Beach Bummin’ in Xiamen: The Top 3 Spots

Beach Bummin’ in Xiamen: The Top 3 Spots

There are a bunch of beaches to see in Xiamen, but which ones are the best? Well, that depends on what you are trying to get out of your day at the beach. Do you want to build sand castles? Watch (or play) beach volleyball? Go swimming? Read below for our recommendations of the best beaches in Xiamen. 

1) Guanyin Mountain Beach 观音山沙滩View In Map
Guanyin Mountain Beach is the biggest beach in Xiamen (and maybe even Fujian Province). At nearly 3 km long, this beach is perfect for those who want to get out and throw a Frisbee (without worry of hitting nearby sunbathers) or do other beach-centric activities. The sand here is nice and soft, and the beach itself is mostly flat with a gentle slope into the ocean, making it perfect for beach games. The beach holds China's "National Golden Beaches" distinction, and is home to the annual National Beach Volleyball Tournament, the largest and best known of its kind in China.

Guanyin Mountain Beach also has free tennis courts, but there are only ever a few courts available so be sure to get there early. As for other activities, although there are undoubtedly countless travelling vendors walking about selling various balls, nets, kites and such, we suggest you bring your own, as it is way cheaper than buying it here. There are also some refreshments areas on the beach, but food consists mainly of local BBQ (chuanr 串), so bring your own grub.

Swimming enthusiasts take note: because the actual beachfront area and shores of Guanyin Mountain Beach are pretty muddy, swimming at this beach is not particularly advised. One other warning: public transportation to this beach during non-tournament days is relatively inconvenient. It is easier to get here if you have a car (or take a taxi). And there is no shortage of parking spaces, including underground parking, which costs 4 RMB.

Add: Costal tourism area on East Huandao Lu, Siming District, Xiamen
Getting there: ride the No. 5, 28, 127 (formerly the 529), 68 bus to Guanyin Mountain Business Center (观音山商务中心); or ride the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) No. 1, 2 bus and get off at Caitang (蔡塘站), transfer to the No. 68 bus to get there; or ride the BRT No. 3 bus and at Dongfangshanzhuang (东芳山庄站) transfer to the No. 5, 28, 127 bus and get off at the Guanyin Mountain Music School (观音山音乐学校).

2) Baicheng Beach 厦大白城海滩风光 View In Map
Located just south of Xiamen University, Baicheng Beach is located between Yanwu Bridge and Hulishan Fort. The views from the beach are pretty impressive, especially the contrasting natural setting with the giant half circle expressway bridge that loops out over the coast on the horizon (I recommend taking photos of this scene at dusk). Baicheng is the “most convenient” place to have a swim in Xiamen, as many bus lines stop right by the beach. A fun day trip would be to first stop by Xiamen University and take in the literary atmosphere, then walk down to Baicheng Beach for a relaxing late afternoon swim, followed by a sunset walk along the coast (to check out the awesomeness of the aforementioned expressway). If biking is your thing, then be sure to rent tandem bicycles at the beach and bike over to the convention center, where you can easily find a bus home. A two-person bike is 5 RMB per hour, and a three-person bike is 10 RMB per hour.

Add: Baicheng school gate, Xiamen University, Xiamen
Getting there: in Xiamen, ride the N0. 2, 20, 22, 29, 48, 86, 92, 96 bus to Xiamen University Baicheng stop (厦大白城) or take the BRT No. 1, 2, 3 bus to the first pier hub (第一码头枢纽站) and transfer to the No. 2 bus to get to Baicheng. 


3) Huangcuo Beach 黄厝海滩 View In Map
Huangcuo Beach is located on the southeastern side of Xiamen (accessed by the round-the-island road 环岛路). It is one of the more underdeveloped beaches on Xiamen. But "underdeveloped" in this case is not a pejorative. Actually, Huangcuo Beach has the cleanest sand in Xiamen and the water is super clear, making this the best all-around beach in Xiamen. There are a lot fewer people on this beach than the other more urban located beaches. But, be forewarned that the reefs here are overly plentiful (and just waiting to skin your knees), the tides change frequently and there are a large number of reports filed each year by swimmers who have “run into problems”, so be extra careful while swimming. Next to the beach is a strawberry patch where you can pick strawberries (for a price). And the area is also pretty good for other beach activities such as BBQ-ing, beach volleyball and biking.

Add: Huangcuo on Huandao Lu, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province
Getting there: ride the No. 29 or 115 bus to Huangcuo Beach stop (黄厝海滨站)

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