Tianjin to Construct 10 New Unique Commercial Streets

Tianjin to Construct 10 New Unique Commercial Streets

In order to satisfy consumer demand and improve the commercial viability of Tianjin, the city will construct a total of ten new and unique commercial streets, each one with its own distinctiveness and special focus. Among the plans, is an alteration of one of Tianjin’s busiest shopping streets Heping Lu (和平路). The city has some major restoration plans in store for the project, including beautifying and refurbishing commercial buildings, making the area greener and most importantly, creating a comprehensive, large scale shopping district that includes the commercial and recreational shops of Binjiang Avenue and the high-end shops and businesses of Nanjing Lu.

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

Another major project is a 200 metre long “1902 European style” street located at Dagu Beijie (大沽北路) in Heping District that is expected to officially open to the public in May this year. One of the special features of the streets will be its message to “experience modern life, enjoy European style,” turning the area into an attractive international-standard shopping zone that will not only vastly improve Tianjin’s reputation as a great city for shopping, but will mirror Tianjin’s connection to its colonial past.

Another planned project will be an Italian style street at Minzu Lu (民族路) in Heping District. Shops selling imported merchandise will mainly set up here, thereby becoming a high-end Western style shopping street. A painting and calligraphy street at Diwei Lu in Hebei District is also in the works. The 300 metre long street which is estimated to open in June, will primarily be dominated with works by the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. The street is expected to become a famous painting and calligraphy street nationwide.

Other projects include a 544 metre long “Creative Street” to be completed in May, a 300 metre long “Tian Street” (天街) in Nankai District that will specialise in top quality international clothes to be opened at the end of the year, a combined shopping street and recreation centre in the residential area of Hexi District and also opening in May, and a street named “Taobao Street” (淘宝街) located by Jintang Lu (津塘路) and Dongfen Lijiao Bridge (东风立交桥), Hedong District. Construction of this 700 metre long street is expected for completion in May and will include foreign export clothes, wholesale clothes and a Taobao merchandise outlet. Last but not least, a 500 metre long food and drink street is planned to open in Nanyunhe Beilu (南运河北路) in Hongqiao District. Planned for opening in May, it is expected to become the main gastronomy street of Tianjin, serving up a delicious range of local and national dishes.

With so many new projects underway, residents and visitors to Tianjin will be spoiled for choice. While previously the main shopping areas were concentrated on Binjiang Avenue and Heping Lu, now almost all districts in the city will possess a shopping magnet of their own. While the exact dates of the street openings have not been confirmed and vary, the vast majority are scheduled for completion in May. So get ready, fill up your wallets and shop till you drop.

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