Where to Find Great Pizza and Steak in Zhengzhou

Where to Find Great Pizza and Steak in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou has a great variety of western restaurants; for foodies, picking one is a difficult task. Today we’ll look at places to get good steaks and pizza in Zhengzhou. These spots have become particularly popular for their elegant yet comfortable environments, authentic flavors, and, of course, their fair prices. These restaurants are all perfect to have a relaxing dinner with friends and to fill that inevitable Western food craving from time to time.

Jazzy Steak, Zhengzhou

Jazzy Steak爵士牛排
Jazzy steak is a steakhouse chain that originates from Xiamen, but other restaurants like it are hard to come by in Zhengzhou. The restaurant’s décor is bright and inviting, with comfortable seating, and pictures of mouthwatering dishes on the wall. Jazzy Steak offers a wide selection of steaks, including nine varieties from the USA. In addition to beef you may also find pork chops, chicken, lamb chops, and seafood. Above all, it’s the succulent, thick steaks that sets this place apart. If steak isn’t what you’re after, Jazzy Steak also has a good selection of American or Italian pizzas.

Jazzy Steak爵士牛排
Add: 1253 area A, Tower A, Manhattan Square, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou
Tel:0371 6019 1666
Opening hours: 09:30-22:00
Price: 85 RMB/ Person
Getting there:take buses 122, 209, 23, 26, 305, 37, 43, 916 Jinshui Lu, walk 63m

Yinshi Italian Restaurant, Zhengzhou

Yinshi Italian Restaurant印石意式西餐厅
Yinshi Italian restaurant originates from Italy and is famous for serving up delicious pizzas. They have business lunch sets, afternoon and evening tea. The dining area is very large, peaceful and sophisticated. Prices are also quite reasonable, and the venue has free Wi-Fi and special dining deals. Thanks to its artistic, modern décor, diners can watch the chefs in action through the venue’s open kitchen design. Though pizza here is the main attraction, they also offer a wide variety of western style set meals and various refreshments. You can choose between thick or thin crust pizza, imported steaks, pasta, or baked rice, Italian red wine, ice cream, coffee and tea. Highly recommended is the super supreme pizza, grilled filet mignon, and American style cheesecake.  

Yinshi Italian Restaurant印石意式西餐厅
Add: 6 HuaJian Shangwu 1st floor, Renzhu Lu, Erqi District Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 6621 6123
Opening hours: 10:00-22:30
Price: 78 RMB/ Person
Getting there:take bus numbers K903, 78, 95, 6, 10, 517, or 101 to venue.


Pepelu, Zhengzhou

Pepelu is an Italian pizza restaurant that enjoys a good reputation in Zhengzhou. This 4th floor restaurant is surrounded by plenty of shopping and entertainment, making this a convenient dinner option after a day of retail therapy. The orange light gives this spacious and bright restaurant a warm and comfortable ambience. The chefs here have many years of pizza making experience, even having been to Europe to study. Pepelu’s pizza is priced at about 30-40 RMB, with rich cheese and tasty toppings. A favorite is the Aladdin pizza, with plenty of meat, this pizza is perfect for your meat loving friends. Also served is a selection of pastas and steaks, fries, wings, and homemade salad dressings, all authentically flavoured.

Add: 4th floor Yinxiang Shopping center, 88 Renzhu Lu, Erqi District Zhengzhou
Tel: 0371 6391 4920
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 80 RMB/ Person
Getting there: take buses 22,89,256,257 to Rinzhu lu,walk 2m

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