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Water Rafting Hot Spots Around Yiwu to Check Out this Summer

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Summers in Yiwu are hot. Chances are, if you find time to get away from the city, you'll no doubt want to head somewhere more temperate that has a nice lake or river nearby. And if you're able to swim in that area, then even better! Even though Yiwu and its the immediate surrounding area don't have much to offer in the way of swimmable natural areas, if you're willing to go a few extra kilometers out, you'll find some great water rafting places that are perfect for splashing around and keeping cool.

Shouxian Valley Rafting. Photo:

1) Fotang Happy Valley Rafting View In Map
Fotang Happy Valley Rafting (佛堂开心谷漂流) is just an hour's drive away from the city center, making it the nearest rafting getaway to Yiwu.  The rafting river itself is 3,500 m long and takes an hour and a half to complete. At this rafting spot, you have a choice between using bamboo rafts or canoes. And once you've had your fill of rafting, there's also a Farmer's Paradise (农夫乐园) where tourists can try their hand at traditional farm work. This water rafting area is perfect for the kids, as it also features a children's amusement park and a swimming area.

Add: Happy Valley, Nanzhu Village, Beilei, Fotang Town, Yiwu
Tel: 579 8577 1555
Price: 85 RMB
Opening hours: 08:00-19:00
Getting there: From Yiwu take the bus to Fotang Village (佛堂镇), then transfer to  the bus headed for Happy Valley (开心谷)

2) Shouxian Valley RaftingView In Map
Shouxian Valley Rafting (寿仙谷漂流) is 20 km away from Wuyi County (武义县城). The rafting area is 3 km long, takes about one hour to raft, and features two big thrill-inducing drops (40 m and 70 m respectively). For those seeking a bit more excitement, check out the Longtan (龙潭) River route, which has three separate drops, an S curve path, and a huge white water leap that will send your heart flying. 

Add:  Wuyi Shouxian Valley Area, Shijingli Village, Wangzhai Town, Wuyi County, Jinhua City
Tel: 579 8778 3338
Price: 128 RMB
Opening hours: rafting available at 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30
Getting there: from Yiwu take one of the many buses to Wuyi (buses run 07:00-17:00).  In Wuyi, head to the nearby Keyun Xi stop (客运西站) where you'll find a bus that goes to Shouxian Valley (寿仙谷).  If you don't want to go through the hassle of transferring buses, you can also get a taxi from Wuyi to Shouxian Valley for around 50 RMB.

3) Meidi South Mountain Rafting View In Map
Meidi South Mountain Rafting (美地南山漂流) is often referred to as the “Jiuzhai Valley south of the Yangtze River” (江南九寨沟), as the area is very beautiful, featuring some of the finest natural scenery found in Central Zhejiang. Meidi also enjoys the title of Central Zhejiang's best rafting area. The rafting area uses two-person bamboo rafts, and the rafting route takes about an hour and a half to complete.  Once you've had your fill of rafting, you can also check out one of the area's tea houses, go fishing or swimming or take a stroll around the local farmland. For those staying overnight, camping sites are available, complete with barbecue amenities, an area to launch fireworks and more. This quaint rural area is perfect for the urbanite who wants to get away from city life for a few days this summer.

Add: Zheng'er Village, Andi Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua City
Tel: 135 0579 1353
Price: 118 RMB
Opening hours: rafting available at 10:30, 13:00 and 15:00
Getting there: From Yiwu bus terminal take the bus to Jinhua City (金华市). From Jinhua take bus No. 326 to Zhengzhai Village (郑宅村), then walk 200 meters until you arrive at Meidi (美地).

4) Longyi Rafting (龙溪漂流)View In Map
Longyi Rafting is the highest elevation rafting area in Central Zhejiang. The rafting river is 3,000 meters long and takes about one and a half hours to complete. The only rafts available are 2-person canoes so be sure to bring a friend. Before you head out on the water, treat yourself to a few items from the local market that will make your trip more memorable, such as water guns, which are certainly helpful for making friends along the way. Since it can get pretty cold in the mountains, it's best to visit Longyi Rafting in the late summer months, and even then it's a good idea to bring some warmer clothing.

Add: Huzhuang Village, Renchuan Town, Pan'an County, Jinhua City
Tel: 579 8475 2222
Price: 120 RMB
Opening hours: 09:30-16:30
Getting there: from Yiwu Commodities City (义乌小商品城), head to the Jiangdong Bus Terminal (江东客运中心) and take a bus to Pan'an (磐安县), which takes about 15 minutes and costs 12.5 RMB. From Pan'an catch a bus heading to Lengshui (冷水), then from Lengshui take a 5 RMB pedicab to Longyi Rafting (龙溪漂流). 

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