After Dark Explorations: The Night Markets of Shijiazhuang

After Dark Explorations: The Night Markets of Shijiazhuang

Shijiazhuang may not be a coastal city or a huge metropolis, but it still has a very vibrant nightlife. In recent years, many commercial streets have opened in the city, and their night markets are definitely worth a visit. Here, we introduce four different sides of Shijiazhuang’s nightlife: areas greats for brushing up on the local history, getting some (or too many) drinks, buying random Chinese knick-knacks, or haggling for some clothes.


1) Minsheng Lu Folk Culture Street 民生路历史文化街 View In Map
The buildings on Minsheng Lu Folk Culture Street all have those classic northern-style arches and black brick construction giving it a very “old China” kind of feel. Tourists can watch some old black and white movies to better understand Shijiazhuang’s local history, and outside you can still hear vendors calling out their wares. The street is full of photo ops, as it is lined with a slew of over-100-year-old trees. Also, there is Nansantiao, which runs parallel to Dajing Jie in the Minsheng Lu Folk Culture Street area, where you can find a ton of little snack shops. Be sure to dine at 2046 spicy shrimp restaurant (2046香辣虾) or the Golden Hans BBQ (金汉斯自助烤肉).

Add: at the intersection of Zhongshan Lu and Dajing Jie on the south side (walk 500 m west), Shijiazhuang
Opening hours: until around 23:00
Getting there: ride the No. 1, 101, 102 Bus and get off at Nansantiao (南三条)


2) Nanxiao Jie Bar Street  南小街酒吧街View In Map
Nanxiao Jie was build during the Republic of China era in the 1930. It is known as Shijiazhuang's version of "Dashilan" (大栅栏),a well-known commercial area in Beijing. At night, it becomes Shijiazhuang's most happenin’ place. Nanxiao Jie Bar Street is a mixture of art shops, bars and shops. If you are drinker, art aficionado, or thrifty shopper, you should have no problem finding something to keep yourself with in this area. Havana music Coffee (哈瓦那音乐咖啡), O'Brien Moet Zhuang German Beer (欧博酩庄德国啤酒), Scottish bar (苏格兰酒吧), Seven bar (七酒吧) and a number of other well-known bars have all made Nanxiao Jie Bar Street their home. Some good restaurants to try are Weihaojia Beef (味好家牛排), Emeixiaozhen (峨眉小镇), and Aokexicanzizhu (澳客西餐自助).

Add: stretches north to Zhongshan Lu, and south to Yuhua Lu, Shijiazhuang
Opening hours: all night long
Getting there: Ride the No. 101, 102, 107, 108, 111 bus and get off at the train station stop (火车站)


3) “Shimen 1925” Commercial Street  石门1925特色商街 View In Map
Shijiazhuang was built and the local government was established in 1925, hence the name of this area. When you enter the main gate at Shimen 1925 (“Shimen” literally means “stone gate”), there is a timeline charting out the nearly 100 years of Shijiazhuang’s history (and a bunch of old photos for the eagle-eyed visitor). Aside from this quick brush with the cities history, Shimen 1925 is best for the traveler who wants to browse a massive assortment of Chinese knick-knacks. The other commercial streets in Shijiazhuang are all single-street locales; Shimen 1925 is made up of five streets (that’s a lot of knick-knacks!). In the center of the Shimen 1925, there is a small public square where you can regroup after hours spent haggling over Mao Zedong Lighters and Buddhist singing bowls. While there, be sure to get your picture taken in the strange looking chairs that are in the square. Also, be sure to sample some of the "big bowl tea”, called dawancha (大碗茶).

Add: at the intersection of Xinghuijianhua Dajie and Donggang Lu, Shijiazhuang
Opening hours: until about 23:00
Getting there: ride the No. 6, 33, 73 bus and get off at the entrance to the street (Jiequ Menkou 街区门口)


4) Huaxiafuzhuang Yitiaojie  华夏服装一条街 View In Map
Huaxiafuzhuang Yitiaojie (Chinese clothing street) was the first place in Shijiazhuang to have clothing shops. Along this street there are over 150 shops, with all kinds of clothes (men’s, women’s, children’s, athletic) and a bunch of popular brands (Li Ning, Kapa, Nike). Suffice it to say, this street becomes pretty crazy at night. Expect to see lots of people out and about shopping. Shops are open until around 22:00.

Opening hours:Until 22:00
Add: Dongfang Lu west part, stretching each to Ping'an Dajie and west to Qiaotou Jie, Shijiazhuang
Getting there: the No. 7, 39, 42 bus and get off at Dongfeng Lu Intersection, 

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