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Expats' Guide to China
Mon, Jul 11, 2016 to Mon, Aug 15, 2016




Editor's Note:

We all came to China from somewhere else and of course we want to go visit the country , for this cheap travel website are always a safe bet. If we, foreigners, want to travel in China, Chinese might want to travel to some other places, to post even more selfies and comments.

We all see those wechat moments where they all seem to display their wealth and success, but is everyone like that ? Lately, the younger generation seems to be ready to want to follow their dream, and quit their depressing job .

One such example is Suki, who quit her previous unwanted job to become a succesful webcast star. However, while her webcasting is relatively classy, some have to resort to other means to finance themselves. Such means may be illegal, but who wasn’t seen outrageous law bending on their very first day here ? Traffic violations being the most obvious.

Cab drivers for example non content to have sometimes pretty reckless driving, also resort to other unscrupulous methods to have what they want, no wonder some people decided to avoid it all together and use bamboo bikes. With all there, it’s not wonder Our co-citizens have a strange opinion of us for going to China, yet some of use even want to stay permanently.

  But with China economic growth, and immense opportunity many will undoubtedly continue to be tempted, and seeing the GDP of the top ten cities in China will no doubt not discourage that.

Expat Corner
Chengdu Woman Buys Matchmaking Service Before Reading the Fine Print
A 36-year-old woman from Chengdu named Guo Jing was still single and feeling the pressure. She spent 48,800 RMB at a matchmaking website called Zhen Ai. She purchased a VIP membership package from the ...

5 Guilty Pleasures in China Expats Secretly Enjoy
You know, it is tough being so firmly nestled in our foreign, gilded roosts here in China. We eat our gluttonous towers of McDonald’s hamburgers and sub-par mayonnaise and corn covered pizza. We delicately spit our ...

Which International Destinations Are Most Popular with Chinese Tourists?
Thailand is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists represent the largest tourist populations in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, North Korea, the Maldives, and the United ...

12 Traffic Violations that Will Cost You Your Chinese Drivers’ License
The Chinese driver’s license runs on a point system where drivers have a total of 12 points per year. Drivers lose two points for minor violations like smoking or talking on the phone while driving. Offenses like driving in ...

Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese?
Materialism, consumerism, superficiality, shallowness…whatever you want to call it, with just a quick glance inside one of China’s countless shopping malls, it can be easy to form the conclusion that Deng ....

Loan-Sharks Accept Naked Photos as Collateral for Female College Students
Young women in China are leveraging student loans with naked photos held as collateral by black-market loan issuers. A Southern Daily reporter recently investigated a QQ group for these kind of loans. Loan issuers ...

3 Cheap Travel Websites for Booking Your Summer Holiday From China
The hot, humid summer is upon us. Some of us will take refuge and stay indoors, A/C blasting until the mercury hits a more respectable figure in the 20s come September. But for some of us, staying here isn’t an option ...

The 10 Cities in China with the Highest GDP
1) Shanghai: Shanghai’s GDP in the first quarter of 2016 was 622.539 billion RMB. This represents a growth rate of 6.7%. However, Shanghai was ranked 80th in China for growth rate in 2016. When a city’s ...

Young Chinese Forgo Traditional Workplace for Bigger Dreams
In 2016 there was a record number of university graduates in China: 7,65 million young people received their undergraduate degrees. These young millennials are quickly entering the workplace and are a force to be ...

Chinese Users: WeChat Moments Has Too Much Spam
China Youth Daily recently reported that many young people are unhappy with WeChat because they feel that they are spending too much time on the app’s Moments page. WeChat has become the most popular way for ...

China Plans to Open an Immigration Office for Green Cards (For Rich Expats)
China has recognized that its immigration system is holding the nation back and plans to set up its first immigration office. The nation was recently accepted as a full member of the International Organization for ...

Photo Essay: Beijingers say Yes to Bamboo Bicycles
In 2014, a young foreign man named David Wang quit his job and rented out two rooms in Langjia hutong in Beijing. He set up the Beijing Bamboo Bike (BBB) studio and started offering workshops on the weekends to ...

