Visit the "Hollywood of the East" - Hengdian World Studios

Visit the "Hollywood of the East" - Hengdian World Studios
By Brandon Ide ,

One of the great assets of Yiwu is that it is centrally located in Zhejiang Province, making it a great place to begin travel to other destinations. One of the closest and most noteworthy destinations is a city called Hengdian. This small city is often called "Hollywood of the East" because it is home to more than half a dozen permanent film sets that represent different aspects of Chinese cultural and architectural history. Movies you may know that have been filmed in Hengdian include "Hero" and "The Forbidden Kingdom."

Hengdian was transformed in the 1990's when much of her farmland took on new shape. Fields of vegetables became colossal film sets portraying themes essential to Chinese culture. Although the film sets are spread out on the outskirts of the city, they attract movie producers and tourists alike. To compliment these film sets are a wide selection of live shows that run all day long inside the various areas. These shows hold true to a spirit of entertainment and include Kung Fu battles, pirate fights, horseback jousting, and other dramatic and spectacular demonstrations. The times are subject to change, but information is posted on-site and fliers are available at each destination.

Film Sets:
Guangzhou Street and Hong Kong Street -
90 RMB/person
This site was first created for the 1997 movie "Opium War," and reflects city life in China during the 19th century.

Qingming Shanghe Tu - 90 RMB/person
Structures at this site are based on one of China's most praised paintings. Zhang Zeduan's painting, by the same name, from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) is a panoramic display of a city near a river celebrating the Tomb Sweeping Holiday. Because of its fame throughout history, this painting was chosen as a blueprint.

Qin Palace - 90 RMB/person
Being one of the most stunning layouts in Hengdian, this Palace holds true to the architectural elements of Imperial China's first dynasty. It is complete with a tall outer wall, imposing watchtowers, and an overall feel of military fortitude.

Ming and Qing Palatial Garden - 95 RMB/person
This film set was built to replicate "The Forbidden City" in Beijing and is significant not only for its architecture, but also for the way that it illumines the lifestyle of Chinese royalty.

Chinese Cultural Garden - 90 RMB/person
This romantic area is set with flowers, streams, and breathtaking scenes all around. It is both educational and calming.

Folk Residence Exhibition Museum, Ming and Qing dynasties - 90 RMB/person
The Ming and Qing dynasties cover the period from 1368 to 1912. Here you can learn much about China in the years just before it became the Republic of China.

Dream Valley - 180 RMB/person
Hengdian's own theme park is famous for its entertaining rides and spectacular shows. Here you can see the explosion of a man-made volcano (not a euphemism), experience an earthquake, and witness a torrential flood... rather like a Hollywood disaster movie! This area is a popular night attraction.

The Red Army's Long March Expo Town - 80 RMB/person
Here you will find patriotic scenes dedicated to the perseverance of the Red Army and the establishment of the Chinese Party.

Rocky Grottos:
For those who enjoy a more outdoor and natural setting there is an elevated tram car that will take you to the top of a nearby mountain for the low cost of 30 RMB. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, there are many places to explore including temples, towers, and amazing views of the Hengdian film sets below. You can catch the tram across the street from the south gate of the Qin Palace.

Getting There:
The bus ride between Yiwu and Hengdian only takes one hour. Buses leave every half hour, both from Yiwu and Hengdian starting at seven in the morning until five fifty in the evening. To catch a bus in Yiwu, begin at Jiangdong station: Yiwu Jiang Dong Station 482 Jiangdongzhong lu

Busses from Hengdian can be found at the Hengdian Kangzhuang lu station.

Hengdian is enjoyable for both a day trip as well as a weekend or several-day trip. Upon arrival in Hengdian, information is readily available in the form of fliers and brochures that provide essential details. These materials also list different hotels, ratings, and nearby places to eat. While it may lack the glitz, glamour and magnitude of the real Hollywood, in the modest town of Hengdian, you can be sure of finding some fun things to do. Enjoy! 

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The nearest airport is Yiwu. It is about 1 hour away. The other options are Hangzhou (2-3 hours away by bus) or Shanghai (4 hours away by bus)

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I am a foreigner from UK living in Hengdian. Anyone interested in this p;ace can contact me for more information.

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