The Spice and Stir of Urumqi’s Best Muslim Restaurants

The Spice and Stir of Urumqi’s Best Muslim Restaurants

Urumqi has the largest Muslim population in China, so it’s not surprising Muslim restaurants can be found on virtually every street corner of the city. While many of these lesser-known restaurants are delicious and well worth a visit, there are a number of “star players” that consistently attract greater numbers of tourists. Many of these restaurants rest their popularity by combining a service of tasty Xinjiang dishes, unique décor and minority performances. This article introduces three Muslim restaurants that are consistent fixtures on the tourist trail.

1) Miraj (main branch on Yan’an Lu )米拉吉(延安路总店)View In Map
This high-class Uighur restaurant beams with a sense of exoticism thanks to its Turkish-style interior and beautifully ornate plates and bowls. The walls on both sides of the interior are decorated with the owner’s personal collection of handicrafts and minority instruments, adding an intimate touch to an already eye-catching venue. Milaji not only serves Xinjiang specialties, like lamb skewers, baked buns, emperor congee, cheese, cold dishes, camel milk, pomegranate juice etc., but also a number of Western dishes, such as beef steak and Turkish snacks. The restaurant finally offers on occasion live music performances

Add: 6-2 Shengli Lu, Urumqi (near Yan’an Ba Lu)
地址: 乌鲁木齐市胜利路2巷6号(延安路八路军办事处附近)
Tel: 0991 288 5522 
Opening hours:12:00-02:00
Average cost per person: 70 RMB
Getting there: take bus no. 101, 103, 104, 109, 310, 39 or 915 to Shuishang Leyuan.

2) International Grand Bazaar国际大巴扎大型宴会厅 View In Map
The International Grand Bazaar is a must-see when in Urumqi. A major commercial hub in the city, this mega complex includes a shopping area, an ethnic handicrafts centre, an exhibition hall displaying famous products from Xinjiang, an outdoor market and more. A colossal banquet hall, seating up to 1000 diners while simultaneously hosting large-scale song and dance performances gives credence to the location’s name. If that’s too much excitement under one roof, visitors also have the option of sampling delicacies from one or all of China’s 56 ethnic groups, congregated in the Bazaar’s food hall just a stone’s throw away. 

Add: Building 4-5, International Grand Bazaar, Jiefang Lu, Urumqi
Opening hours: open all day
Average cost per person: 150 RMB
Getting there: take bus no. 10, 16, 104, 106 or 111 to International Grand Bazaar

3) Jiamu Restaurant伽穆餐厅 View In Map
This Muslim restaurant is spread over three floors, with ethnic décor and traditional paintings covering floor and ceiling. Jiamu serves traditional Xinjiang cuisine, but also a small number of Western dishes. The restaurant serves its own specialty tea called “Jiamu tea”, which blends roses and honey into a sweet, yet suave mélange.. The main dishes include noodles, grilled meat, roast leg of lamb and many other famous Xinjiang dishes. Special song and dance performances are scheduled  every afternoon at 12:30, adding another dimension of excitement to your dining experience. Unique among its features is the fact the waiter will motion you to wash your hands as you enter; guests having to wash their hands three times and use a fragrant towel to dry them, accordingly to Uighur custom.. Also of note is the restaurant’s  non-smoking, alcohol-free policy.

Add: 179 Tuanjie Lu, Urumqi
Tel:0991 2855 444
Opening times:12:00 - 04:00
Average cost per person: 50-80 RMB
Getting there: take bus no, 10, 60, 61 or 920.

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Everything was delicious, especially the skewers, baked buns, and steamed buns. The tea with the currant jam and honey on the side is very good (no beer, etc. ) . Caution: If you want to sit upstairs with a view of the stage, take any table you can but don't order until you are at a table you like. The service is .... harried, and they won't let you change tables once you have ordered.

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