“Naked Resignation”: Following Your Feet Out The Office
With unkempt hair, unwashed clothes and dirty shoes, one might wonder why a couple of young Chinese men and women are still smiling in their pictures posted online. But there are lots of reasons to be joyful – they’re ...

China Expat Stereotypes: What Do People Back Home Think of You?
My family hated my decision to move to China. I mean they really hated it. In their minds, it was the most ridiculous, off-the-wall, absurd thing someone would ever want to do. There were select family members and ....

Didi Driver Posts Woman’s Information on Porn Site after Bad Review
A Didi Dache driver tried to get revenge on a passenger in a very twisted way after she gave him a bad review on the app.

Suki Speaks: An Interview with a Chinese Webcast Star
Suki ended up working as a live webcast performer after she was approached at her job as a receptionist at a hospital.

China Media
A Chinese Tourist's Road Trip in the US Ended up with Being Surrounded by Gun-Wielding Cops
According to Hong Kong news sources, a Chinese family of three travelled to California for a vacation and had opted to drive around on their own sightseeing in spite of being nonchalantly unaware when it comes to local regulations on the road.

Hotel in Wenzhou Penalized 10,000 RMB for Not Properly Registering Guest Information
On August 4 at 9:20 pm, Wenzhou Cangnan County Police was conducting routine inspection at a local hotel and found that guest information was not properly logged as per the recently enacted ...

A Teacher Was Forced-Stripped for Alleged Sexual Assault of Student in Xingtai, Hebei
Chinese netizens circulated the news that a high school teacher surnamed Li in Xingtai city, Hebei province was detained by vigilantes on August 8 for having been caught allegedly sexually assaulting a student.

Hangzhou Mother and Daughter Arrive in Moscow for Dream Trip, Only to be Deported Back
A mother and daughter from Hangzhou surnamed Luo signed up and paid 23,000 RMB for a much anticipated eight-day trip to Russia. The duo arrived in Moscow airport after transferring flights in Beijing.

Hengshui, Hebei Requires the Impossible: No Charge Stations but Taxis Must All Be Electric Cars
According to local news reports, taxi drivers in Hengshui City of Hebei Province are complaining that they are being forced out of their jobs. This is because the drivers are not able to register new cars after their old ...

Drug Dealer in Hunan Brought the Goods with Her at Arraignment
Recently, alleged drug dealer Zeng was accompanied by her husband Zhang for her arraignment hearing at a courthouse in Xiangtan City of Hunan Province. She would be charged with drug trafficking and ...

Yulin Truck Driver’s Buddy Risks His Life to Cover Up License Plates
Two Yulin men recently came up with a creative method to obscure their truck’s license plates from traffic police cameras. Police spotted the truck on their traffic cameras. The screenshot from the camera shows a man in ....

Man Causes 19K Worth of Damage after Post-Fender Bender Episode
A fender bender turned into a major incident in Zhongshan last week after one of the men involved in the accident lost his temper.

White-Washed Great Wall Movie Causes Controversy Online
The upcoming film The Great Wall has attracted a number of critics after its first trailers were released. The fantasy adventure directed by Zhang Yimou set in China a thousand years ago stars white Hollywood film star ...

Dog Owner Made to Pay Thousands of RMB after Puppy Scares Someone at the Park
A dog owner was forced to pay over a hundred thousand RMB in compensation after an older woman tripped and fell after the dog made her nervous in the park.

Are Chinese Students Actually the World’s Best Critical Thinkers?
“Chinese primary and secondary schools are often derided as grueling, test-driven institutions that churn out students who can recite basic facts but have little capacity for deep reasoning,” said The New York Times in an article published this Sunday. However, a new study by Stanford ...

Man Jailed for Selling Porn Site Memberships Despite Only Making 1 RMB Per Sale
A man named Mr. Li was recently arrested for selling membership cards for a pornographic site online. The catch? He was only profiting 1 RMB per card. Even though his profits were minimal, he was sentenced to ...

