5 Foreign-Friendly Places for Winter Shopping in Zhuhai

5 Foreign-Friendly Places for Winter Shopping in Zhuhai

While taking long aimless walks down the streets of Zhuhai, one may be taken aback by the windfall of interesting stores that reveal themselves in the small nooks and corners of those side streets and lanes. I can’t claim to be an expert on all those little gems of shopping treats actually existing in Zhuhai, but here is the list of the places I frequent and which have made the western-civilization-craving part of me (when it wakes up) purr satisfactorily. I must humbly admit it, the list is bobtailed, so for the good measure I have thrown in a number of not-so-small stores and locations which may nevertheless come in handy for a newcomer to Zhuhai in search of clothes and other nifties that remind you of home.

1) Gongbei 拱北地下广场 View In Map
I will start tentatively with Gongbei – what else? – a super underground mall on the border with Macao. Too easy to go giddy in those endless rows of stores. It is getting better with every year though, and if several years ago counterfeit and plain fake produce ran amok, nowadays you may find decent stuff that has more quality in it than just a big brand name stitched aslant. My personal preference during this winter season lies in those several tourist stores that carry heavy duty wind-, water- and what-not-proof jackets, boots and pants: look for the nice not touting (for a change) sales girls and classy outdoor clothes. The stores are quite serious – they accept bank cards, put you in their computer system for discounts and have an honest return policy. Sadly, I cannot list all of them here for they haven’t yet greased my palm – that, and the fact that I have simply forgotten where they are located in the maze of Gongbei. But the upside (and fun) of this little impediment is that in search for quality winter clothes you can observe and gawk and stumble on all that wonderful stuff you didn’t even know you needed.

Add: Gongbei Port of Entry, Yingbin Nan Lu, Zhuhai
Getting there: Bus No.1/2/8/9/10/31/32/33/34/69A will get you there. Then head underground.

2) Mountain Tip View In Map
In terms of outerwear Gore-Tex-lined clothes and footgear to help you through the Zhuhai winters, you can find a pretty decent choice in the Mountain Tip store on Oxford Street between the Computer City and the Concert Hall. The prices are a little steeper than what they ask for the similar kind of stuff in Gongbei.

Add: 4 Niujin Jie, Wanzaisha, Zhuhai
地址:珠海湾仔沙牛津街4号Tel.: 0756 2228226
Getting there: Bus No.3 to the Wanzaisha Stop(湾仔沙)

3) 5th Street American Blue JeansView In Map
Quite a small store packed with various clothes items – so tightly that it is hard to squeeze between the rows of jackets, shirts and sweaters. I might suspect the questionable origin of these items – the most credible explanation from a friend of mine is that it is either an extra-order from real factories for real Western brand-names or the rejected items with minor nonconformities, like a missed stitch or something. Several items are represented in a single copy and thus the choice of sizes is nonexistent, but the quality is good and none of the things I have bought there frayed or broke down or needed mending since I bought them, three to five years ago.

Add: 1 F, Shangye Building, 1056 Fenghuang Beilu, Xiangxhou, Zhuhai
Tel.: 0756 2132344
Getting there: Buses No. 1/2/3/8/9/10/32/33/69 to You Zheng Da Sha Stop (邮政大厦) and walk south towards Jusco for half a block.

4) Hachi shoes and the mini mallsView In Map
When the urge for the new garments strikes, I tend to mosey right past the large local malls and into Hong Kong or Macao. However, if that’s not an option you should try to drop by the Shang Du Mall (尚都百货) – a couple of blocks up the street to the north of Jusco. I must confess that the choice of footwear they sell does not leave me indifferent. Especially pleasing is the Hachi store – leather boots and shoes of enviable quality and design. Wander about this place and you might finally acquire a decent pair of leather shoes to fit your large laowai hoofs. And if you have or know somebody who has tried finding in China anything larger than size 11 (EUR 44) shoes, you’ll know what predicament I am talking about.

Add: 1168 Fenghuang Nan Lu, Zhuhai
Getting there: Buses No. 1/2/3/8/9/10/32/33/69 to Baihuo Gongsi Stop (百货公司)

5) Groceries delight of Bing JiView In Map
To wind down with my modest shopping excursion of Zhuhai, I will remind you that it is not only the clothing and aesthetic designs that entertain our souls, but also the good old plain edibles to keep the body running. Here is Bing Ji(冰极冻品行)– an inconspicuous hole-in-the wall store in the row of ice-making joints (the normal frozen H2O kind), hardware and drug stores – across from the Zha Yang market (朝阳市场). Bing Ji store boasts of imported cheeses, sausages, canned goods, sauces, butters, salami, frozen salmon, wines and canned goods. Everything Jusco offers and more (for less) to whet a Westerner’s palate! Enjoy.

Add: 70 Xianggang Lu, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai
Getting there: Buses No. 1/2/3/8/9/10/32/33/69 to Baihuo Gongsi Stop (百货公司). The store is hidden from all the major thoroughfares and requires a long walk from Fenghuang Bei Road (凤凰北路) to the traffic light then down the Zhaoyang Road (朝阳路) almost all the way to the Lovers Road. 

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