Top 5 Places to Experience Local Lanzhou Food

Top 5 Places to Experience Local Lanzhou Food

Lanzhou is a typical northwestern city but its cuisine is pretty unique when compared with other places in China. Lanzhou food has been influenced by many ethnic groups, predominately the Hui people. Because the Hui minority are Muslim, much of the local food is pork free, and as a result there’s a strong emphasis on mutton and beef. Besides the famous beef noodles, there are lots of other local delicacies that you can’t find anywhere else. Below we’ll look at five places where you can treat yourself to some of the best cuisine Lanzhou has to offer.

Lanzhou lamian

Dazhong Xiang大众巷
If you’re aiming for real authentic Lanzhou food, then Dazhong Xiang is one place that absolutely can not be missed. Gathered here are many of Lanzhou’s most famous old shops; here you can find all kinds of authentic Lanzhou flavours. At the head of the street is one of the most famous sweet food shops in Lanzhou, Duji Sweet Foods. This place sells all kinds of sweet rice, sweet rice porridge and other Lanzhou sweet treats. Mazi Lu Beef Noodles is the star of Dazhong Xiang. Here is where you can get truly authentic pulled noodles (la mian). The shop opens early in the morning and closes around two or three in the afternoon, so make sure to come early. Jincheng Mianpian and Ruji Barbecue are also two spots worth trying.

Duji Sweet Foods杜记甜食店View In Map
Add: Dazhong Xiang, Lanzhou
Tel: 0931 840 7876
Opening hours: 09:00 -21:00
Getting there: take bus routes 112, 136, 26, 34, 4, 6, 9 to Yongchang Lu North Entrance, walk 177 meters

Mazi Lu Beef Noodles马子禄牛肉面View In Map
Add: Dazhong Xiang, Lanzhou
Tel: 0931 843 7861
Opening hours: 06:30-14:30
Getting there: take bus routes 107, 118, 135 , 74 to Longxi Lu, walk 160 meters

Jiuquan Lu Night Market酒泉路夜市 View In Map
Lanzhou’s Jiuquan Road night market is the most popular night market in Lanzhou. Although the street is not wide, every few meters there is someone cooking over a large fire-spewing wok. At this market you can find almost all the local Lanzhou delicacies; niangpi zi (酿皮- a type of cold noodle dish), shou zhua rou (手抓肉 – hand pulled meat), spicy crab, fried shrimp tail, kebabs, lamb, grilled fish, fried noodles, milk and egg fermented glutinous rice to just name a few. The word on the street is that Hailong next to the Lanzhou cigarette factory is the best fried noodle place on the street. This place often has a line out the door and for good reason. The fried noodles combine sweet, fragrant, spicy, numbing spice and other rich flavours together. The one with garlic sprouts and potato is the most authentic.

Add: Intersection of Jiuquan Lu and Gannan Lu, Lanzhou
Getting there: take bus routes 111, 149, 18 to Chengguan Jiaojing Dadui, walk 184 meters

Qiao Saozi Wugu Noodle Restaurant巧嫂子五谷面馆 View In Map
This restaurant offers a taste of true Gansu cuisine, as well as various types of Lanzhou noodles. The decor of the place is simple with pictures of old Lanzhou hanging on the wall. The signature dish is zao rou (糟肉), meat wrapped in bread. It’s somewhat similar to Hangzhou’s mei cai kou rou (梅菜扣肉), but with the addition of fermented bean curd, giving it a unique taste. Shredded beef, assorted seafood, Bobo cauliflower and golden eggplant are also recommended.

Add: 164 Jinchang Nanlu, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Tel: 0931 872 8577
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
Getting there: take bus routes 126, 18, 2, 7, 75 to Shihuan Baoju, walk 27 meters

Huanghe Beer Culture Square黄河啤酒文化广场View In Map
Huanghe Beer Culture Square can accommodate loads of drinking people at any one time; in fact Lanzhou locals morbidly call it a "mass grave." Hanging out in the square drinking is a great way to spend a summer day or evening in Lanzhou. This is the largest of its kind in Lanzhou with a total of 1,500 tables, a variety of cold drinks and food stalls. It’s great during the day but at night it is even more crowded. Here they serve Huanghe beer, which is a tasty local Lanzhou brew.

Add: Nearby Liujia Yingshi Zi West Station, Qili He District, Lanzhou
地址: 兰州市七里河区西站柳家营什字附近
Getting there: take bus routes 1, 3, 5, 18, 74, 101, 102, 129, 132 to Lanzhou West station,walk 300 meters

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