American Woman Goes on Rampage in Beijing Bar
A foreign women trashed a bar Beijing’s Nanluoguxiang area on Monday for no apparent reason. She and her male companion tried to run away from the bar twice and were caught and brought back by bar staff. Bar ...

Dongyang Locals Enjoy Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Young Boys
Would you eat an egg soaked in urine? The local delicacy is a spring favorite in the city of Dongyang. The New York Times recently published an article on “virgin boy eggs” in the Zhejiang city. The eggs, soaked in ...

Pedophile Jailed in California for Sexually Assaulting Young Boys in China
An American man has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison in California for sexually assaulting four young boys and collecting naked photos and video of children while in China. Kelly J. Morrow was tried ...

Netizen Detained for Threatening U.S. and Japanese Vehicle Owners Online
A Netizen named Wang from Hengshui, Hebei was arrested last week for sharing a provocative statement online. Police said that Wang intended to rile up other Netizens with his statement and disturb public order.

Woman Caught Taking Naked Pictures in a Lake in Dali
If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that a “private” naked photo shoot taken in public in China is almost certainly going to end up on Weibo. Yesterday, photos of women standing naked in Dali’s Erhai Lake as part ...

Was Dwyane Wade Tricked by Fake Shaolin Monks?
Dwyane Wade recently made headlines when he toured Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, the legendary birthplace of kung-fu. Wade and his wife burned incense and prayed at the temple this past Tuesday and were ...

Woman Tries to Bring 2 Guns and 50 Rounds onto Beijing Subway
A woman carrying two guns and ammunition in a suitcase was detained after trying to take the weapons through a Beijing metro security checkpoint.

Patriotic Hangzhou Company Rewards Employees for Destroying iPhones
Chinese people are expressing their anger with an international court ruling by smashing up symbols of the United States, including iPhones. A Hangzhou company is following the trend by paying its employees to give up their iPhones.

Guangzhou Men Detained for Trying to Force Women into Their Car
Three Guangzhou men tried to forcibly pull two women into their car at 1:30 am on July 12 in the city’s Tianhe district. The men fled the scene when the women tried to fight them off.

Trash-Hauling Tricycle Scratches VW and Mercedes-Benz in Fender Bender
A tricycle hauling a wagon filled with trash scratched up a Mercedes-Benz and a Volkswagen in an accident this past Friday in Yangzhou. Both cars were damaged. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz estimates ...

Filipina Nanny Jailed for Stealing Cash and Cards from Beijing Employer
A Filipina nanny was recently sentenced to six months in prison and deported for stealing from her Beijing employer.

Police Boot Woman’s Car for 8 Hours for Illegal Park Job
Changsha police came up with a creative solution to punish a woman who had parked her car illegally. Mrs. Wang had taken her children out to buy food at the local market. She had parked her car illegally on the side of the road.

Taxi Driver Adds Extra Fee to Drive Passenger on Highway
A Sichuan taxi driver asked a woman to pay an extra free for driving on the high-speed expressway.

Malaysian and Chinese Men Jailed and Deported for Growing Marijuana Outside Beijing
Beijing police recently arrested a Malaysian named Huang Yi for growing marijuana and drug trafficking. It was three months after he was named in by drug dealer named Feng. A police drug squad followed Feng to his ...

Chinese Drivers’ License Accidentally Call Everyone Hermaphrodites
There are three things that are wrong with Chinese drivers’ licenses that have been recently pointed out by foreigners online.

Chinese Tech Company Harasses U.S. Security Developer for One-Star Amazon Review
Some Chinese companies take bad Amazon reviews very seriously: American security developer Matthew Garrett was harassed by the staff of a Chinese company after giving their product a one-star review.

Thief Holds Car Side Mirrors for Ransom in Shanghai
In a recent string of unusual thefts, a thief stole side mirrors from cars all over Shanghai and left ransom notes for the owners.

Shandong Youth Caught with Terrorist Propaganda Videos
A young man from Wendeng, Shandong was detained for 15 days and fined 10,000 RMB for downloading terrorist propaganda videos and storing them on his computer. This was the first arrest for terrorist related ...

