Happy Strolling: Yiwu’s Parks and Sea World Uncovered

Happy Strolling: Yiwu’s Parks and Sea World Uncovered

Yiwu is a city with numerous attractions and an array of beautiful parks. These parks not only show Yiwu in all its natural glory but are iconic in representing the rich history and culture of the city. These parks pose as great destinations when you're looking to make a retreat or a family outing during your off days. In the following paragraphs, we will be recommending some unique parks in Yiwu; you just may want to pick and visit a park when you get a few days off to cruise around with family and friends.

Yiwu Sea World.

Yiwu Sea World义乌海洋世界
This sea world is a large aquarium featuring marine life and related exhibits. They've got over 1,000 different species and six themed display halls, including those showcasing rainforest life, coral sea life, live performances by sea animals, happy theater featuring different underwater plays, and an interactive educational corner for kids and their families. Visitors are not only able to enjoy the different exhibits showcasing various marine life, they are also able to feed the sea lions, crocodiles and sea turtles. At the Happy Theater, exciting performances are staged everyday, ranging from underwater ballets, diver and sharks swimming side by side, to romantic retelling of the little mermaid story etc. After fully enjoying themselves at the aquarium, visitors can also opt to rest a while at the beach bar and immerse themselves in the seaside scenery.

Yiwu Sea World义乌海洋世界View In Map
Add: Middle Jiangbin Lu, at the head of Danxi Bridge, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8582 9191
Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 (Monday to Thursday); 08:30-21:30 (Friday to Sunday);  17:00-21:30 (Nighttime opening hours for Friday to Sunday)
Price: 100 RMB/person
Getting there: Take bus routes 9, 21 to destination

Chouzhou Park, Yiwu

Chouzhou Park稠州公园
This park is located to the south near Yiwu River and surrounded by beautiful waters and rolling mountains. Architecture at the park is modeled after traditional buildings that one would find in a typical garden south of the Yangtze; it's got scholar's rocks, Chinese courtyards and pavilions. Around the lake are different ride attractions, quiet benches to sit and rest, dedications erected for famous scholars and stages for live performances. Visitors can opt to sit by the pavilions, ride canoes on the lake, or just stroll around the winding paths through the different garden layouts and soak in the nature that surrounds. They've got numerous plants and flowers at the park, with different varieties for each season. In the spring, plum blossoms, magnolia, crab apple blossoms and cherry blossoms burst into bloom. In the summer, lotuses and Crape myrtles are the main floral attraction; autumn is red maple leaves and sweet osmanthus season and winter is the time to admire winter-time plum blossoms and camellias. For those seeking other thrills, the park also provides swings and cable lifts, as well as a great number of restaurants, tea houses, cafes and dance halls.

Chouzhou Park稠州公园View In Map
Add: 221 Chouzhou Zhong Lu, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 85312765
Opening hours: 07:00-18:00
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus routes 206, 201, 8, 1 to Chouzhou Park station

Futian Wetland Park, Yiwu  

Futian Wetland Park福田湿地公园
This wetland park is one of the largest of its kind in Yiwu. It is located near the Dongqingxi and Shantangshui reservoirs and is surrounded by rolling mountains including Goutou Mountain and Longhua Mountain. The variety of plants and flowers at the park is stunning, and this coupled with the different man-made buildings, platforms and pavilions making the scenery ever more attractive and beautiful. Five streams of rumbling waters from the reservoirs and stone marble rocks make up a very pretty water scene at the park called “Pearl Beach”, which not surprisingly is one of the most popular spots in the park. There are also 13 wooden cabins erected throughout the Baihuagu or Hundred Flowers Valley. Numerous sculptures and various setups around the park really serve to complement the natural wetland beauty very well.

Futian Wetland Park福田湿地公园View In Map
Add: Futian Lu, nearby Commerce and Trade Center, Yiwu
Opening hours: 08:00-17:30
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus routes 618, 276 B, 264 M, and transit rail line 705 to the Wetland Park station

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