A Taste of India: Indian Restaurants in Yiwu

A Taste of India: Indian Restaurants in Yiwu
By Brandon Ide , eChinacities.com

Photo: sultan-balti.co.uk

Upon arrival in Yiwu, I knew I wanted to eat Indian food, but was unsure where to go, what price to pay, or what exactly to order. I soon learned of a street where there are five affordable Indian food restaurants and a small Indian grocery store within one city block. This street, Chengbei Lu, being near the International City, seemed like a promising choice. Below is an introduction of some of these restaurants, all located between Chouzhoubei Lu and Gongrenbei Lu, as well as a couple of tips for those not so familiar with Indian food.

Tips on Eating Indian Food

When I began eating on this block in Yiwu, I knew that curry was a spice and little more about Indian food. I liked what I had tried when others did the ordering. Therefore, for those of you who are like me, I would like to share what I have learned.

You want to order three things: some kind of bread, a rice dish and a few dips. An example of the bread would be Naan or Tandoori Roti. A common rice dish is Biryani and will usually be prepared with vegetables or meat. Finally, there are a large range of dips. These would include Masala dishes, Curry dishes and various others. Paneer is a kind of curd cheese that is also worth trying and is also served in dips.

Once you select your dishes, you mix it all together by putting rice on a piece of the bread, some of the dip on the rice, and often yoghurt on top of it all.
At these locations, you can expect to pay 200 - 300 RMB for a group of three or four people, depending on your appetite. Enjoy!!

1) Swad-E-Hindustan View In Map
Claiming to be the first north Indian and Punjabi cuisine in Yiwu, this restaurant boasts a large selection of dishes. Punjab simply refers to an area in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan that is known for its culinary diversity. Although you may choose to have your dishes served spicy or not, this is an excellent choice if you prefer your Indian hot and spicy!

Add: 342 Chengbei Lu, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 85590377
Opening hours: 8:00-24:00

2) Khana Khazana  View In Map
Khana Khazana is unique in that the restaurant has two floors. The first floor is purely vegetarian, and the second floor serves meat dishes as well. Both floors have their own kitchen with their own pans and utensils. The flavour of the food on both floors is rich and balanced. For the serious vegetarian, this is definitely the place to go.

Add: 366 Chengbei Lu, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8529 9619
Opening hours: 8:00-24:00

3) Rishi's  View In Map
Although I frequent all three of these restaurants, I learned the most about Indian food and how to order from Rishi's. The staff is friendly and speaks English well. Questions are welcome, the atmosphere is quite relaxed, and the food is great. For those who would look at an Indian food menu and see a bunch of unfamiliar names, Rishi's is a safe and comfortable bet.

Add: 332 Chengbei Lu, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8559 1413

4) Bhoomi Store  波蜜食品商店View In Map
Next door to Rishi's and under the same management is a small Indian goods grocery store. Here you can find a wide selection of snack foods, cooking mixes, hygienic products and Indian movies. The variety within this small, yet organized, store is quite impressive. Although most products are consistently available, sometimes you will be surprised at what you may find. I like to take a look every time I am in the area.

Add: 336 Chengbei Lu, Yiwu
Tel: 0579 8559 1413
Opening hours: M-Sat 9.30am-9.30pm, Sun 2pm-7pm

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i wanna ask you. in yiwu city have a indian temple.

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A major problem has been resolved in travelling yiwu china or any other thanks a lot, am an lover of food.........

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I will be visintg Yiwu next week.
Can anybody inform of good decent hotel to stay which is near to the main market and Indian/arabic halal restaurents.
Thanks in advance.

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i like Indian rice very much which is the special and tasty gift of India to the world,and taste of dishes is awesome,i will like to visit India in near future and i am wounder to hear about Indian that they are vegetarians.

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For quality Indian Vegetarian Food, three restaurants in Chembei Road offers good food. Khana Kazana for Gujarathi type taste, Swad E Hindustan spicy food and Little India Rajasthani taste.

For Idili Sambar (infact they serve Idili Rasam) the best choice is Little India, Idili Vada the best choice is Khana Kazana, thali meals Swad E Hindustani.

Service on dining is best at Little India, followed by Swad E Hindustani. Khana Kazana the food is good and rate reasonable compared to all other restaurants. Ambiance is very good and Manager Raju is homely.

All of these restaurants deliver food to rooms without any extra cost. For this service the best is Little India followed by Khana Kazana. Khana Kazana offers an homely atomsphere. Little India is like any other normal Indian restaurant and Swad E Hindustani - is like a corporate office - (no smiles, rigid to system etc).

I was attracted to Khana Kazana for the homely style followed by Little India.

Jan 24, 2012 21:15 Report Abuse



Thanks for the blog .. but make some corrections

While describing about Khana Khazana, you have mentioned that it has 2 floors. Actually its Swad-e-Hindustan that maintains two separate kitchens for Veg and Non-veg food. I ate at Swad-e-Hindustan, Superb quality and ambience.

Please make the necessary changes for the better of people who visit your blog.


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do we have restaurants,good in africa foods

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Leon Fontaine

Hey great post of Indian Restaurants in Yiwu
Im a huge fan on Indian food.

Thanks for posting your reviews on these three Restaurants

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Hi! we are from Ukraine. and are vegeterians. now since we've lived in Yiwu for 2 months I feel myself very hungry, looking for prasadam to taste!

thanks God you wrote this article!
I'm on my way to this Lu

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