Xiaomeisha Seaworld in Shenzhen: Explore the Mysteries of the Sea

Xiaomeisha Seaworld in Shenzhen: Explore the Mysteries of the Sea

Since its opening in 1998, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Seaworld has attracted millions of visitors – young and old – to its 200,000 square meter homage to the sea. Nicknamed the “Hawaii of the Orient”, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Seaworld features nine aquariums and two museums and is considered China’s leading marine-based theme park. Below, we look at some of the attractions and must-visit exhibits within the site.

1) The Fish Aquarium
Twenty tanks featuring 6000 individual rare fish from 500 different species are found within the Fish Aquarium (水族馆). If you get here at the right time, you can catch one of the underwater mermaid performances, underwater wedding ceremonies and diving shows (big hits for families with young children). But the tunnel is an attraction in itself; its large glass panels offer a window into another world and give visitors the illusion of being under the sea.

2) Polar Museum
The Polar Museum (极地馆) is a 10,000 square meter large space housing a white whale museum, a polar bear home, penguin exhibits, walruses, arctic foxes and a showcase of arctic landscapes. The animals within the Polar Museum live in enclosures that recreate the climates of their natural habitat. Standards in ensuring correct air and water temperatures and humidity are strictly adhered to.

3) Magic Tour Aquarium
The Magic Tour Aquarium (幻游海洋馆) is currently the largest indoor rail-based exhibition space in China. Here, visitors learn about the history and future of the oceans, while witnessing scenes from such marine-related stories as Robinson Crusoe and The Fisherman and Goldfish. During the 15 minutes spent on the indoor rail, visitors are taken on an epic journey that combines education and history with entertainment and story-telling.

4) Whale Shark Museum
As the name suggests, this museum is dedicated entirely to the whale shark. Inside you’ll find a massive 8.34 meter long and three ton heavy whale shark, the largest one discovered in China to date. Hundreds of rare fish specimens can also be found on display here.

5) Shark Museum
Sharks are one of the best known yet probably most misunderstood marine species in the world. What better way to learn about the various types of sharks out there than by visiting China’s largest shark museum? Here, you’ll find eight different kinds of sharks roaming the aquarium waters, including bull, lemon, leopard and nurse sharks to name a few. A risky underwater performance involving man and shark takes place each day for pure entertainment purposes.

6) Seashell Museum
A staggeringly large variety of seashells and crustaceans live under the sea and this museum exhibits 600 of them. Here you’ll also find multi-colored coral and fossils (including dinosaur eggs) on display.

7) Ocean Park
After learning so much about the wonders of the sea, no-one blames you if you just want to kick back and dive right into the water. Luckily the Ocean Park (海洋乐园) is on hand to provide all the water activities one could hope for. From wave pools to massive water slides, this place is a dream come true for all the little water rats out there.

8) Ocean TheaterView In Map
This 3000 seat theatre puts on a whole array of one-hour long live shows starring four dolphins, eight sea lions and six seals.

Add: Xiaomeisha Yankui Lu, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 2503 5552/5/6
Price: 150 RMB
Opening hours: May 1-Oct 7, 09:30-18:00 (weekends, 09:00-18:00); Oct 8 – Apr 4, 10:00-17:30 (weekends, 09:30-17:30)
Website: http://www.szxms.com.cn/
Getting there: take bus No.103b, 103, 380a or 380b to Xiaomeisha Terminus Station (小梅沙公交总站)

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