A Guide to Shijiazhuang’s Bars

A Guide to Shijiazhuang’s Bars

Despite a late appearance, Shijiazhuang’s bar culture is nonetheless starting to develop. Even though the city can now boast of a number of small to large sized bars, the city’s bar scene still leaves a lot to be desired, especially when compared to major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Bars here generally lack an individual style, with many having similar themes, interior décor and music. However, the good news is that there are a small number of bars that clearly have a distinct style and atmosphere, hence making them stand out from the otherwise mundane crowd. We’ve traversed the city to try to find Shijiazhuang’s best watering holes.

Scotland Bar, Shijiazhuang

1) Scotland Bar苏格蓝音乐酒吧 View In Map
Scotland Bar is one of the most popular bars in the city. Not surprisingly, the interior leans towards an inherently British bar style, with ancient Irish accordions, old typewriters, English paintings and vintage brass-wind instruments thrown into the décor mix. With an overall wooden interior and English songs playing in the background, this bar has not surprisingly become a “home from home” for many expats in Shijiazhuang.

Chivas Scottish whiskey is of course served here, as are a number of other well known imported brands. The bar gets crowded almost every night of the week, and the opening of another branch in Nanhuayuan both attest to this bar’s popularity.

Add: Walk east for 150 metres from the intersection of Zhongshan Donglu and Guangan Dajie, Shijiazhuang
Tel: 031 8666 6669
Opening hours: 14:00-02:00
Getting there: take bus no. 1, 21, 28 and 5 to Shengminhang (省民航)

Jinsha Fengqing Bar, Shijiazhuang

2) Jinsha Fengqing Bar金莎风情酒吧 View In Map
Located east of Zhongshan Road and Pingan Avenue, and close to the hustle and bustle of Xiumen Street, this bar’s location is very convenient, especially for those with their own cars. Occupying a massive 8000 square metres of floor space, Jinsha’s interior décor is simplistic but its equipment is top of the range. The bar boasts a top class sound system and eye-catching laser lights. Well known international DJs are known to perform here, and the club also has its own performers and bands for special VIP seated concerts.

House is the main genre of music you’ll hear blaring from the speakers here, but R&B and Hip Hop also get their fair share of airplay here. Compared to Scotland Bar, Jinsha is less of a local after-work relaxation spot, but certainly a clubbing destination to consider for the weekends, especially when you want to let off some steam on the dance floor.

Add: 3-4 F, Dongfang Xinshijie, 118 Zhongshan Donglu, Shijiazhuang
Tel: 0311 8910 6566  
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: take bus no. 1, 6 or 34 to Dongfang Xinshijie

Yesterday Bar, Shijiazhuang

3) Yesterday 昨天 View In Map
Named after a song by the Beatles, Yesterday has a very rustic feel to eat, with jazz music playing in the background and a posters of jazz legends throughout the ages adorning the walls. The owner of this bar went to the trouble of designing the bar all by himself, including the interior décor and even the doors.

Occupying the basement and first floor, the basement covers 40 square metres and is a kind of multi-functional space with 25-35 chairs. It includes a 120 inch video projection system and top class sound system, perfect for film screenings and other audio-visual events. The first floor is divided into three areas and is spread over 180 square metres. With the capacity to seat 50-60 people, this floor is perfect for private parties, gatherings and functions.

What’s more, Yesterday has a wide range of imported cigars, pipes and Zippo lighters for sale.

Add: 576-13 Huaizhong Lu, Shijiazhuang
Tel: 0311 8536 0008
Opening hours: opens in the evenings
Getting there: take bus no. 116, 16, 19 or 27 to Yintong Xiaoqu (银通小区). Walk for 170 metres.

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