5 Reasons to Visit Xichong Beach in Shenzhen

5 Reasons to Visit Xichong Beach in Shenzhen

While people in northerly parts of China may have bid farewell to the summer, thermometers in Shenzhen are still displaying pleasant summer temperatures between 25-30 °C. But with the winter months just around the corner, now’s your last chance to bathe in one Shenzhen’s beaches while it’s still hot. One beach worth checking out is Xichong on the south side of Nan’ao on the Dapeng Peninsula. Lauded as “Shenzhen’s number one bay”, Xichong has Shenzhen’s longest beach and is famous for its golden sand. The water off the coast of Xichong is also one of the cleanest in Shenzhen and surrounding areas are flanked by beautifully lush vegetation and idyllic scenery. Below are five reasons why you should start packing your beach gear and head to Xichong now.

1) Go for a dip
Xichong Beach is suitable for swimming ten months out of the year. The best time to go is in the summer from 06:00-08:00 when the sun hasn’t fully risen. This at ensures pleasant temperatures and minimal crowds. Visitors who come after nine tend to feel the wrath of the sun. For those who prefer evening dips, make sure to get there well before 20:00 as any time after and you’ll be warned to get out of the water by beach staff.

2) Fishing & boating
If fishing is your thing, Xichong has you covered. There are plenty of large rocks through entrance number 4, which are perfect for perching on with a rod in one hand and a cold beer in the other. Alternatively, you can rent a boat and head out into the sea to try to catch your supper from the depths of the sea. The only downside about this option is that rental prices are insanely expensive with boats costing around 900 RMB for the day. If that’s not an option, console yourself by catching the waves on a speed boat instead.

3) Trek to the east part of Xichong
The eastern part of Xichong is renowned for its picturesque landscape and there’s even a coastal walking route to facilitate your quest in admiring the area’s beauty. The route takes walkers from the east to the west, with one part of the stretch passing through a hilly area and the rest of the route shimmying along the coastline. The entire route takes 6-7 hours to complete so consider the time before heading off. We recommend starting off in Dongchong Beach, passing through the little hill, Chuanbi rock, the Sunshine Holiday Hotel, the long beach and then finally Xichong Beach.

4) Explore the universe at Xichong Astronomical Observatory
Here you’ll find the first combined astronomical and meteorological observatory in China. The observatory is equipped with a live observation system that’s hooked up to the internet and transmits readings. Over a space of 29,700 square meters and three floors, visitors learn about the sun, moon, stars and other mysteries of the universe. There are also awesome views of the coastline beyond. Please note that visitors must make an advance reservation to tour the observatory and more info can be found on their website www.szmb.gov.cn (Chinese only).

5) Have a BBQ or go campingView In Map
There are lots of BBQ spots along Xichong Beach and a large number of food vendors set up at night to supply the hungry crowd. It’s also possible to camp overnight here and beach shops actually rent out tents to those who don’t have their own. It costs 80-100 RMB to rent a tent and don’t expect high-quality. Alternatively, you could try renting a tent from one of the nearby guesthouses, with tents renting out on for 40-50 RMB on average. All tents come with mats and blankets.

Add: Xichong Beach, Nan’ao Township, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Price: 13 RMB/person
Opening hours: all day
Getting there: first take the E11 bus from Yinhu Bus Station or the M321 bus from Dapeng Bus Station and get off at the Nan’ao terminus. From there take a mini-van to Xichong – a van leaves for Xichong every 30 minutes

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Please dont go there. It will be a waste of your time and money. Other the possible of camping out on the Mountain tops there is really no reason to go. The hotels are very expensive and low grade. The locals selling the food charge outrages prices and the food is not that good. The beach is super crowded and is not very impressive. Furthermore, its hard to find a bus that is not super crowded and Dapeng, Nan Ao, and Xi chong are kind of crummy looking places. Better to just go to Yantian or the one in Huizhou.

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I will give you one reason not to go. Too MANY PEOPLE. Not on the beach. On the Road. You'll be stuck going down a mountain path for a long time, best if you leave at 5:AM in the morning, NEVER go there after 4:PM you have been warned.

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