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ehil: Are you simple minded? That what you mentioned is discrimination. But but claiming the requirement that a person must be from a native speaking country (a real native speaking country) is discrimination is ridiculous. In many of these countries where they have 2 official languages and one of them is English, the average person doesn't speak fluent English without a heavy accent. That requirement is not based on race. That requirement cancels out Russians, French and Italians. Trying to include Canada in this is moronic, only one small part of Canada is French speaking and you can't base visas on which province you're from. Why can't bleeding heart liberals grasp reality? Now Jamaica has a reason to feel left out because they are a real native English speaking country. People like you, who mix standards into the argument of racial discrimination, actually help to make China look good. You cloud the wrongs that China is actually guilty of.

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RE: 3. I can agree with this on only on the grounds that unless people verbalize that they don't want to sit next to a black guy, the article's author can't just "assume" that that's the reason why seats were empty. But... remember where he is - China. The US, for an example, went through a lot of mess before instances like this were reduced to a rarity. I'm sure for the author, in China, this instance is rather common. And I'll bet there are plenty other black people around with similar stories. Has it ever happened to you? RE: 4. I was GOING to agree with this (in fact, I wish I could agree with MOST of these points), that the mom was protecting her child from strangers, BUT... then I remember a time in places like Guangzhou and Shenzhen (more Guangzhou than Shenzhen for sure) where a kid could stroll up to a stranger with a foreign face and yell "HELLLOOO!!" from 2 feet away, and the parent would join in or would even take photos if the stranger looked white. The same places where parents will sic their children at random white faces and try to get the kid to speak English. RE: 5. Dating. I agree, it is a personal choice, but there's a LINE between a lady choosing not to date a black person because she's not into dark skinned people or their physical features, and choosing not the date a black guy strictly because of the stereotypes, most - if not ALL of which - she assumed as general gospel. That's just ignorant and unfair. The same would go for those who WOULD choose to date whites only to discover they're attracted to the prominent, positive stereotypes and not just the person who just-so-happens to be white. To the article's author, though, is this really any different than any other country? RE: 6. Curious... and not very subtle, haha.

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These are the rules of China you idiots!!!! China doesn't issues z visas for English teachers who come from Africa. It's not about race!!!! You ignorant people need to stop crying racism just to get what you want!!! It isn't racism at all!!!!! I am Canadian, I learned Italian since I was a kid, I studied Italian in college and did a study abroad in Italy. Do you think China will give me a z visa to teach Italian in China? They won't and I don't take it personally. People from Italy can speak way better Italian than me. Everyone need to quit this racism bullshit because it's not, it's about following the laws and hiring the most qualified.

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welcome to China!

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Why on earth are you willing to persevere with this? That is the question I really want answering in this article.

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