect points that can be transferred into gifts. Members also get an 8.8 percent discount every 23rd of the month.

Add: B101, Wanxiangcheng, Erqi District, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 5508 1999
Opening Times: 10:00-21:30
Getting There: Take Line 1 to Erqi Square Station (二七广场站) and take Exit F. Or alternatively, take bus 37, 109, 900 or 909 to Erqi Square Jiefanglu stop (二七解放广场路站). 

2) Better (拜特)

Located inside Zhengzhou Dannis Shopping Mall, Better is very conveniently located; regardless of whether you take the bus or the subway, it is no further than 200 meters away. The inside of the supermarket is well-stocked and spacious, with a wide range of goods, and few queues at the tills.

The special products that people go to Better for are chocolate, various types of milk, red wine, and fresh salmon, among other seafood. The prices are reasonable, and keep for a long time. However, it’s advisable to check the dates on the fruit juice and milk before you purchase.

In general, there are only special prices and discounts during holiday seasons, and the prices tend to be a little higher than other foreign import stores.

Add: Building 1, Dannis Shopping Mall, 2 Renmin Lu, Erqi District, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 6620 8985
Opening Hours: 8:30-22:00
Getting There: Take subway Line 1 to Renmin Lu Station (人民路站), Exit B. Or take bus 26 to Gongren Xincun stop (工人新村站).

3) Miokoko (妙可可)

Miokoko is an independently run imported foods convenience store, located near exit B of Yanzhuang Subway Station (燕庄站) on Line 1; it is very easy to get to. Unlike other foreign goods supermarkets, this one is small and not too many people come here.

This small supermarket has it all; from German beers, French wine, and Southeast Asian fruit juices to English tea. There is also a range of snacks and small nibbles on offer.

Prices for goods are lower than most other import supermarkets, although about on a par with Ole. There is also a free home delivery service for goods within 4 kilometers of the Manhattan Plaza.

Add: Manhattan Plaza, 288 Jinshui Lu, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 8661 0361
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting There: Take Line 1 to Yanzhuang Station (燕庄站), Exit B2, or bus 26 or 305 to Jinshilu Weilailu stop (金水路未来路站).

4) Metro (麦德龙)

Metro is a self-service membership supermarket that has been in Zhengzhou for 10 years now, and it was the first and historically most popular imported food supermarket. The supermarket covers an area of 20,000 square meters, in which about 70% of products are imported from abroad.

Shelf life and expiry dates are strictly controlled, and the prices are on the low end. Some of the most popular products at Metro are olive oil, butter and coffee – Rumba coffee beans cost 69 RMB, and Fragata olive oil is one of the most special products in the shop.

During Western celebrations, there are a lot of special offers and themed products, but during this period the supermarket will be the busiest, meaning relatively long queues at the checkout counters. You need a membership card, but individuals can’t get it yet at the Zhengzhou store (only companies). If you want to come here to shop, you need to bring a valid ID or passport, and fill in a form for a temporary membership card.

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Nice article BUT for a membership card for METRO, along with taking your passport you also need a letter of recommendation from ones employer as I found out recently!..

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