A Guide to Hangzhou’s Top Cinemas & Movie Deals

A Guide to Hangzhou’s Top Cinemas & Movie Deals

The cinema market hasn't been expanding as much as it should in Hangzhou. Except for the UME International Cineplex, which is part of a better known cinema franchise in China, all other movie venues in the city are locally managed. But to accommodate for the growing needs of movie goers in the city, cinemas in Hangzhou have been adding to their service, bringing in better equipment and offering discount tickets to attract customers. There are also some movie cinemas that have been trying to appeal to the upper-end customers by offering deluxe theater viewing experiences for better enjoyment of blockbusters.

Hangzhou UME International Cineplex

Hangzhou UME International Cineplex杭州UME国际影城 View In Map
The UME Cineplex has 11 theaters, of which one is a VIP theater featuring 25 real leather couch seats – all of them fully adjustable by the audience for best comfort when viewing movies. There are also two theaters catering to couples which featured couples seating, with complementary décor. And a rainbow themed theater, where the interior designer has concocted a rainbow-like ambience for the audience to enjoy while watching the movies. There are currently five 3D (high-resolution and digital) theaters at the UME Cineplex, featuring top-of-the-line playback equipment imported from Europe – guaranteeing the best visual experience the 3D technology has to offer.

Hangzhou UME International Cineplex offers all-day-long discounts every Tuesday and Wednesday at the venue; and special price tickets are available for viewings before 12:00 every morning (including weekends).

Add: 551 West Wen'er Rd (Xicheng Plaza, 4th Floor), West Lake District, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571 8810 0999
Transportation: Take Bus No. 86, K199, 820, 841, K74, 41, 526, 899, 815 to North Fuxin Garden Station and walk from there

Xinhua Cinema新华影都 View In Map
Xinhua Cinema is one of the older venues in the city, in business for more than 50 years. It has eight theaters, one smaller and one larger theater, five intimate viewing boxes for couples, and a KTV hall. The larger theater features luxurious high-backed couch seats, offering single seating and couples seating. The smaller theater features comfortable seating for couples, and intimate viewing boxes are just perfect for couples wanting to snuggle up and get some time alone while watching movies. The KTV hall has an open space lobby, and private KTV boxes for singing karaoke – they offer 39 different varieties and brews of coffee and English tea. There is also a game and play center measuring over 100 square meters at the venue – featuring a nice play center, arcade game machines and a little shop selling drinks and snacks.

Xinhua Cinema has half-price tickets everyday for viewings before 13:00, and customers can also use their membership cards for 30-40% discounts.

Add: 169 Qingchun Rd (Wahaha Meishicheng, 3rd Floor), Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-87049310
Transportation: Take Bus No. 519, 814, 45, 31, K517, 14, 68, 60, 59 to Zhong'an Bridge station and then walk from there


Qingchun Cinema World 庆春电影大世界 View In Map
Qingchun Cinema World has 14 theaters, each equipped with a state-of-the-art digital stereo system and top-of-the-line film playback equipment. The décor is trendy and modern. There are escalators between the floors, a modern looking box office, beautiful and curving corridors, just the right kind of lighting installed in theaters, and an easy access platform for the disabled. Everything about this venue shows quality of service. At least six different films of various genres and from different countries are screened each day at the venue and movies are screened every 15 minutes.

Qingchun Cinema World offers half-price tickets for viewings before 12:00 noon, and tickets are half price for the entire day every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Add: 60 Qingchun Rd (Dongqin Plaza, Building E), Hangzhou
Tel:? 0571 8721 9585
Transportation: Take Bus No. K207, 858, 305, 401, 14, 18, 31, 45, 59

Zhejiang Oscar Cinema World 浙江奥斯卡电影大世界 View In Map
A 5-star cinema, Zhejiang Oscar Cinema World has over 500 square meters of floor area, and eight theaters that are able to accommodate up to nearly 1,000 viewers at a time. All of the theaters have been designed with stadium seating and equipped with top-of-the-line SRD (Dolby Digital) stereo surround system and a huge curved big screen – providing the best acoustic and visual effects for watching film. Also, Zhejiang Oscar Cinema World is conveniently located near many of the major attractions in Hangzhou. It is situated in the women's clothing shopping district in Wulin, borders an upscale business center in Wulin, lies near the West Lake Scenic Area, and is near the bustling large shopping centers like Yintai and Hangzhou Department Store. Visitors can opt to go for tea, dine out, shop and go sightseeing at the West Lake after the movies.

Zhejiang Oscar Cinema World offers half-price tickets for the entire day every Tuesday and Wednesday and tickets are also half price for viewings before 12:30 (not including 12:30) every morning.

Add: 38 Longyou Rd, Xiacheng district, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571 8701 2458
Transportation: Take Bus No. Y1, K12, K26, K78, K284, K355, K281, K10, K25, K66, K199 to No. 14 Middle School Station and walk from there. 

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