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They probably will relax the standards for those foreign English teachers are willing to teach in the countryside. I'm guessing they will also get paid less for not being a native English speaker from a country whose official language is English.

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I hope the Chinese police locate the person who wrote this article through his IP address and the picture he posted above. If he is working ILLEGALLY in China they need to arrest and deport him. Last I checked, China issues z visas for English teachers who come from the U.S., UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. What kind of visa does the author of this article currently have?

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Folks, this is not discrimination. The person who wrote this article just wants sympathy and maybe an English teaching job in China. According to him and many others who commented, these are things to look for if you think you are being racially discriminated against: 1. There are a lot of empty seats around you on a bus and the people on the bus aren't saying anything mean to you. Many are just minding their own business. 2. Employers from China won't hire you as an English teacher because they are following the laws in China regarding z visas. 3. A caring loving mother takes her child away when he/she talks to you (the stranger). The mother didn't verbally say anything mean or nasty. 4. People point and stare at you (the foreigner) because of curiosity and the fact that you don't look like most of people in the population in China. But they didn't verbally say anything mean to you. 5. A Chinese girl won't date you because she likes certain types of guys. How dare she have a preference! If one or all of the things mentioned above happens to you, you are being racially discriminated against.

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Unless it's music or dance or basketball, "black" is that 'thing' that most Chinese would rather not associate with. It's the jellybean that nobody likes, so to speak. Black people - or at least dark skinned people - of most societies, thanks to media portrayal, have long realized that is how the majority of the connected world views them to the point where most cases don't need nasty words, just attitudes and conduct. Even still, I wouldn't call that discrimination, either. Just ignorance. I keep saying this: this is China. Land of "snatch your kid away from that stranger!... unless he's handsome, then steal a photo...". We can't pretend that Chinese don't have this idea that all black people are disease ridden, hypersexual apes and therefore are not desirable. Or that they all smell funny. Or that the only things they're capable of excelling in is music and sports. (And don't worry, China's not the only place...) Again, I'm not saying that this is technically discrimination - just ignorance. The only thing black people are is black. The end. I also won't say that the author is totally overreacting to locals reactions to him as just a black person...

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Everything bad in the world is black, but moralist would twist like snakes when you remind them that they are slave owners and colonialists who stole and are still stealing from Africa up to today. You owe Africa a moral debt, and you know it! Guilt is driving you people to your graves. Why do Africans not spend time putting you down on social media? Every article where any thing has to do with Africa you come out in your numbers waxing strong. Remember your crimes in China, remember that you are the ones who have Nobel peace prizes, international criminal courts, but that you are still complicit to the theft on the African continent. The original sin of buying and selling human being is squarely on your shoulders. If you think China is some hidden land where people don't know you and you come here to rehash your cruel tactics on blacks, then think again. You are grabbers and you ought to shut it! We can't, just because of our sense of entitlement ignore that Chinese are aware that we have a natural disposition of being thieves and liars. We burnt down palaces in China, stole artefacts and placed them in our museums. We told lies about Iraq, went to war and killed 160,000 of them. Black should excel in music and sport, it shows that even if you incarcerate them because of the guilt of slavery, you can't cut away their legs. Blacks were not responsible for white on white crime where 6 million Hews were slaughtered. No other race has ever done that. China has never done such a thing! You repeatedly rape Japanese women, had it been blacks you would make a song of it. Donald Trump already showed the world what to expect from your ilk, it's not a surprise that you would come over to China to perennise the racist venom that is cooking in your colonialist bodies. You have no moral lessons to give this world ever.

