Flower Power: Where to Admire Cherry Blossoms in Guangzhou

Flower Power: Where to Admire Cherry Blossoms in Guangzhou

The Cantonese Capital, or "Green City," as the locals love to call it, has its fair share of fascinating flora in many of its parks and even on the street. Being in a sub-tropical zone, simply walking down the street in Guangzhou will expose you to some wildlife wonders, such as huge dragonflies and colorful flowers, though let’s not forget Guangzhou’s blossom trees that can often make you feel as if you’ve just walked into some dreamy Japanese scene. Here, we take a look at the best spots around town to enjoy the Guangzhou cherry blossoms but hurry, the peak blossom season ends around late March.

1) Huang Keng Cun VillageView In Map
Located around five km from the town of Fomian (佛面镇) in Guangzhou’s Huadu District (花都区), Huang Keng Cun’s (穔坑村) 9,000 cherry blossoms are a Japanese species imported from Taiwan, and display a whole palette of colors ranging from dark red, pink and white. During the weekends, the area is usually populated by flower enthusiasts, photographers, and couples looking for a romantic getaway from the city. After strolling around amid seas of colorful trees and petals, visitors can head to the nearby Red Mountain Resort (红山村) for a bite to eat.       

Add: Huang Keng Village, Fomian Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou
Price: Free
Getting there: take subway line 2 to Jiahe Wanggang Station (嘉禾望岗站) and head out from exit C, then take bus 711 to Nanmen Station (南门站), where you can transfer to bus 65 (王子山班) to Huang Keng Village Station (穔坑村委站).

2) Huangshan Forest ParkView In Map
Huangshan Forest Park (黄山森林公园) is a great resting place for hikers heading up to the peak of the mountain, where visitors can get a great view of Guangzhou’s Nansha District (南沙区). The cherry blossoms aren’t half bad either, and come in a whole variety of colors to complete a truly dream-like scene. The huge forest park will require most of the day to fully hike, as it stretches out to around 13 km, and that’s not even including the peak trail!    

Add: 300 m west of the Guangye Lu and Shiyou Jie intersection, Nansha District, Guangzhou
Price: Free
Getting there: take subway line 4 to Jiaomen Station (蕉门站), then take bus 3 (南沙) to Shidai Nanwan Station (时代南湾站)

3) Million Sunflower GardenView In Map
Also positioned in Guangzhou’s Nansha District, the Million Sunflower Garden (百万葵园) offers over 6,000 trees and 10 different species of cherry blossom, with the tallest of these towering up to ten meters. Once in bloom, the snow-like appearance of the white blossom trees will make you forget you’re in one of the hottest places in the country. Visitors can walk through the garden where blossom trees overhang and shower petals on the ground in a scene that somewhat resembles a fantasy film.    

Add: 15 Yong, Xinken, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou  
Price: 130 RMB
Tel: 020 8495 6863
Opening hours: 9:00-17:30
Getting there: take subway line 4 to Jiaomen Station (蕉门站), then take bus 1 or 2 (南沙) to Million Sunflower Garden Station (万葵园站).

4) The Best of the Rest
Guangzhou’s cherry blossoms aren’t just found in certain parks and wildlife zones like the ones above. In fact you can also catch a glimpse of these natural beauties at various spots around the city. Head down to Guangdong University of Technology campus for a look in to some beautiful blossom varieties, as well as the nearby Sun Yat-Sen University’s Liangqiu Hall; both sites attract tourists as well as students. In the gardens of South China Agricultural University, you can also lay your eyes on some lovely blossoms, while the north campus of the Guangdong University of Foreign Trade doesn’t disappoint either. So what are waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the fluffy wonderfulness! 

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