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How to Enjoy... the Perfect Hotpot HOT

Aug 18, 2008

Every Westerner who lands on Chinese shores for the first time has a host of treats to look forward to. Whether it's a hike up the Great Wall, a trip to the Terra Cotta Warriors, or a cruise down the Yangtze River, visitors will have no end of ''firsts'' to enjoy. But for many, their first experience with authentic Chinese food will be the one ... ...Read More>>

Visiting Beijing for the Olympics? Here's how to survive the culture shock! HOT

Aug 12, 2008

The event we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. At eight minutes past eight on Friday evening, China's moment in the sun began, with the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. An estimated half a million foreign visitors are here for the party, many of whom are seeing China for the very first time. Entering any new cultural arena brings ... ...Read More>>

On Your Bike HOT

Aug 07, 2008

Biking around a city is often the best way to explore it, and with its flat roads, infrequent rainfall and endless diversions, Beijing should be one of the most cyclist-friendly cities in the world. Problem is, there are 12 million other commuters using those same roads, including irate, horn-happy drivers, three-wheeled vehicles packed with ... ...Read More>>

Yikatong to Cover Taxis HOT

Aug 05, 2008

Good news for those who take taxis around Beijing. Soon there'll be no more evil stares or garbled mutters when you hand that 100-kuai note over to the cabbie. Nor will you face the risk of getting counterfeit notes handed back in your change. From August 1, you'll be able to use your yikatong card in at least some of Beijing's ubiquitous taxis. ... ...Read More>>

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