Woman Busted Smuggling Gold from HK to Shenzhen in Her Bra

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Only last month did we hear about a fellow from Hong Kong trying to smuggle gold into the Mainland via Shenzhen, and after his ploy involving hiding the precious metal in his shoes failed, it seemed smuggling gold into the Mainland was all but an impossible affair.

That bust wasn’t enough to discourage a woman named Yu from taking a crack at it though apparently! On May 10, likely in an attempt to take advantage of the recent drop in gold prices, Ms Yu stuffed three gold bars (weighing 3 kg) into her bra as she went through Shenzhen customs at Shatoujiao. However, customs officials noticed that her facial expressions and movements were suspicious, and a quick metal detector scan found that she was hiding bullions in her bra.

Currently, the law states that a maximum of 50 grams of gold can be carried through customs into the Mainland.

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Source: Want China Times


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