A Caffeinated Kick: Shijiazhuang’s Best Café Chains

A Caffeinated Kick: Shijiazhuang’s Best Café Chains

While you've able to find a halfway decent cup of coffee in Shijiazhuang for a while, its café culture is still in its infancy. Case in point, it was only last year that Costa Coffee and Starbucks—two coffee institutions through out China—finally set up shop in town. And while it's great that these quality chains are finally in Shijiazhuang, their international status means that they are exceedingly popular with the hip locals and constantly packed full of chatty coffee sipping customers. If you're looking for something a bit more on the quiet side, you may want to head to one of the less frequented coffee shops around the city, such as Baike Coffee or UBC coffee. Don't worry, just because they may not carry a signature Frappuccino beverage doesn't mean you can't get a great cup of coffee!

1) Starbucks - Wanda Branch View In Map
The Starbucks at Wanda Plaza (星巴克 - 万达店)—the first in Shijiazhuang— opened last September to much fanfare. Fast-forward less then a year later and this coffee hub is as popular as ever, often with a queue of people straight out the door waiting for their morning Joe. Suffice it to say, if you're just looking for a quiet place to relax with a fresh cup, this may not be the place. That being said, as part of an international franchise, the service and quality of the coffee here are just as good as those you'll find in any other big city location, so as long as you're okay with getting your coffee to go, you can't go wrong with this Starbucks, which sells all of your favourites, such as Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino and Green Tea Frappuccino. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Add: Bldg 1, Wanda Plaza, 136 Jianhua Nan Dajie, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang (Huai'an intersection)
Tel: 311 6779 6358
Average Price: 30 RMB, credit cards accepted
Opening hours: 9:00-23:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 49, 57, 65, 73, 81, 290 or 特81 to Jingji Xueyuan (经济学院站)

2) Costa Coffee – Beiguo Dongshang Branch View In Map
Another big name in international coffee shops, the Beiguo Dongshang branch of Costa Coffee (咖世家咖啡-北国东尚店) opened in Shijiazhuang in May 2011. This shop is perfect for when you're tired of strolling the streets of Dongshang, and are looking for a little caffeinated pick-me-up. The sizes here run a bit on the large side, so be sure to check your coffee appetite before ordering one of their larger sizes. The chocolate muffins are another great treat that can be found here, and go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. And if you happen to live or work in the area, Costa also offers delivery service for places within 500 meters of the store for orders over 50 RMB. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Add: Beiguo Dongshang Mall, 265 Zhonshang Dong Lu, Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang
地址:石家庄市长安区中山东路265号北国商场东尚MALL 1楼
Tel: 311 8918 7160
Opening hours: 10:00-22:30
Average price: 30 RMB, credit cards accepted
Getting there: Take bus No. 1, 5, 10, 30, 45, 60, 68, 106 or 116 to the People's Square (人民广场站) 

3) Baike Coffee - Junchuang Branch View In Map
Although it's a lesser-known chain of coffee shops around Shijiazhuang, the Junchuang branch of Baike Coffee (百客咖啡 - 军创店) still has a lot going for it.
The main dining room is spacious, comfortable and comparatively quiet. You can rent your own small dining area for as low as 60 RMB, while the larger dining areas go for 280 RMB. This coffee shop is great for friends looking to meet up or study together while sipping on a delicious beverage. And if you're feeling a bit hungry, there are also quite a few tasty dishes worth trying, such as one of the baked rice dishes or the chicken and mushrooms wrapped in lotus leaves. No Wi-Fi.

Add: Xibei Jiao, Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang (intersection of Zhonghua Bei Dajie and Huaxi Lu)
Tel: 311 8536 6688
Opening hours: 09:00-02:00
Average price: 50 RMB, credit cards accepted
Getting there: Take bus No. 8, 9, 13, 17, 20, 23, 68, 75, 76, 92, 96, 108, 118 or 315 to Xinbai Square North (新百广场北站)

4) UBC Coffee – Ziqiang Lu Branch View In Map
With more than 10 years under its belt already, the Ziqiang Lu branch of UBC Coffee (上岛咖啡 -自强路店) has become something of an institution for coffee lovers around town. The dining area is quite large, split into regular seating, deck seats and private rooms, with room enough for more than 200 people. Imported from Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Coffee is freshly ground to order and has a sweet and nutty full-bodied flavour. Assorted cold porridges are a great summer treat, while the ham and egg toasted sandwich will definitely warm you up on a cool night. The coffee shop is very close to the train station so if you're waiting for an arrival or a departure, consider stopping by for a quick cup of coffee and a meal. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Add: 4 Ziqiang Lu, Qiaodong District, Shijiazhuang (Near the Train Station)
Tel: 311 8787 7878
Opening hours: 09:00-02:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 1, 3, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 22, 24, 35, 49, 50, 107, 111, 快1, 快6, 旅游2 or 旅游7 to the Shijiazhuang Railway Station (火车站)

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