Escaping Noodles: Western Dining in Lanzhou

Escaping Noodles: Western Dining in Lanzhou

Quite a number of Western restaurants have begun appearing in Lanzhou, partially due to an increase in the number of foreigners in the city, but also due to a greater understanding and appreciation of Western cuisine and culture among the locals. However, as one of the poorest and most isolated regions in China, Western restaurants in Lanzhou still have a long way to go before reaching the standard of those in international cities like Beijing and Shanghai. If you’re looking for Michelin star dining or a close equivalent, then you’ll definitely be disappointed here. If however, you’re after some familiar flavours that are both fairly priced and palatable, then the following restaurants are your best bet.


1) New World Western Restaurant新天地西餐厅View In Map

Located on the famous Gannan Lu, Xintiandi’s location is convenient with regards to accessibility and public transport. This is definitely one of the most upscale options for Western dining in the city, with fairly extravagant décor and design. Clean and with a touch of elegance, Xintiandi’s atmosphere is one of calm and comfort. The restaurant itself is very spacious on the inside, and each table is well spaced apart for a greater sense of privacy.

In terms of food, the restaurant maintains a high standard for quality and authenticity. Their Parisian sea salt beef fillet and desserts like walnut pastries and apple pie come highly recommended.

Add: 592 Gannan Lu, Lanzhou
Tel: 0931 872 2000

2) Boton Western Restaurant伯顿西餐厅View In Map
Located close to the banks of the Yellow River on Beibinhe Lu, this restaurant offers great views of the river’s scenery. Spread over two floors and over an area of 1200 square metres, Boton’s interior is bright and spacious with modern interior décor and a “European” vibe.

The restaurant’s signature dish includes the Angus beef T-steak, which is succulently fresh and carries a hint of vanilla. Other recommended dishes include the American filet steak, the “super value” meal set for 50 RMB per Western meal or 30 RMB for Chinese and Western combo meal, the South East Asian dishes etc.

Boton has other branch called Boton Café, which is great for those wishing to lounge in a more café style setting. 

Add: 434 Donggang Xilu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
地址: 兰州市城关区东岗西路434号(近兰州饭店)
Tel: 0931 841 6321, 885 5262 
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Average price per person: 87 RMB
Getting there: take bus no, 1, 58, 109, 138, 130 or 115 to Lanzhou Hotel

Paris Keting. Photo:

3) Paris Keting 巴黎客厅View In Map
This restaurant is nestled in the heart of Lanzhou’s dining, commercial and entertainment center (Gannan Lu), meaning it’s easily accessible via public transport but also that parking spaces are limited. Spread over 1000 square metres, this large restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people at any one time.

The menu includes a number of traditional Western dishes, but also incorporates Chinese elements into some of the cuisine in order to satisfy its predominantly Chinese clientele. Because of its large size, Paris Keting is a popular venue for holding weddings, banquets and large-scale functions. The restaurant also puts on shows and performances, including singers and violin recitals.

Paris’ signature dishes include the beefsteak, Turkish barbequed meat, pepperoni pizza and the Japanese-style mandarin fish. Another good thing about this restaurant’s location is that after the meal you can stroll to one of the many teahouses or bars in the area.

Add: 819 Gannan Lu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Tel: 0931 845 4395
Opening hours: 10:00- 01:30
Getting there: take bus no. 140, 31, 75, 15 or 111 to Nanguanshizi (南关什字)

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