Exploring Urumqi’s Nightlife – Unique Bars

Exploring Urumqi’s Nightlife – Unique Bars

Urumqi’s bar venues and respective nightlife culture have matured and blossomed over the years, and there are now over 200 bars and pubs in the city. Many of these venues are unique in their own right; they offer different themes and a variety of services – each catering to their own set of visitors and regulars. This article focuses on four popular bars that each have a distinct theme and fun atmosphere.

Silk Road Station & Bar, Urumqi  

Silk Road Station & Bar 丝路驿栈酒吧 View In Map
This bar is all about the outdoors and also serves as a members' activity center for the Urumqi Mountain Trekking Association. It is located in downtown Urumqi and usually sees a huge convergence of visitors from all over the world. The venue offers updates about the latest travel information, and is a great place to hear about different experiences from fellow travelers. One can also sign up for seminars and functions about different travel options here.

Walls at entryway into the venue are plastered with different assortments of travel pictures donated by visitors. Seats are very comfortable and are separated enough to allow room for privacy. Recommended are their one-of-a-kind ant liquor – it has a nice aroma and is supposedly a good way of warming you up for the chilly winter nights. Also, 100 meters away from the bar is a night bazaar (Wuyi Night Bazaar) – very well known locally. They've got all sorts of local cheap eats that you're probably not able to find anywhere else.

Add: 36 Huanghe Lu, Urumqi
地址:乌鲁木齐市黄河路36 号
Tel: 099 1582 0981
Business Hours: 09:00-23:30
Transportation: Take bus routes 3, 902, 109 to School of Traditional Chinese Medicine station (中医院站)

Orange Street Bar 橙街酒吧 View In Map
This is one of the older venues in the city and very well-known locally. It's located near Nanmen (South Gate), an area that is very popular with those that are very much “culturally refined”.  Orange Street Bar is modeled after the pub houses of Europe and America; it's both modern and romantic. The venue is very spacious and is decorated with little wooden crafts and handmade ornaments that lend the place an artsy touch. The music of choice here is largely country music from the West. They also carry a nice selection of liquor, beer and wine. After nightfall, visitors can gaze out of the windows for a beautiful night view of the city.

Add: 2F, Dashizi Tangjiu Building, 30 North Jiefang Lu, Urumqi
Tel: 099 12837 988
Business Hours: 20:00-04:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 111, 1, 25, 30, 33, 4, 501, 59, 60, 8, 901, 927 to Beimen and walk 46 m to destination

Shebin Bar 舍宾酒吧 View In Map
This is a 10-year old venue in the city. The bar’s main attraction is their live performances – attracting energetic bar hopping fanatics from all over. It's very nicely renovated with a corridor that lead inside to the main hall and away from the bustle of the city. In the middle of the main hall is a small stage and oddly shaped tables and chairs; the whole atmosphere is quite cost and laid-back. There are exciting performances from bands every night and you can even ask to try out your singing and music talents on stage. They carry a good variety of liquor and drinks at the place as well; recommended are their special cocktails.   

Add: 2 North Gongyuan Street, Sayibake Area District
Tel: 099 1558 8789
Business Hours: 21:30-03:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 101, 102, 103, 109, 111, 14, 157, 17, 1, 25, 26, 68, 7, 907, 910 to Hongshan station and walk 271 m to destination

Dick Cowboy Bar 迪克牛仔酒吧 View In Map
This venue is located in one of the most prosperous commercial districts in the city. It's known for its “Wild West” feel and the unique bar culture it presents. Wooden floors, old-style tables and chairs, and walls decorated with all sorts of cowboy attire and ornaments make up for a wild and untamed feel to the venue. There is a round table set up with high chairs in the middle and with different wine bottles and glasses cluttered on it – a seemingly perfect setting for any pub out West.  Under the warm lights in the bar, sipping cocktails, listening to soothing saxophone music, makes this one of the most charming bars in the city.

Add: 2F, Wanda Hotel, 105 Hongqi Rd, Tianshan District, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-28835314
Opening Hours: 11:00-04:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 308, 36, 3, 44, 58, 61, 8, 927 to Hongqi Rd station and walk 84 m to destination 

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