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Pffts Firefighter you're a retard. Kill the white man they are the cause of all evil! You really think that every working white man in the world had anything to do with what is happening now in Africa and in the past? You know well after slavery was abolished fuedelism still existed in Europe and in Japan. Serfdom was just another name for slavery and these people were white. Well after slevery was abolished irishmen were still getting pressed into the british navy. France and Germany were still forcing consrciption on on their working class white citizens. Also white on white crime where 6 million jews were killed. You say no other race has done that? What about the Khmer rouge in who killed 3 million Cambodians. Which is asians on asians. What about the independence of India where Muslims, Sihkhs and Hindus slaughtered each other in the streets. What about Japanese rape of Nanjing. Or the Jeju massacre in Korea. You say that China has never done that??? Really?? What about the Yangzhou massacre in the 1600's What about Mao's cultural revolution. How about Ghanghis Khan whose troops were mostly Chinese. He and his armies killed a third of the worlds population committing a massacre at Baghdad which is still to this day one of the largest massacres in human history. How about in your beloved Africa where some of the most recent massacres like those happening in the Sudan. Or even the first ever massacre that happened in Kenya by Kenyans source; White rape of Japanese women? How about that American soldier who raped a Japanese woman in Osaka? That guy was a Black guy. You talk about guilt of slavery for all white people when next to no white people even then at the time it was happening were actively involved in the slave trade. And those that were bought their slaves from Black slavers! As I said you're a complete retard that has no concept of the world that you live in. You see white and get a flash of red.

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No race has ever put six million people in gas chambers and slaughtered them like you. No race has ever left their backyard with ships and gone over to Africa to trade in human beings, no race has ever lied about weapons of mass destruction and killed 160,000 Iraqis. No race has ever burnt palaces in China, stole artefacts and conspicuously place them in their museaums. No race has setup offshore banks where they encourage dictators to steal from their people and they use this money to prop themselves up. Can people from such morally loose entities strangely become the ones to give moral lessons. The guns Sudanese are using are sold by you, as the moralists you are, you would deny them the luxury of having them! French soldiers were in the forefront when a massacre mad started in Rwanda. Your coalition removed Ghadaffi from power, the French removed Gbagbo from power. What can you teach anyone about intruding nature and your desire to steal from others. We know the person who crossed oceans with ships to go trade in slaves, live with that moral weight on your shoulders!

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Couple of points. (1) I've gone over this before. Sit down and take notes. Africa doesn't necessarily equal black. Black doesn't necessarily equal African. (2) The point behind my comment, in case you missed it, was that people are trying to play the author as if he's overreacting about how Chinese locals respond to him (seats on the bus, parents with children, dating, etc), and how those responses could easily come from him being BLACK... not African, not even foreign - just black. [See point (1)] (3) I never claimed to be in SUPPORT of how the media portrays black people, nor did I claim that I was white. So, whomever this "you" pronoun you keep dropping on me is supposed to reference, I suggest that YOU, Firefighter, with what little dignity remains, aim it AWAY from me and stand down. (4) I also didn't claim that white people were doing the portraying. Hell, I didn't mention anything about white people AT ALL! All I did was present a sad reality that plagues dark skinned people on the modernized international stage. You and the rest of the folk reading it can either respond accordingly or scoot to the left.

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Firefighter is probably the person who wrote this idiotic article. Firefighter seems like a racist based on what he wrote.

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You should man up and take the truth from me for once and for all. The truth is that some have you have excelled for too long in throwing banana skins for Africans and blacks and it's high time you stopped. The author is not the first to react or overreact to how Chinese licals react to him. Nearly all of us from the so called Western countries do same everyday on this forum. We make demeaning comments about Chinese, call their gov't commies, you name them. Things come up here on daily basis when we all claim Chinese bundle together " foreigners". So why single out this author now? You should stand down and don't make any demeaning remarks against any foreigners, be they blackout Africans. I have never seen a group of people calling themselves blacks or Africans take on another group known as people from Western countries. Be you from western country or not, it is not your place to second-guess blacks or Africans when they raise issues peculiar to them. You don't represent all of humanity and the world does not stop at your doorstep, get that clearly! If you can show the reality of dark bodied people on the international stage, another person can equally show the reality of fair bodied people, what are you complaining about therefore. You know how to tell it as it is, right? Don't be thin skinned then, people know exactly who you are but always opt to allow you play the bully, but once in a while we go toe to toe and you definitely don't like the result! You have no right to make an example of dark skinned people in the international arena as you claim. As an individual, who do you think you are? There's a sadder reality that plagues whites and that is what I'm reminding you of. If you didn't know it, now you do!

