Shenzhen's Bustling Urban Oasis: Sea World Shekou

Shenzhen's Bustling Urban Oasis: Sea World Shekou

Walk inside Shekou’s Sea World and you will find a vast array of international restaurants, cafes, bars, people from all around the world, even a converted giant cruise ship. Sea World is like an oasis in the city. No cars are allowed to drive through so the area is kept clean and is a centre for relaxation and fun for expatriates and Chinese in Shenzhen. All the restaurants and bars have English menus and the staff usually speaks decent English so you don’t have to worry about order mix ups and making crazy hand gestures to describe what you want.


As soon as anyone walks into Sea World for the first time, they cannot help but look up at the giant cruise ship sitting smack in the middle. Everyone always ask the same thing, “Is that a real cruise ship? How did it get there?” In 1983, with a towering height of 9 decks, a whopping length of 168 meters, width of 21 meters and massive displacement of 14,000 tons, the boat formerly known as Anceveller, docked in Shekou. The interior decorations were changed for restaurants, entertainment and shops. In 1984 the famous Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping stayed overnight during a visit to Shekou. During his stay he left the inscription “Sea World” on the boat. 26 years later the boat is the center piece in Shenzhen’s most happening expat restaurant and bar scene.


What to See and Do:
Grab a quick healthy bite to eat, lounge at a café or bar, walk through the dozens of shops, have dinner at one of the many fantastic restaurants, then dance the night away. Don’t forget to walk to the cruise ship for even more shops, restaurants and entertainment. Walk around and you can’t help but notice the many talented facial artists drawing the almost comical but well done face drawings, which seems to be a quite popular activity amongst the expats. Just look around and you can’t help but feel that you’re in a very international hot spot.


 Where to Party:
For live music and a good time all the local expats agree The Terrace (2nd Floor Sea World Square) is where it’s at. Being one of the most frequented expat night clubs in Shenzhen, you will find folks of all ages from all around the world, young to old drinking, dancing and just having a good time. The mood is almost always upbeat because the Sugar Rush Band is always lively and the patrons love them. They even serve great Thai Food if you get hungry from all that dancing and partying. If you get bored and want something even more stimulating go right upstairs to D-Club (3rd Floor, Sea World Square; 0755-2669-7365) where you will find loud bass pumping music and a more local crowd. Music style is mainly on a house vibe with the occasional hip hop set. If you want to get your Karaoke on at a classy, real KTV bar (no mistresses here) go to Sea Pearl (Hai Bin Commercial Building; 0755-2868-8488) where it is clean, posh and with a large supply of booze.

Where to Drink:
Beer Paradise (No. 07-08, Central Square Sea World; 13242912500) has about 4 impressive pages of fine beers from around the world ranging from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Thailand, and Australia. It will take you a while to work through this list of beers. If a little wine tasting is what you’re after head on down to Gypsy’s Wine Bar and Restaurant (Ground floor, Hai Bin Commercial Centre; 0755-2668-2657) where you can choose from a selection of red and white wines and even have a decent meal while you’re at it. Enigma (Ground Floor, Shop 6 Haibin Commercial Centre; 0755 26677744) is a more modern and classy bar with a nice pool table and karaoke.

Where to eat:
Whether you want Italian, Japanese, French, Thai, Brazilian BBQ or just a healthy snack, Sea World has it all. If you’re just looking for a quick, healthy energy booster cruise over to Kosmo Cafe (Café Street, Ground Floor; 0755-2686-1419). It is filled with organic foods and treats, healthy shakes and tonics to get the juices flowing. At 14 years old, Casablanca (Hai Bin Commercial Building; 0755-2667-6968) is the oldest standing restaurant in Sea World providing an international menu of foods, serving anything from lamb shanks to beer battered fish and chips. Main courses cost 55-135RMB. For a lighter meal, delectable dessert or a real croissant head over to Croissants de France (Café Street, Ground Floor; 0755-26861540) where most of the ingredients are actually imported directly from France by the owner who actually is a French native. If you want to get a little more upscale or impress your date go to Grissini House (103 Haibin Commercial Centre; 0755-2668-8397). Grissini House is an authentic Italian restaurant with homemade pastas, pizzas and rich entrees such as Osso Bucco, Salmon Prosecco and more. For the best Japanese food on the hibachi grill in Sea World make sure to hit up Tairyo Teppenaki (Sea World Square, Ground Floor; 0755-2594-1770). The Amazon Brazilian BBQ (Sea World Square, Ground Floor; 0755 2668-3388) appears to be one of the most popular restaurants in Sea World where you can get your fix of succulent meats carved right off the skewer at your table.

Where to Sleep:
No need to walk far, stay right on the cruise ship at the Honlux Cruise Inn (Cruise Ship, Sea World; 0755-26825555). With 110 guest rooms you can have views of the mountains and ocean, yet still be able to walk out your door right into the action. If the price is too high or there are no more rooms no need to worry because Honlux Hotel (32 Taizi Road, Shekou; 0755-2681-5533) has another good hotel and apartments right around the corner with a western restaurant.

Whether you live in Shenzhen or are just visiting, the hustle and bustle of Sea World is a must see spot!

Shenzhen Sea World 蛇口海上世界View In Map
Add: 3F-313A, Haijing Square, Taizi Lu, Shekou Industrial Zone, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 2683 9388
Website: >
Getting there: Bus no. J1 (express), 22, 31, 70, 105, K105, 204, K204, 217, 226, 230, 231, 232, 233, 329, 331, 332 or 355 all go directly to Sea World (海上世界).

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