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What's New In Urumqi

Leaping Over the Great Firewall: Technology Life Hacks for China

As any expat who has been in China for a period of time will be aware, using technological products with the same freedom to which we have become accustomed is simply not possible. However, there are ...

A Weekend in the Central Asia of China: Kashgar

With all the negative media attention Xinjiang is receiving, it is easy to forget how beautiful and interesting this part of China is. Located at close proximity to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, it is not a surprise that the cultural ...

An Anxious Beijing to Departing Expats: “Please Stay, Guests from Far Away.”

As China’s capital, Beijing is the center for foreign embassies, news organizations, foreign companies and all kinds of international artists. Tens of thousands of foreigners have traveled to Beijing to work and live.

Catch a Flick at the Best Cinemas in Urumqi

Despite being far away in the deep western plains, Urumqi, like any other Chinese city, is abounding with restaurants, KTVs, barbecue stalls, and dance bars to help you pass the time. The locals also love to catch a ...

Travel & Outdoors

A Weekend in the Central Asia of China: Kashgar
For an extravagant weekend, or during a holiday, a visit to Kashgar is ...

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Catch a Flick at the Best Cinemas in Urumqi
Urumqi may be a in a far-away and mysterious land to some, but that ...

Travel & Outdoors

Barren Beauty: 3 Unique Travel Destinations ...
If you're living in Urumqi, there's a good chance you're already ...

History of Urumqi
The oldest remains found in this area date back to the Neolithic Age, but the history of Urumqi City really begins in the Western Han Dynasty (206 ...

Urumqi Transport - Introduction
Urumqi' s advantageous location has ensured its reputation as a key transportation link between cities in landlocked Xinjiang. The international ...

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