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First off, I'M NOT WHITE - thought I'd get that one out of the way. Secondly, the only things I singled the author out about were the legality of the visas he mentioned in looking for a job and his following a charade pretending to be American. Calling a spade a spade: having the wrong documents and misrepresenting oneself aren't the best look, and that's regardless of nationality or race. As for everything else, I'm not "stating the reality" of black people. What I stated was a sweeping, generalized reality of the negative views from THE REST OF THE WORLD at black people - twisted views that folk (particularly the Chinese) have because of messed up media portrayal - SUCH, that the author shouldn't be accused of overreacting nor should the severity of the observations he made about locals be diminished. Chill.

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You seem to think that I am white too. I'm not! I'm not even from a western country either... My point was that the scale of death in the holocaust had nothing to do with the skin color of those doing it. It had more to do with the infrastructure and industrial capacity of Germany and the efficiency of the Nazis. The holocaust is so horrific because it happened over a short period of time. But you shouldn't assume it is a one of a kind murder on a large scale. Others have commited murder on such a scale before they just haven't done it in such a short period of time and in such a secret and effiecient way. Oh and btw all of the no race things about what has been done to China. You surely realise that China has done those things to others right? You know that Korea was a Chinese puppet for generations. The Hun rampaged across Europe because they were fleeing Chinese expansion into their lands. The Hun come from an area which is now a part of modern day China. So could also be considered Chinese. You know the divide and conquer tactics deployed by western imperial powers were being deployed by imperial China thousands of years before it was adopted by the west. Tbh I don't know why I am even talking to you. As I said before I think you're a retard.

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It abundantly clear to see you have a problem on the honesty side. You didn't state that you were repeating the views of others in the world about blacks and you did not also identify yourself. You unleashed invectives and you seem to bra shamed of yourself now. Even if you wash yourself clean with bleach now, it changes nothing, because you are not supposed to tell who the blacks are unprovoked. As a foreigner , you should have the backs of other foreigners, be they unpolished as what not. You should never second-guess them, also have no right to insert yourself into issues between blacks and Chinese. You are just an overzealous man, trying too hard to throw others under the bus and reap the spoils. You are now accusing the media because you are dishonest, you yourself have racist views and you spin stereotypes about others as you did. Don't forget people of your ilk go for weeks without a bath and keep spreading perfum over their bodies. Next time when you stoop so low as to accuse others of having odours, keep that in mind. The writer is honest in the depiction of his trials in surviving in a an environment where things are not easy for him. He owns up, but unlike him, you pour aporobrium on blacks and refuse to take responsibility. You accuse the media, this how rapist and racist do when caught!

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Blueball, trying to quantify massacres is stupidity with biblical proportions. Those examples are given to counter you superiority complex. I'm surprised you strangely want to even up with the Chinese about negativity on both. Is there any need to cry over small teaching jobs and visas when you yourself acknowledge your participation in more gruesome acts? You see, you started off placing yourself on a high moral pedestal, only to start making hollow comparisons between Chinese and yourselves. You don't need to bandy words with me because you are a small conniving slippery maggot. You want to seek for notice from the Chinese? Remember what you did to them, even if you think they did same to others. But you did to them!

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Right, now you're just embarrassing yourself. Firstly, I'm a Chinese. So claiming that I am trying to be noticed by my own country and that "you" did to "them" is just rediculous. I made a comment explaining that I wasn't white or western and yet you still seem to think that I am. Secondly I never once made a comment about small teaching jobs. I know the article is about that but the reason I came here to comment was because I didn't like your "China is the best" and "Whites are all evil" comments. Thirdly quantifying massacres is exactly how this conversation started. Your comment no other race has done that to themselves was what sparked my reply and I aimed to show how that is not true. Actually China is the biggest example of that, China's biggest enemy has now and has always been China. The only time this comment is not true was when the Japanese invaded. However before that China or at the very least Chinese ethnic minorities, remember the manchu and mongols have been the ruling caste before, has always been Chinas enemy. Whether that is through warring dynasties, civil wars, forced labor, government mismanagement, peasant revolts, death squads, whatever way you want to look at it. The biggest killers of Chinese people has always been and still is Chinese people.

