From Club to Pub – Expat Bars in Zhuhai, Part 1

From Club to Pub – Expat Bars in Zhuhai, Part 1

For many expats, the allure of the typical Chinese club or KTV can quickly fade. When shouldering your way through over crowded bars and night clubs while being blasted with seemingly lethal doses of decibels becomes too much, what is a foreigner to do? Luckily for you, Zhuhai’s influx of expats has created a booming bar and pub scene that caters to foreign tastes. Over the past few years, several Western style pubs have sprung up around Zhuhai to accommodate the growing expat population. Located throughout Zhuhai, these pub style bars provide a haven for expats and Chinese to share culture, drinks and great food.

1) The Office Bar 翱飞式View In Map
Opened in April of 2010, The Office Bar promotes itself as Zhuhai’s “first bar dedicated to sports, good beer, sub sandwiches and salads.” With around 15 different sub-style sandwich options to choose from, they can accommodate just about the pickiest of pallets. For beer, popular favourites such as Heineken, Strongbow and Bitburger Premium Pilsner are served on tap. They also offer 15 varieties of international brand bottled beer. For those of you who prefer spirits, 17 different cocktails and over 12 shooters are at your fingertips. 
A satellite feed to three HDTVs provides live access to the biggest international sporting events. If being a spectator is not your cup of tea, you are welcome to indulge yourself in a game of pool or darts on the in-house pool table and dartboard. Free WIFI is also provided for those who like to mix business with pleasure or just feel like surfing the web while enjoying a cold one.

The Office Bar has been recently renovated to provide additional seating, and various special events are held weekly.

Add: Shop 1118, Lijingwan Garden, 124 Cuihai Lu, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai - Behind Jusco
地址: 珠海市香洲区翠海路124号丽景湾花园首层1118商铺
Tel: 0756 2211072
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs, 11:00-24:00; Fri-Sat, 11:00-02:00

2) Michael’s Bar (Lucky Iris) View In Map
Previously known as Ryan’s Bar, Michael’s Bar is widely considered by the local and expat community as one of the oldest expat bars in Zhuhai; and like any fine wine, it has only gotten better with age. Located just a few metres away from previously mentioned The Office Bar, Michael’s Bar offers a laid back atmosphere combined with a local feel. A lot of the “veteran” expats in Zhuhai are regulars here, and it’s not uncommon to see the owner and staff members having conversations with the patrons like old friends. 

For those American expats who are having withdrawals from the taste of Mexico, Michael’s Bar is one of the few venues in Zhuhai that offers Mexican food. Every week there are three Mexican nights from 18:00-close: Monday is burrito night, Tuesday tacos and Wednesday asadas. At 15 RMB for the meal, it’s hard to find a better deal in Zhuhai.

Michael’s Bar definitely doesn’t forget the ladies either. Every Thursday night is Ladies Night, offering ladies 5 RMB vodka mixers or Asahi from the tap. Sorry guys, the deal only stands for the ladies, but it gives a chance to show the ladies that chivalry isn’t dead so buy a girl a drink.

Everyday lunch roast specials include alternatives of chicken, beef, pork or lamb including selections of roast potatoe, roast pumpkin, green salad or Italian tomatoe salad.

Add: Shop Lijingwan Garden, 124 Cuihai Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai - Behind Jusco
地址: 珠海市香洲区翠海路124号丽景湾花园吉之岛后面
Tel: 0756 222 5389

3) Mary’s Aul Sod View In Map
Perhaps the newest edition to the expat bar scene, Mary’s Aul Sod boasts the title of being the “first Irish pub in Zhuhai”. Two Irish gentlemen who felt that Zhuhai was lacking in traditional western pubs opened this pleasant pub in May. Mary’s Aul Sod features a plethora of rare Irish whiskeys that would make any spirit lover kiss the Blarney Stone for joy. If you’re not a spirit lover and feeling a little “green” with envy at the whiskey options, the luck of the Irish is smiling on you too; both Guinness and Kilkenny Irish beers are served on tap and 30 RMB per glass and 50 RMB per pint (which the owners say are the cheapest in town).

Mary’s Aul Sod offers two floors of seating, including patio and indoor seating on the first floor and balcony and indoor seating on the second floor. Friendly, bilingual staff members are always on their toes to make sure your cup never runs dry. 

Expats are encouraged to come support their local sports teams, as all major sporting events are shown with English commentary. When not in the mood for sports, you can catch up on your BBC world news and chat about international politics. 

Mary’s Aul Sod’s motto states “A place where strangers meet and friends are near” and as a new player on the expat bar scene, it seems to be doing a pretty good job living up to it.

Add: 249, Ningxi Lu, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai – opposite the China Post office, next to UBC Coffee
地址: 珠海市香洲区柠溪路249号-即柠溪邮局斜对面,上岛咖啡旁
Tel: 0756 2279586

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Just got to this page. Can tell you now all three of these bars have closed down. Everyone now goes to the London Lounge: 12 Qinglv Middle Rd, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China +86 159 9266 4291 Or the Factory Bar: Unit 3113, New Century Plaza 1005, 376 Chang Sheng Rd, Zhuhai (+86 756) 8305190 / (+86) 18666938164

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