Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District: A Part of Xi'an that Never Sleeps

Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District: A Part of Xi'an that Never Sleeps

Xi’an’s Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District (大唐不夜城) is located at the foot of theGiant Wild Goose Pagoda at Daci'en Temple near the Qu River. As the name suggests, it’s a commercial and cultural district renovated to resemble the style of the Tang Dynasty period. The district starts to the north at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda South Plaza and spans to the ancient city wall that was constructed in the Tang Dynasty to the south. It runs from East Ci'en Rd to West Ci'en Rd. The commercial district is 1,500 sq long and includes four main types of attractions: Tang Dynasty sculptures; cultural venues like the Xi'an Concert Hall, Xi'an Grand Theater, Qujiang Arts Museum and Qujiang Cineplex; huge shopping centers in the Xinlehui Commercial Area; and sightseeing transport via cable lifts and a sightseeing walkway.

Tang Dynasty Sculptures and Walkway
This is the broadest walkway lined with historic sculptures in all of Asia; it traverses the entire 1,500 m of the Tang-style Commercial & Cultural District. You will pass Xuanzang, Zhenguan and Kaiyuan squares strolling north to south along the walkway. Nine sets of different themed sculptures dot the walkway, showcasing emperors, famous heroes, classic art, science, and literary achievements. Through water scenery arrangements and beautiful lighting effects, the Tang Dynasty is presented in all of its glory and grandeur along the stretch of the walkway.

Three notable cultural venues:

Qujiang Art Museum 曲江美术馆 View In Map
Qujiang Art Museum is an integrated, multi-functional arts museum with a diverse collection of Chinese paintings, selected modern artworks, an international collection, as well as a rich reference of audio and video archives. The museum not only functions as a place for the collection of art pieces, but also a venue for in-depth study and education of art and art history. It also frequently holds art exhibits for the public.

Add: Tang-Style Commercial & Cultural District, Qujiang New District, Xi’an  
Tel: 029 8542 3643

Xi'an Concert Hall 西安音乐厅 View In Map
Xi'an Concert Hall is a world class venue for hosting concerts and music competitions. It is made up of a large symphony concert hall that can accommodate up to 1,300 people, and two smaller music halls that have held numerous concerts, competitions, and other music performances and events.

Add: 1 Yannan Yilu, Qujiang New District, Xi’an
Tel:  029 8542 5658

Qujiang Cineplex 曲江电影城 View In Map
The Qujiang Cineplex is rated 6-stars (yup, count ‘em) for being very luxurious and posh. It has eight elegantly renovated theaters with top of the line equipment. The audience can enjoy the best viewing experience with great complementary service to boot. Qujiang Cineplex also has a movie premiere theater which hosts movie premieres, press conferences, celebrity meet-up with fans and other promotional events.

Add: Intersection between Yanta Nanlu and Yannan Yilu, Qujiang New District, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8546 6688

Xinlehui Commercial Area新乐汇商业区

This area is lined with upscale department stores, large supermarkets, brand name boutiques AND fashionable restaurants – it's got shopping, recreation, entertainment AND sightseeing all rolled into one. Xinlehui includes three different themed plazas and three unique walkways that fit right in with the rich history and modern developments of the city – a must-visit attraction for all visitors to Xi'an.

Yuhua Western Restaurant  雨花西餐厅 View In Map
The name gives you a good idea of what the food is like at Yuhua. The restaurant is elegantly decorated, and guests enjoy delicious Western food while gazing out at the beautiful night view over the Tang-style district. With the Great Wild Good Pagoda towering above outside the windows, diners are invited to enjoy foie gras and delicious spaghetti with a glass of fine red wine – get a general feel and taste for the Mediterranean through the aroma permeating through the spices and olive oil used to prepare the various dishes.

Add: East side of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda South Plaza, Yannan Lu, Yanta District, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8551 5588

Datang Yanle Healthy Food Restaurant大唐燕乐养生馆
This is supposedly the only restaurant in northwest China focused on providing a selection of bird's nest dishes and other healthy foods, including healthy porridge and 'green' coffee. Bird's nests used at the venue are directly supplied from manufacturers, so there are no additives and processing involved, guaranteeing that the ingredients used are all natural tasting and of genuine quality.

Add: North side of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda South Plaza
Tel: 029 8556 8899

Guzhenhuang Hong Kong Restaurant古镇煌港式私房菜 View In Map
Guzhenhuang is the chosen pen name of a well-known food connoisseur based in Hong Kong, and this privately owned restaurant is named and decorated with that sense of unique preferences and identity in mind. Private dining rooms at the venue are decorated with authentic works by Salvador Dali and others. There are also some of the owner's private antique collections on display, making you feel like you're a guest in his study. The food and recipes at Guzhenhuang are kept unique to the venue, you are not able to taste them anywhere else.

Add: Tang-style Commercial & Cultural District (southeast side, Section A, No. B7), Yanta District, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8557 3998

Hongchang Bar Street 红场酒吧街
No city nightlife is complete without bars, and Tang-style Commercial & Cultural District is no different. Hongchang Bar Street in Xinlehui has established the first “bar courtyard” modeled after the traditional architectural style of courtyards typically found within Tang Dynasty palaces. The street is lined with all manner of bars – from loud crazy ones to quiet relaxing ones – and KTV venues.

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