Is It Legal? Woman Spotted Walking Deer on a Leash in Shaoxing
Mr. Sun called a local newspaper hotline yesterday in Shangyu, Shaoxing to report that he had seen a woman walking a pet deer in the city. He reported that the woman had been taking the deer on a walk and ...

Weird China News
Many Rides Unavailable Due to Maintenance at Shanghai Disneyland, Visitors Offered Ticket Replacement
On August 7, Shanghai local news received numerous complaints about the Shanghai Disney Resort. Visitors complained that five rides at the popular theme park were closed due to maintenance and many visitors ...

Jiuzhaigou Tourist Hotspot Brimmed with Summertime Visitors: Over 30,000 Visitors Daily Eight Days Straight
On August 10, the Jiuzhaigou Tourism Management Bureau released a statement that as of 5:30 pm local time visitors to the tourist hotspot totaled 38, 298, jumping 0.85% from previous comparable season and ...

Chinese Corrupt Officials Flock to Canada? Canada Tightens Check of Cross-Border Suspect Funds
According to Reuters report on August 8, capital flight in various forms is a growing concern for the Chinese government. The depreciation of the Renminbi and countrywide anti-corruption initiatives are two of the ...

Chinese Government Cleans up Porn Sites and Illegal Publications
China’s National Work Group to “Eradicate Pornography and Illegal Publications,” recently released the results from its fourth special action. In the anti-porn campaign, the government investigated 712 different ...

The Times: China’s Tourist Blacklist Already has 19 Names
The Times reported on August 4 that the now infamous Chinese tourist blacklist already has 19 names. Chinese authorities have been cracking down on Chinese tourists who are rude or violent in foreign countries. ...

Report: China Now Has 710 Million Internet Users
There are now 710 million Internet users in China, according to a new report recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). This year, there have been 21.32 million new Internet users as of June 2016.

Zhejiang E-Commerce Industry Worth Over 700 Billion RMB
The Zhejiang provincial Department of Commerce released its region e-commerce development index on Tuesday. This is the first provincial level index report for e-commerce. ...

Didi Chuxing to Acquire Uber China
Didi Chuxing announced on Monday that it will acquire Uber. Didi will acquire Uber’s Mainland Chinese assets in the strategic agreement.

Flight at Beijing Capital Airport Experiences Engine Failure Turing Takeoff
A flight experienced engine failure during takeoff at Beijing International Capital Airport on Sunday evening. All passengers were safe. The airport launched emergency procedure and brought out fire engines on standby.

Typhoon Rains to Hit South China, Hot Weather in North China
China has been experiencing an intense period of hot weather since July 20. More than 1,300 counties in 22 provinces have been affected by the heat wave, with temperatures over 35℃.

Trouble in China? Apple Revenues Down This Quarter
Apple’s third quarter revenues are down 27% from the previous year. The tech giant’s third quarter revenues were $42.4 billion, down from $49.6 billion last year.

On the Way to Market Dominance? Huawei Sales Up 40% from Last Year
Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong announced on Tuesday in the first half of 2016, the company sold 60.56 million smartphones, up 25%. The company earned 77.4 billion RMB in smartphone revenues, an increase ...

Hot Out Here: Heat Warning in Effect for Cities in Yangtze River Delta
Crank up your air conditioner and stay in the house this week: many areas of China will be hit by a heat wave.

Chinese Men #93 in World Height Rankings, Women Come in at #87
Which country has the tallest people in the world? Well, it’s certainly not China. An international research team recently reported that Dutch men are the tallest in the world (1.875 meters on average). Latvian women are ...

Manchester City vs. United Match Cancelled in Beijing Due to Poor Pitch Conditions
The International Champions Cup match between Manchester City and Manchester United was suddenly cancelled on Monday due to poor weather and field conditions in Beijing. A number of disappointed fans ...

Fugitive Corrupt Official to Return to China Rather than Stay in U.S. Prison System
Yang Xiuzhu, a woman at the top of the Chinese government’s most wanted escaped corrupt fugitives list, will give up her request for asylum in the United States and will be sent back to Mainland China. World ...