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One more thing that I don't like about you is how your seem to want to talk for entire races of people. Forgetting the different cultures, classes, religions and nationalities all within these races. Not to mention individulaity. White people think this, Chinese this, Africans this... Etc I remember you writing somewhere that Chinese know Africa better than you guys because they go there. I don't know Africa at all, I've never been there. I know no one that has. There is more to humanity then that and although I love history I really don't think that you can try to guilt trip people using historical facts. No one needs to say sorry for things that happened 100's of years ago. No one! These are from a different time and people were different then. If you want people to treat you with respect and listen to your arguments then maybe you shouldn't be so racist towards people. People like you are the reason these things happened in the first place. People not willing to look past something as trivial as skin color. Something that we got through evolutution. Our bodies naturally changing to survive the different enviroments that we lived in. You know that a Chinese scientist recently tried to prove that Chinese evolved seperately in China. He failed and actually proved that all Chinese come from Africa. We are one!

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Firstly, you opening sentence to me was that I'm a retard, that is intimidation and tells much about your education. Secondly, I did not ask you where you came from and originally I was responding to someone who came out explicitly, saying blacks were smelly, and that nobody likes them in the world. I therefore tried to show him the crimes and bad things whites have done that he seemed to be running away from. Not being a white would not solicit the strong response from you. You are Chinese, aren't you? And you've never been to Africa, have you? How do you therefore know that whites did not take part in slavery? You recount all the wars between Japanese and China and others and you want me to take your words, but strangely you are making excuses for white concerning slavery. If you are not white then you have to shut it, because I did not even address you. You are mad about what I say, but strangely have nothing to say to those putting down Africans. Give all the examples you want to show that other races also got involved in massacres, but no race has every rounded off 6 million people and suffocate them to death in gas chambers. If there's a line where I said China is the best, please pick it out let's see, but if there isn't swallow your false modesty! If you were truly Chinese , you won't say no one has to take responsibility for things that happened hundreds of years ago. China wants Kapan to take responsibility of it's role in the Second World War, stop visiting temples where class A criminals were buried and compensate women they took for sex slaves. See how you have fallen on your own blade. You are very poor lying debater! If you are too angry that I say whites are evil why not go jump off a building. When the contributor I was responding to before you started seeking for noticed put down Africans as evil and that nobody likes them, you small hypocrite had nothing to say! Chinese fought civil wars, wars, but they never put 6 million people in gas chambers and burnt them to death, live with that moral burden, sir! Who invited you to like anything about me? Anything I write is in response to racists. Remember this argument was with people who clearly defined themselves to be from western countries and one even gave examples about England, so what are you rambling endlessly about my talking about entire races of people? When I wanted to mention Chinese , I called them by name, and when I wanted to respond to the whites who identified their origins, I did same. What is gnawing your livers about a debate that doesn't concern you? Who gives a rat ass whether you have been to Africa or not? Do you represent the Chinese? Chinese know Africa better than slave masters because what they have done there the slave owners never ever wanted and even thought of doing the same. Yeah, if you think you can bring down blacks and you are too afraid to hear about yourself, that time has past. Hate the past all you want, but you can never run away from your shadow. If you think slavery was not a thing for the whites, then tell me where those blacks in America came from! Why should people even listen to me since you have all the truth? It is people like you who came over with racist tendencies and it is important to let you know who you are. You like to victimise others. You are now pretending to be Chinese and strangely weeping about historical facts that have nothing to do with Chinese. Slavery, holocust were all on , how can you change that fact?

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As far as I can see you genuinely believe that people are attacking "africans" here. In reality you have made all of that up in your own head. OK admitedely I haven't read every single comment here as there are loads but I genuinely challenge you to find these racist comments. I saw you attacking people who said they were British due to them making open statements about how govenments have made agreements for visa laws. How is that racist or against africans? Equally people have said how they don't believe that the Chinese racism is solely directed at Black people as white people and as you yourself have mentioned even other asian people are targeted. That also is not them being racist towards Africans! I called you a retard from the get go because I have actually read your comments. I don't think you have. Just because you're a racist it doesn't mean that other people are. Just because someone makes an argument against someone from an African country getting a job in China doesn't mean they are racist either. Not everything we do has to do with our race. Infact I imagine the average person doesn't even think about race. Also having pride in your nationality doesn't make you a racist either. I saw your attacks on the English and I need to ask you have you ever been there? Have you ever been to London? There are millions of Black and Asian people who identify themselves as English or British. Are they slave owners as well or is it just the whites? I am Chinese and I will make this statement here. I don't hate Japan. Actually my boyfriend is from Japan so it would be hard for me to hate them. Even if I did, we are talking about slavery that happened 200 years ago and an event where victims and the criminals are still alive today. You cannot compare the two. Also you argue that I never rushed to the defence of africans when the commentor before you was attacking africans well I will tell you why. Read it again and you will see that the person is not saying his opinion but the opinion of Chinese people. Which is true many Chinese people do feel that way towards Africans. Let me get this clear again. Stating a fact is not racism. I am not racist for stating that there are racists and this is what they think. The final thing I will give you a reply for is this generalising thing that you do. Yes you have repeatedlt catogorised black people as africans, africans as black and whites as slave holders. Yeah sure someone did identify themself as being from a country that was involved in slavery. But not all "white" countries were involved. And to label someone as something that they themselves had nothing to do with is shocking. I was hoping that you were just a dumb ingnorant person. Actually you have replied to people quite well so I guess that means that you are a racist. I imagine there are others in this thread. Especially towards Chinese. But you are clearly and obviously the biggest racist of them all.

