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6 New Kids on the Block: Xi’an Bar and Club Round-Up

With the number of tourists passing through and foreigners living in Xi’an the number of bars is ever increasing. This is a round-up of some of the newest bars, late-night restaurants and clubs since we last wrote about Xi’an’s nightlife. Read more>>

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Food, Shopping & Death Temple: A Walking Tour of Xiao Zhai HOT

Xi’an is a treasure trove of small restaurants and hole-in-the-wall places but you may need some guidance to navigate your way through the alley ways in order to find them. So let’s start breaking this city down, starting with a walking tour of the Xiao ...... Read More>>

Appetite of an Army: In Search of Foreign Food Options in Xi’an HOT

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While Xi’an’s list of cultural cuisines is growing, it can still be difficult to find a good foreign restaurant. To help ease your search, here are a couple suggestions. ... Read More>>

Five Xi’an Coffee Shops to Sort out Your Caffeine Fixes HOT

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I’ll readily admit that I’m a fan of Starbucks. Even so far as to collect the mugs from different cities, but while I salute their empire, there are times when you want to break away from the Moby Dick inspired namesake. When that time hits, try and check ...... Read More>>

Small Eats, Big Flavours: The Snacks of the Xi’an Night Market HOT

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Shaanxi-style mutton and bread stew simmers. The next stall over, a vendor stirs liangpi (秦镇凉皮), a thick spicy cold noodle dish topped with a few choice vegetables. Guokui (锅盔), a warm filled flatbread, sits out tantalizingly next to a fresh pile of ...... Read More>>

Looking for Western Cuisine? Xi'an’s Unique Western Restaurants HOT

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There are numerous western restaurants in Xi'an, tucked away in every nook and alley around the city, but if it's genuine tasting western food you're looking for, then there's really only a handful that would qualify as a good eat. The following three ...... Read More>>

Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District: A Part of Xi'an that Never Sleeps HOT

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Xi’an’s Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District (大唐不夜城) is located at the foot of theGiant Wild Goose Pagoda at Daci'en Temple near the Qu River. As the name suggests, it’s a commercial and cultural district renovated to resemble the style of ...... Read More>>

Craving Comfort Food? Top Italian Restaurants in Xi’an HOT

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Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and there’s hardly a corner on Earth that doesn’t offer the trademark Italian dishes we’ve come to love – Xi’an included. Probably one of the last things on the minds of visitors to Xi’an ...... Read More>>

Xi'an Cafes: Where to Spend the Cold Winter Nights HOT

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Winter has arrived with a bang as the first snows have already begun sweeping across Northern China. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago when complaints about the scorching heat were still a common topic of conversation. Not anymore. Now the priority ...... Read More>>

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