South Koreans See China as Nation’s Most Important Global Partner
South Koreans still see China as their most important international partner, according to a new survey by Japanese-based think tank Genron NPO. Despite rising tensions between the two countries because of recently announced plans for a U.S.-South Korea missile ....

Netizens Gather Large Crowd to Block Off KFCs in Henan City
This past Tuesday, a large crowd blocked the entrance of two KFCs in Puyang, Henan. Netizens had incited an online movement to block the entrances to the two KFC stores: Puyang’s Lianhua branch and Huanghe ...

Hangzhou Police Have Started Randomly Checking Cars at G20 Security Checkpoints
It seems like a good idea to avoid driving in Hangzhou during the G20 summit.

Beijing and Tianjin Hit by Massive Rainstorm Today and Tomorrow
Beijing, Hebei and nearby areas have been hit by heavy rain since yesterday morning. Henan, Hubei, Tianjin, and Beijing are experiencing local heavy rains that are expected to last into tomorrow.

Hubei’s Shennongjia Forest Added to UNESCO World Heritage List
The 40th session of the World Heritage Committee was held on July 17. Shennongjia, Hubei was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a natural site, making it the 50th Chinese world heritage site.

Suning Acquires Inter Milan Football Club for 270 Million Euros
Suning Commerce Group announced that they have purchased Italian football club Inter Milan in a deal worth 270 million euros (about 2.01 billion yuan).

Chinese Police: Over 90,000 Drunk Driving Incidents During Euro Cup
The Ministry of Public Security reported on Monday that Chinese police had launched an investigation of drunk driving incidents during the Euro Cup from June 11 to July 11. During this period, 447,000 drivers were ...

IKEA Recalls All MALM Dressers Ever Sold in China
IKEA will recall MALM dressers sold in China from 1999 to 2016. The recall was announced this past week after the company went through interviews with AQSIQ, an administrative organ in charge of national ...

Hundreds Dead or Missing after Brutal Flood Season in Yangtze River Basin
Xinhua reported that 222 people have died or are missing this year because of severe flooding in the Yangtze River Basin. Yangtze River flood control authorities announced at a news conference yesterday that ...

Over Ten Million Abortions Performed in China Every Year
The National Health and Family Planning Commission reported that there are over ten million abortions done every year in China. More than half of the patients are either young women aged 25 and younger or women who ...

Fees Increase for A Number of Public Universities in China
University tuition in Guangdong will be more expensive this upcoming year. South China University of Technology recently announced that its tuition fees would increase by up to 1,690 RMB.

What is you special Talent or Super Power?
Jul 28,2016 Answers (13) Comments (17)

Following what is going on in the Hague ?
Jul 12,2016 Answers (16) Comments (53)

Interesting reads. China will bow. And 'someone' over played their hand big time.
Jul 24,2016 Answers (12) Comments (38)

Negative Portrayal of Chinese in Hollywood Movies
Lately, I was blessed with the luxury of having a great deal of time on my hands after finishing my teaching assignment for the school year.
thabet_sava comments (3)

Will take no less than the full refund plus three times the paid amount in compensation." Haha, these people do not know how to come out ahead in public opinion battles. They get sympathy from... Full Comment >>
RachelDiD on news Hangzhou Mother and Daughter Arrive in Moscow for Dream Trip, Only to be Deported Back

RandomGuy, I understand you perfectly (first hand experience). There are three kinds of people communists hate, a). the rich, b). the educated, c). the ethical, or spiritual, the ones with a conscience. Karl Marx taught them because they were exploited by all three (the ethical ones ... Full Comment >>
Guest2301262 on news Does China's Materialistic Image Really Represent Most Chinese?

Short of those who never read the news nor interacted with mainland chinese, globally most of those of Chinese ethnic origin consider it insulting if you mistaken them for a Dai Lu Ren, the official name for mainland chinese. We all know why.... Full Comment >>
Guest2301262 on news The Times: China’s Tourist Blacklist Already has 19 Names

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