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With China being the homogeneous country it is plus having been closed off for so long, it's bad enough most locals believe all [continental] Africans are black and all black people are from Africa and have yet to realize (1) speaking of Africa, South Africa exists and (among other African countries) has white people in it, (2) there are other countries outside of the UK or US that speak English just as standard, and (3) heterogeneous countries exists - countries where the nationality is the same but the race of the people are different. If this weren't the case, I could jump right into the racism versus discrimination boat and sail away with most of the comments for this article. However, in the meantime, as far as China is concerned, "Africa" is just another soft euphemism for "black." With the article, I was about to sympathize this job hunt drama until I noticed 2 things: (1) this guy was on an F visa and an L visa - two visas that canNOT get you a legal teaching job in China... (2) when asked to lie about his nationality, instead of refusing or stating his case or trying to convince the ignorant fellow that he could do the job despite those short-sighted limitations, he goes along with it, jacking up the perception of actual America... for six months. Sympathy in this department equals zero. Meanwhile, there are black Americans and British and Australians who, for quite some time, couldn't even get a peek at the office space. But, let's be real, not only black people, but larger sized people, people who look "old," etc. Don't act like this isn't a "thing" in China.

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The dream is over for under-qualified native speakers and non-native speakers whether qualified or not unless their degree comes from a Western country. The Chinese Government has made its decision and that's what will happen whether it be for better or for worse for Chinese English learners. Come August/September of this year there will be a significant shortage of English teachers in China.

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No, we will just go back to illegal teaching und Business Visa. We are still in China an Guanxi will also still work for Z visas I guess. But still I think that it will be just the M Visa route for most

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Those that already work here will just get grandfathered in. This will only apply to the new teachers coming to China. In theory it could raise the game of those that do get grandfathered as they will then find themselves being compared to qualified teachers. So in theory it has the potential to raise standards.

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@#47 And I'm definitely looking forward to it. I've grown weary of mentioning things like "TPR" or "lesson plan" or "verb" to these 'teachers' and getting the thousand yard stare.

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Come August/September there will be substantially less under-qualified non-native English teacher in China.

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There's no doubt that racism exist in China. Especially within the ESL industry. However the author of this article does not get my sypathy. Mainly because of the fact that he lied in order to get work. To me this is just feeding the problem and adding to the stereotypes. It seems like you are watching the world in rose tinted glasses. As a white man I have experienced people sitting away from me or standing when the bus is full. I've experienced Mum's grabbing their children to stop them from saying hello. I've experienced people saying "Kan yi xia" and elbowing their friends. I think you're clearly jumping to the conclusion that it's because you're black and not because you're a foreigner. Equally why shouldn't a company say that they can't get visas for people from African countries if it's true. You seem to forget the politics and economics around this. Countries have immigration agreements and trade agreements with other countries. This is relevant when it comes to issuing visas. China has a high emmigrations rate to USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Do a quick google search and you will find 3,7 million Chinese people live in USA, 1,3 mill in Cananda, 400k in UK and 800k in Austrailia. And their immigration rates are rising. China's government makes deals with these countries to allow this to continue. Included in those agreements is the right for citizens of those countries to come to China and work. The Chinese investment in Africa is nothing compared to the investment made in these countries.

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