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Why You Should be Choosing Antibiotic & Hormone-free Poultry

Arguably, antibiotics were 20th century medicine’s crowning glory. But today, they are becoming increasingly ineffective in human medicine. So much so in fact that America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists antibiotic resistance among its “top concerns.” Read more>>

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Embrace the Latin Spirit: Salsa Dancing in Hangzhou HOT

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Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you want to meet new people and make new friends? Then why not take up salsa dancing. Work those legs and get seriously fit in no time! ... Read More>>

Get Cultured: Art Galleries in Hangzhou HOT

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Hangzhou is home to one of China’s most important and famous fine arts universities, the China Academy of Art. Naturally, surrounding the leafy Nanshan Campus is a myriad of small art galleries. While many of these showcase traditional Chinese art or ...... Read More>>

Where to Find English Language Books in Hangzhou HOT

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If, like me, you have exhausted your home supply of English literature and are not yet up to speed on Chinese characters, then finding a good English language book to read is a necessity in this foreign city. Hangzhou is a city famous for its breathtaking ...... Read More>>

Amuse Yourself in Some of Hangzhou’s Top Museums HOT

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Hangzhou, one of the seven ancient capitals in China, is not only renowned for its beautiful West Lake and luscious greenery but also for its heritage, history and culture – ... Read More>>

Hangzhou’s Three most Beautiful Night Cruises HOT

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Hangzhou is a city of water, and it is on the water is where you can really experience the charm of Hangzhou. The Grand Canal, West Lake, and the Qiantang River all offer nightly cruises. From paddle boats and canal boats to cruise ships, each ship can ...... Read More>>

Alternative Nightlife: Hangzhou’s Top Three Song & Dance Performances HOT

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Hangzhou is one of China’s major tourist cities and has been accumulating quite a variety of nightlife activities in the past few years. These nightlife activities obviously include the growing list of bars and clubs, but also a number of visually stunning ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Hangzhou’s Top Cinemas & Movie Deals HOT

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The cinema market hasn't been expanding as much as it should in Hangzhou. Except for the UME International Cineplex, which is part of a better known cinema franchise in China, all other movie venues in the city are locally managed. But to accommodate for ...... Read More>>

Hangzhou Paradise Park, a Cooling Oasis HOT

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A 10,000 square metre water playing area for children, a 6,000 square metre giant wave pool, massive water slides, swings, a water and fog forest, pirates and crocodiles– all this and much, much more awaits energetic water fans of all ages at the Hangzhou ...... Read More>>

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