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Tianjin TEDA: Keeping Up with Restaurants and Bars in the Area

No place in China, or probably the world, develops quicker than the special economic zones, and TEDA in Tianjin is definitely no exception. Since our last article, a whole range of new stuff has opened, especially for foreigners, as numbers of foreign workers employed and living in the area are steadily increasing. Read more>>

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Shop Until You Drop: Tianjin’s Best Shopping Centers HOT

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Already renowned for its expansive ancient culture street (天津古文化街), Tianjin in recent years has become one of China's best modern shopping cities as well, with huge malls and international brands lining the shopping streets of Heping Lu, Nanjing Lu and...... Read More>>

Having Fun at Tianjin's Haibin Travel Resort HOT


If you’re looking for some summer fun in Tianjin that offers you a chance to escape the city then Haibin Travel Resort is an ideal choice. The area located in Tanggu District, is well known for its water park, hot springs and man-made beaches.... Read More>>

English Language Book Shops in Tianjin HOT

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Tianjin may be a mere thirty minutes from Beijing by bullet train, but it sometimes feels half a world away. Choices for the ex-pat are inevitably sparse, even in such a big city. The book-thirsty Tianjiner can find innumerable shops selling Chinese ...... Read More>>

A Few Steps off the Beaten Track: Alternative Tianjin Shopping HOT

In a recent article, I discussed some of the shopping alternatives on offer in the Pearl of the Bohai. The majority of these were major department stores and large scale malls situated around Nanjing Lu and Binjiang Dao, the city’s main shopping area. This ...... Read More>>

The Highs and Lows of Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park HOT

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Binhai is an industrial city and falls well behind Beijing in terms of history and culture, but it does have some good places to visit, such as the Water Park, Ancient Culture Street and the TV Tower. Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is a remarkable and ...... Read More>>

Tianjin to Construct 10 New Unique Commercial Streets HOT


In order to satisfy consumer demand and improve the commercial viability of Tianjin, the city will construct a total of ten new and unique commercial streets, each one with its own distinctiveness and special focus. Among the plans, is an alteration of one ...... Read More>>

Tianjin Shopping: Bargain Hunting on Binjiang Dao HOT


For most shopaholics in Tianjin, the destination of choice is usually the same. They will tend to head for the areas surrounding the junction of Nanjing Lu and Binjiang Dao. It is here they are likely to find everything from high-end department stores to ...... Read More>>

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