Hot Spring Holiday: Weekend Water Getaways around Shenzhen

Hot Spring Holiday: Weekend Water Getaways around Shenzhen

Got a weekend off in Shenzhen and don’t know where to go? Why not pack your bags and get away from the city, getting a whiff of nature’s scent at the hot spring resorts near Shenzhen. Hot springs not only dispel ailments and strengthen the body, they also beautify and nourish. After a week, or many weeks, of hard work it’s important to give your body a rest. Each of the hot springs below has a unique set of characteristics guaranteed to give you a different experience.


CTS (Zhuhai) Ocean Springs Resort 海泉湾 View In Map
The hot springs at Ocean Spring Resort originate deep in the ocean. One of Guangdong’s rare high quality seafloor hot springs, it has a reputation as “the first hot spring of Nanhai”. Unlike many of China’s more traditional hot springs, Ocean Springs Resort’s hot springs overflow with exotic worldly flavours. In addition to having over ten types of unique Chinese dry, wet, and steam sauna facilities, there is also a Turkish bath, a Japanese sauna, a Roman bathhouse, a Dead Sea salt bath, and a Tang Dynasty Huaqing hot spring. You can visit them all without leaving the country, a one stop experience of all of the world’s spa culture. Of course, visiting Zhuhai, you cannot miss the Hengqin oysters. After bathing in the hot springs, visit the Zhuhai Wanzai seafood street for a delicious seafood feast. 

Add: Haiquanwan Dujiacun, Gaolangang District, Zhuhai
地址: 珠海市高栏港区海泉湾度假区内
Tel: 0756 772 8111
Price: 160 RMB/person
Opening hours: 9:00-02:00
Getting there:
By boat: From Shenzhen Shekou port to Zhuhai Jiuzhougang; the trip takes 1 hour, tickets are 95 RMB. Then take a car or taxi to Haiquanwan Dujiacun; duration 2 hours, approximately 80 kilometres
By car: From Futian Bus Station take the long distance bus to Zhuhai; duration 2 hours, price 35 RMB, and then take a taxi to Haiquanwan Dujiacun; duration 2 hours, approximately 80 kilometres 

Gudou Spa Resort 古兜温泉View In Map

Gudou Spa Resort is situated at the foot of picturesque Mount Gudou. Facing seaward with its back against the mountain, the resort possesses rich natural hot spring resources. The water quality of the Gudou has been compared to China’s ancient Huaqing Pool. Its Tang-style is undoubtedly one of its most attractive features. The indoor hot spring area includes a majestic “grey roof white wall” Tang-styled architectural cluster. In addition, there are nine open air pools; the Bagua Pool is the most famous. Across from the Tang Palace, there is a two metre statue of Yang Guifei exiting the bath. Next to the statue is a stone slab heated by the hot spring underneath. Lying on the slab, one can enjoy the distinctive warmth of the stone while enjoying an acupuncture massage.

Add: Gudou Dujiacun, Xinhui District, Yanan Town, Jiangmen Guangdong
地址: 江门市新会区崖南镇古兜温泉度假村内
Tel: 0750 645 2222
Price: 98 RMB/person
Opening Hours: 09:00-01:00
Getting there: From the Futian Bus Station take the bus to Jiangmen; duration 3 hours, price 95 RMB. Then take the tourist bus from Jiangmen to Gudou; duration 2 hours, price 20 RMB


Shampoola Volcanic Hot Spring 森波拉度假温泉 View In Map

Shampoola Volcanic Hot Spring is Guangdong’s largest volcano-themed hot spring. It combines highland hot springs with canyon hot springs. Shampoola is divided into a fragrant flower spring zone, a dynamic surf zone, a bamboo grove medicinal bath zone and includes 78 different styles of natural hot spring pools. The main motif of the hot springs is the emphasis on volcano culture. Using the ancient volcanoe at the foot of Mount Yangjiao as inspiration, it recreates the story of the Shampoola tribe. Once you arrive at the tour site, the most eye catching feature will be the 88-metre-tall simulated volcano. Every night after sundown, tourists can relax in the hot spring bubbling with green smoke while enjoying the volcanic eruption fireworks performance on the simulated volcano. To make the entire hot spring site even more cohesive and feel even more like a volcano hot spring, the entrance of the spring is a tunnel chiseled from volcanic rocks. The pools inside were also built from pieces of volcanic rocks.

Add: Senpola Dujia Senlin, Fugang County, Qingyuan
地址: 清远市佛冈县森波拉度假森林内
Tel: 189 7070 0057
Price: 118 RMB/person
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00
Getting there: From Luohu Bus Station, take the long distance bus to Qingyuan; duration 3 hours, price 97 RMB. Then, take a taxi to Senpola Dujia Senlin; duration one and half hours, approximately 70 km

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