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A Weekend in the Central Asia of China: Kashgar

For an extravagant weekend, or during a holiday, a visit to Kashgar is very doable from Urumqi. The city allegedly boasts the largest bazaar in Asia, and arguably the best food in the country originates here. So what are you waiting for? Read more>>

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Catch a Flick at the Best Cinemas in Urumqi HOT

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Urumqi may be a in a far-away and mysterious land to some, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got its fair share of entertainment amenities; particularly cinemas. Here, we give a rundown of some of the best cinemas in Urumqi. ... Read More>>

Barren Beauty: 3 Unique Travel Destinations around Urumqi HOT

If you're living in Urumqi, there's a good chance you're already desperate to get out. Luckily, Urumqi's a perfect jump-off point for exploring one of China's most enormous and untraveled regions. Forget about the tourist-trap temples and fake attractions ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Authenticity: Urumqi’s Street Foods HOT

If you've travelled to a Chinese city, chances are you've had a few meals of mystery meat at a sketchy outdoor stall. Urumqi is no different, but with its large Muslim population, the street food here is much more Middle Eastern in character. Instead of ...... Read More>>

Like Desert Roses: A Guide to Urumqi’s Cafes HOT

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If you're spending a prolonged stay in Xinjiang, chances are you'll probably find yourself homesick for a laowai's favourite beverage. Unfortunately Urumqi is about a thousand miles from the nearest Starbucks, so you'll have to find someplace a bit ...... Read More>>

A Haggler’s Delight: Shopping in Urumqi HOT

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Shopping in a strange city can be an intimidating, rewarding, and terrifying experience. Urumqi is no exception. But if you find yourself getting weary of green tea and stinky tofu, a shopping trip in Urumqi can be a welcome relief from the rest of China. ... Read More>>

Fantastic Parks for Escaping the Concrete Jungle of Urumqi HOT

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So you want to visit the epic, barren, and totally unforgiving wilderness that is rural Xinjiang, right? You might already have your heart set on "roughing it" somewhere in the Takla Makan desert, but did you know that right here in Urumqi, there ...... Read More>>

Urumqi Youth Hostels: The Best Choice for Backpackers HOT

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Thanks to its location in the Chinese far west and its proximity to neighbouring Central Asian countries, the city of Urumqi’s unique mix of Chinese and Central-Middle Eastern culture ensures a steady stream of tourists. If you want to meet likeminded ...... Read More>>

The Spice and Stir of Urumqi’s Best Muslim Restaurants HOT

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Urumqi has the largest Muslim population in China, so it’s not surprising Muslim restaurants can be found on virtually every street corner of the city. While many of these lesser-known restaurants are delicious and well worth a visit, there are a number ...... Read More>>

Exploring Urumqi’s Nightlife – Unique Bars HOT

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Urumqi’s bar venues and respective nightlife culture have matured and blossomed over the years, and there are now over 200 bars and pubs in the city. Many of these venues are unique in their own right; they offer different themes and a variety of ...... Read More>>

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