Hangzhou Paradise Park, a Cooling Oasis

Hangzhou Paradise Park, a Cooling Oasis


A 10,000 square metre water playing area for children, a 6,000 square metre giant wave pool, massive water slides, swings, a water and fog forest, pirates and crocodiles– all this and much, much more awaits energetic water fans of all ages at the Hangzhou Paradise Park (杭州乐园). Whether you’re looking for an escape from the smoldering heat, or just a fun day out with the whole family, this park offers an endless choice of summer fun.

Located on the south bank of the Qiantang River, Paradise Park is a huge amusement park that not only includes the water area mentioned above, but a whole array of thrilling rides such as an 800 metre long roller coaster, a huge pirate ship swing, Asia’s tallest observation tower, bungee jumping, rock climbing, bumper cars, tame and extreme loop-de-loop style carousels and much more.


However, this summer the fantastic water world within the park is hands down the place to be. The park was only just upgraded last year, so many of the water facilities and rides are fairly new and are only open to the public during the summer – usually from July onwards. Since the park’s upgrade, over ten fun, new amenities especially targeted towards children have been added. The water area now boasts ten water slides of varying lengths and sizes, including one that fits eight people at any one time. If you ever wanted to feel like a God by walking on water but found it impossible, now you can! Huge see-through bubbles are on offer that allow you to defy the laws of nature. Fun structures with poles and bars perfect for climbing and playing about on are also found within this area.

And the good news is that since July 10th this year, the park’s opening hours have been extended to 20:30, which means even more hydraulic fun. Just be careful not develop webbed feet!

Water Park in Hangzhou Paradise Park 杭州乐园水公园 View In Map
Add: 2555 Fengqing Dadao, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Website: www.hzparadise.net
Tel: 0571 8288 0333
Opening times: 10:00 – 20:30
Price: 120 RMB. One ticket is needed to get into Paradise Park, and includes access to the water park, the rides etc.
How to get there:
Bus no. K515 which leaves from Longxiang Qiao (龙翔桥) bus station on Yan’an Lu (延安路) takes you directly there.


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