Caffeine Heaven: Xiamen’s Xidi Coffee Street

Caffeine Heaven: Xiamen’s Xidi Coffee Street

Not so long ago, Xiamen built the unique Xidi Coffee Street (西堤咖啡一条街) which takes its name from the many cafés that make their home here and from the distinctive “coffee culture” feel of the street. Day or night, rain or shine, you can come here anytime to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and listen to soothing music, chat with friends or just don’t do anything at all and enjoy the peace and quiet.

1) Café Perfect 啡凡View In Map
As you enter the lovelyCafé Perfect,located inside a 3-story villa, you’ll be greeted by relaxing music, comfy chairs and a long counter with a view of the beautiful lake outside.  Guests can bring their laptops and take advantage of the coffee shop’s free wireless internet or just plop down in front of a window clutching a cup of coffee over a colorful striped table cloth while flipping through one of the shop’s many art magazines, whiling away the hours. Believe me, coming here makes everyday stress melt away, leaving you feeling more rested than if you’d just gotten a good night’s sleep. Café Perfect also has a special wine room where wine enthusiasts can taste all kinds of this grape beverage.

Café Perfect is a big promoter of health food, so everything on its menu is made from all natural ingredients. The shop doesn’t use any flavorings that contain MSG or artificial coloring. Besides their menagerie of coffees, the French bamboo soup and vibrant purple potato soup here are said to be one-of-a-kind in Xiamen. If soup doesn’t float your boat, mango custard, fragrant afternoon tea and exquisite Western dishes are all nice choices as well.    

Add: 107 Xidi Villa, Xundanglu, Xiamen
Tel: 059 2508 8016, 059 563 2166
Opening hours: 09:00-01:00
Getting there:
By bus: take bus line 12, 26, 31, 36, 72, 87, 522 or 505 (towards Xidi Villa) to Dongdu station

2) Buona Italy Restaurant & GEO Geo Cafe意欢乐 & GEO View In Map
Buona & Geo Geo doubles as a café and Italian restaurant. A dark green awning stretches out over café chairs nestled close to the yellow villa, giving passersby a relaxed, natural feeling. Inside you’ll fine warm, elegant European murals and all kinds of crafts scattered around the wall’s shelves.

At Buona & Geo Geo Café, besides enjoying mouth-watering Italian coffee and desserts, you can also try some healthy traditional Italian dishes, such as macaroni, beef rolls, fried goose liver patté and sesame salad, scallops cooked in white wine served over pasta, and many other tasty treats deeply loved by both Chinese and foreign customers alike. 

Add: 3 Xundanglu, Siming District, Xiamen (300 meters west of the Marco Polo Hotel)
Tel: 059 2532 3111, 059 510 7333 
Opening hours: 09:30-01:00
Getting there:
By bus: take bus line 11, 12, 26, 28, 36, 43 or 87 to Dongdu station, and then walk towards the Xidi Villa

3) Halo Halo 哈啰哈啰View In Map
There’s a special drink in the Philippines called “halo-halo,” Filipino for “street corner.” Halo Halojust happens to sit right at the street corner here in the Xidi Villa district. If you find a spot on Halo Halo’s balcony, you can admire the light reflecting off of the lake, the egrets darting past, the blue sky, white clouds and all other forms of natural scenery. The café is divided into two parts: a casual hangout spot on the first floor and a dining area on the second. On the first floor, guests can wait for friends, rest, flip through magazines, snack on special Filipino chocolate cake or pudding and just generally enjoy a moment of free time. There’s also a bar area where elegant wine enthusiasts can quietly sip their favourite drink.

The most distinctive item on the café’s menu is something called “Mixed.” The Filipino chef mixes eight ingredients together and then adds a scoop of Filipino ice cream (you can choose from eight different flavours) then blends it together for a result that’s both delicious and refreshing. Of course, the shop’s Filipino Halo Halo drink is also extremely popular. In addition, you’ll find all sorts of imported coffees, desserts, flower and fruit teas, shaved ice, pasta, pizza, soup, special cocktails and other alcoholic beverages and even 100% juice among the many items offered at the coffee shop.

Add: 106 Building 1, Xundanglu, Xiamen (next to the Xidi Villa), Xiamen
Tel: 059 2596 2588, 059 506 6709 
Opening hours: 09:00-01:00
Getting there:
By bus: take bus line 11, 12, 26, 28, 36, 43 or 87 to Dongdu station, and then walk towards the Xidi villa

4) Home from Home Café 厚海英文书院View In Map
At first glance, Home from Home Caféseems like a bookstore, but once you’ve walked in the door you’ll realize that it’s actually an English book and movie-themed coffee shop. Home from Home Café is four stories high. The first floor boasts a large bookcase (most of the books are in English) and a few brain training toys. The second floor is divided into four areas: a free wireless area, a movie-viewing area (complete with projector), a small private area where members have their own “listening” space, and a loveseat with headphones and books perfect for taking a date. The third floor is rather homey with big flower-patterned table clothes and soft, comfy sofas that might trick you into thinking you’re in your own living room. The fourth floor is a balcony café where you can sit and admire the gorgeous lake scenery. Though the coffee shop is modestly decorated, it is clean, tidy and provides everything a guest could possibly need. Of course, like any café, Home from Home Café provides a full list of coffees from cappuccinos to lattes.

Add: 3-4 Xundanglu, Xiamen
Tel: 059 2531 1212 
Opening hours: 09:30-01:00
Getting there:
By bus: take bus line 11, 12, 26, 28, 36, 43 or 87 to Dongdu Station, and then walk towards Xidi Villa

All in all, over a dozen cafes have settled along this caffeine-loving street. Many more cafes not mentioned in this article are also worth checking out, so we recommend to just go there and start exploring yourself!

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