Retail Heaven: Qingdao's Best Shopping Streets

Retail Heaven: Qingdao's Best Shopping Streets
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

Qingdao has a healthy appetite for all things retail, as proven by the many pedestrian streets devoted to shopping. While there are plenty of malls in which to fritter away an afternoon (including MyKal, Sunshine Plaza, and Jusco on Xianggang Zhong Lu, Parkson on Zhongshan Lu, and IGO and Hisense Plaza in the Shinan district), it’s definitely worth a trip outdoors to check out the many and varied offerings on the street.

Perhaps the most popular shopping area for tourists, the Zhongshan Underground Market is one of Qingdao’s oldest shopping streets. After 80 years playing host to a variety of shops which largely specialized in clothing and accessories, Zhongshan Lu was recently renovated. Be sure to explore all the marine products for sale, like the shark fin and dried sea cucumber, to get the full Qingdao experience.

Zhongshan Underground Market 青岛中山商城View In Map
Add: 113A Zhongshan Lu, Qingdao

While you’re in the area, pop over to the nearby Jimo Lu Market, a massive four-story complex that sells anything and everything you could possibly want to buy. Venture underground to their two basement floors and you’ll find every piece of clothing you can imagine. If they don’t have the shirt, pants, shorts, dress, coat, or sweater you want, then it doesn’t exist. Move up to the ground floor which houses stationery, watches, and jewellery (including the jade and pearl variety). The second floor sells backpacks and footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals. This is definitely the floor to visit if you’re looking for a knock-off of your favorite handbag brand. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing and bargaining at this shopping Mecca.

Jimo Lu Marketv 即墨路小商品批发市场View In Map
Add: 45 Liaocheng Lu, Shibei Distric, Qingdao

While the Zhongshan Underground Market has the benefit of an established reputation on the Qingdao shopping scene, Taidong Lu 台东路gives it a run for its money. It’s quite a bit larger and a whole lot less touristy, making it a great place to spend the afternoon. Not just a shopping destination, this road also includes plenty of restaurants, cafés, and movie theaters. The area is always buzzing, a testament to the trendy shops and quality restaurants it houses.

Taidong Lu, Qingdao

If you’re craving a taste of Qingdao, look no further than the I-Mart Farmers Market. Open seven days a week from 8:00 until 19:30, this indoor market has it all. Fresh local produce such as fruit, vegetables, and seafood, are all for sale here. And with so many vendors, it’s easy to get a good bargain – as long as you’re willing test out your Mandarin. Be sure to venture down into the basement, where you’ll find an impressive array of flowers and plants.




I-Mart Farmers Market 生活家超市 View In Map
Add: 20 Xiayao Er Lu, Shinan District, Qingdao

Sometimes you’ve just got to have tea. Whether you’re craving a steaming mug of delicate green cha, or you’re frantically searching for a last-minute gift for your friends back home, Jishilai Jinzuo Tea City has you covered. The shop consists of two floors full of every type of Chinese tea imaginable. Bask in the fantastic smells at this haven while you find that perfect cup of tea.

Jishilai Jinzuo Tea City 吉食来金座茶城View In Map
60 Sangzi Lu, Shibei District, Qingdao

For a shopping experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, stop by the Taidong Night Market. Opening around 17:30 and ending at 22:00 or so, you’ll find that it’s fun to shop in the dark! You can find some great steals here, but you’ll have to put in the time and effort. A popular spot, you’ll almost always find it extremely crowded.

Taidong Night Market 台东夜市View In Map
Add: Taidong Yilu, Shibei District, Qingdao

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