Drifting Right Along: The Best Water Rafting Spots Near Taiyuan

Drifting Right Along: The Best Water Rafting Spots Near Taiyuan

It may be burning hot in Taiyuan this summer, but you can't hide out in your air-conditioned apartment for three straight months! Aren't you tired of staying indoors every day yet? Of course you are! Grab a few friends or the whole family, and head over to one of these exciting water rafting destinations close to Taiyuan for an afternoon of fun in the sun instead.

1) Pangquangou Canyon Rafting View In Map
Located just off the S320 Provincial Highway, about 120 km from Taiyuan, Pangquangou Canyon Rafting (庞泉沟峡谷漂流) is a great place to spend a sunny day outside floating downstream. The raftable river is 10 km long and takes about 3.5 hours to complete. It's 5-6 m wide but only 60-120 cm deep, so the route is safe for rafters of all ages and swimming abilities. The river is really fast flowing, which makes for a pretty exciting ride that's very popular with locals.

Add: Shizhuang Village, Pangquangou Town, Jiaocheng County, Luliang City
Price: 148 RMB
Opening hours: 12:00-16:00
Tel: 0358 3923 111/222
Email: pangquangou@126.com
Web: http://www.pangquangoupiaoliu.com/
Getting there: Take the long-distance bus from Taiyuan to Jiaocheng (交城县) for 20 RMBm and then take the shuttle from Jiaocheng to Pangquangou (庞泉沟镇) for 20 RMB

2) Tanghui Rafting View In Map
Tanghui Rafting (唐回漂流) is located in Sijiao Canyon (泗交大峡谷), 58 km outside of Taiyuan. The raftable river is a 10 km long and is full of exciting drop offs, winding S turns and large waves. This challenging course will likely test your bravery, so be sure to bring your friends along to face the wild rapids together. If you plan on spending the night on the area, it gets very cold in the summer (low 9-15℃) so be sure to pack some warmer clothes.

Add: Tanghui Village, Sijiao Town, Xia County, Yuncheng City
Price: 138 RMB
Opening hours: 12:00-late (weekdays); 08:00-late (weekends)
Getting there: Take the long distance bus from West Coach Station in Taiyuan (太原客运西站) to Xia County (夏县), then from there take the shuttle to Sijiao Town (泗交镇)

3) Jiasang Rafting 架桑漂流 View In Map
Jiasang Rafting is located at the Sijiao Grand Canyon eco-tourism preserve, about 440 km from Taiyuan. The area has an elevation of than 1,000 m, so even temperatures in the summer can get quite low (9-15℃). The raftable river is 9 km long and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. The river here is naturally fast and rocky, so you'd better come prepared for a bumpy (and thrilling) ride. Lifeguards are stationed all along the river to ensure the safety of the rafters passing by. Before embarking on your rafting journey, you'll need to first put down a 100 RMB deposit for life jackets, a safety deposit box and the other rafting equipment, which will be returned to you after the ride—as long as you don't break anything!

Add: Jiasang Dujia Village, Sijiao Town, Xia County, Yuncheng City
Price: 128 RMB
Opening hours: 09:30-17:00
Tel: 139 0348 0880
Getting there: Take long-distance bus from West Coach Station (太原客运西站) in Taiyuan to Xia County (夏县), then from there take the shuttle to Sijiao Town (泗交镇). 

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