Best Places to Buy Imported Food in Zhuhai

Best Places to Buy Imported Food in Zhuhai

Shopping for imported groceries in Zhuhai can be a daunting task for a visitor or newcomer. Chinese food is readily available virtually everywhere, from street vendors to supermarkets; but where can high quality imported groceries be found? Although the bigger international brand names have begun to trickle into the larger supermarkets and convenience stores in recent times, Oreos and Snicker bars can become a little mundane. For expats and Chinese looking for an international respite from the monotony of Chinese cuisine, the following grocers will satiate your hunger for imported groceries from the innocent pizza slice to the audacious imported Spianata Romana salami straight from Italy.

1) VanguardView In Map
Originally founded in Hong Kong in 1984, Vanguard arrived in Mainland China in 1991. Since then, its unmistakable green and yellow sign has become a staple one-stop shop in the lives of Chinese and expats alike. Vanguard has many locations throughout Zhuhai, however the first and most popular can be found just outside the border to Macau, in Zhuhai’s prominent Gongbei area.

Groceries are located on the second floor and although the sheer size of the supermarket may seem overwhelming, English and Chinese signs make navigating this maze of aisles and sections relatively painless. Once on the second floor, the international foods section can be found on your immediate left. While Vanguard has less of a selection of international groceries as the other options in this article, there are a few gems worth noting.

For Vanguard, the international foods section does not mean “Western” food. Instead, they mainly offer selections from all over Southeast Asia with some American and European selections sprinkled in. For Italian, they offer Barilla brand penne rigate, farfalle, conchiglie rigate and spaghetti pastas for 19 RMB a box.

The packaged meats and cheese section are pretty standard fare, offering Maverick brand American style bacon and ham for 22 RMB and 6 RMB for a pack respectively. The cheese section offers Kraft Singles at 32 RMB per 12-pack. For a more exotic cheese, you can try the Lemnos brand Black Forest Ham wheel for 34 RMB.
The “gem” of Vanguard must be its chocolate section, which at more than 5 metres wide and 2 metres tall, houses just about every internationally popular chocolate brand out there for reasonable prices.

Add: 1019 South Yingbin Lu, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
地址: 珠海香洲区拱北迎宾南路1019号
Tel: 0756 828 1234
Opening hours: 09:00-22:00

2) JUSCOView In Map
JUSCO is probably Zhuhai’s most well known supermarket amongst expats. Situated in Zhuhai’s Xiangzhou District, a popular area for expats, JUSCO provides many foreigners with easy access to imported foods. Rivaling the size of the aforementioned Vanguard, JUSCO provides a large selection of groceries but with more of an international flare since it is Japanese owned.

The one thing that sticks out when browsing the aisles of JUSCO is the fresh meats section. Offering fresh beefsteaks and fillets from USA, New Zealand and Japan, JUSCO provides Zhuhai’s denizens with the widest variety of imported fresh beef available. You will, however, have to pay a premium for the imported beef at 30 RMB for 200 grams at the low end and upwards of 40 RMB for just 100 grams at the high end. For some, the mouthwatering appeal of having a steak from home can outweigh the costs.

JUSCO’s drink section is also a cornucopia of options, housing various coffees, teas, juices, wines, liquors and beers from all over the world. Stickers with the country of origin’s flag next to the products makes browsing for your “cup of tea” as simple as opening your eyes. Starbuck’s Frappacinos are available at 24 RMB a bottle and if your feeling a little constipated, you can grab a bottle of New Zealand organic prune juice for a whopping 178 RMB. Fresh milk is also available from Germany and New Zealand.

Add: 1088 Fenghuang Nanlu, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
地址: 珠海香洲区凤凰南路1088号
Tel: 0756 222 2988
Opening hours: 09:00-22:00

3) Zhuhai DeliView In Map
With every Goliath there is a David and just like the David in the old story, this haunt may be small but it is a force to be reckoned with. Located near Zhuhai’s famed Bar Street (Jiuba Jie), Zhuhai Deli could be considered Zhuhai’s most well known secret amongst expats. Its size makes it difficult to find but once you do, you will be hard pressed to get it out of your mind.

The most striking thing about Zhuhai Deli is the sheer absence of Chinese characters on the products. Unlike the previously mentioned Vanguard and JUSCO, Zhuhai Deli does not have a dedicated imported foods section, because almost every product offered here has been small-batch imported directly from its country of origin. 

For meats, they offer US Angus beef, Canadian beef and New Zealand beef rib eyes at 30, 20 and 14 RMB per 100 grams respectively. Various sausages are offered from Italy and Germany at around 10 RMB for 100 grams. Even Norwegian salmon fillets are available at 35 RMB for 100 grams. If you’re a hamburger lover, you can even buy ground beef, chicken and pork.

What would a deli be without deli sliced meats and cheeses.  For those Americans out there, Butterball brand turkey should ring a bell.  Also six different Italian salamis are offered.  Cheeses include Gouda, cream, Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella and blue all sliced deli style.

For non-perishables, Zhuhai Deli offers Spanish olives, baked beans, Dijon mustards, jalapeños, salsa, queso, macaroni and cheese, tuna, sardines, turkey, dill pickles, marinara sauce, salad dressings and soup all from the brands you’ve come to know.

I could probably have spent this entire article on what Zhuhai Deli has to offer but if there is one thing to take away, it is that Zhuhai Deli may be a small package compared with the Vanguards and JUSCOs, but it packs quite a punch.

Add: 1 / Flat 101#,Yuhaiwan Garden, 213 Shuiwan Tou, Jida, Zhuhai
地址: 珠海水湾头御海湾花园首层101号铺
Tel: 075 6818 9979
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00

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