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Gansu Gastronomy: 5 Must-Try Lanzhou Specialties HOT

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Looking at the number of packed restaurants, and the savory street stalls frying up local favorites well into the night, this much is obvious: Lanzhou loves to eat. The city claims many unique dishes, putting its own spin on national favorites. Slurp up ...... Read More>>

Livin’ Large: Upscale Shopping in Lanzhou HOT

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Spend the afternoon walking around downtown Lanzhou and you'll quickly see that the city is not at all lacking in up-scale shopping options. Not only will you find many of the popular national chains like Wangfujing or New World Department Store around ...... Read More>>

Usual and Unusual Parks in Lanzhou HOT

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Lanzhou is one of the central cities in northwestern China. Its history is super long (5,000+) years, and its folk customs, food choices and sights make it an interesting tourist spot for anyone who finds themself here for a day or two. While here, be sure ...... Read More>>

A Great Place for a Bike Ride in Lanzhou: The Yellow River Scenery Trail HOT

The Yellow River, also known as the Mother River of China, winds its way from its source in the Bayan Har Mountains of Qinghai Province thousands of kilometres through nine provinces in Northern China. The Yellow River runs through Lanzhou at the foot of ...... Read More>>

Escaping Noodles: Western Dining in Lanzhou HOT

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Quite a number of Western restaurants have begun appearing in Lanzhou, partially due to an increase in the number of foreigners in the city, but also due to a greater understanding and appreciation of Western cuisine and culture among the locals. However, ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Places to Experience Local Lanzhou Food HOT

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Lanzhou is a typical northwestern city but its cuisine is pretty unique when compared with other places in China. Lanzhou food has been influenced by many ethnic groups, predominately the Hui people. Because the Hui minority are Muslim, much of the local ...... Read More>>

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