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Splash Your Cash: New Shopping Malls in Chongqing HOT

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As the center of development for western China, Chongqing has been the fortunate beneficiary of generous government funding. For die-hard shopaholics, this is cause for celebration as a shiny new mall is born every so often along Chongqing's ...... Read More>>

Got Cash? The Foreigner’s Guide to Shopping in Chongqing HOT

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Located far into China's interior, Chongqing is home to more than 34 million people. In a city of this magnitude and with hardly any contact with the outside world, foreign faces in Chongqing still attract their fair share of attention. Since Chongqing ...... Read More>>

The Disappearing Streets of Old Chongqing HOT

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Today’s Chongqing is by all appearances like any other modern metropolis, with gleaming skyscrapers and shiny automobiles. The Chinese government seems intent on giving its newest municipality a freshly minted façade through ...... Read More>>

Flea Markets: Hidden Treasures of Old Chongqing HOT

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At a first glance, Chongqing is by all appearances an up-and-coming Chinese mega-city. Hidden behind the glitzy façade of towering skyscrapers and swank shopping complexes lies another world – complicated labyrinths of narrow stairways etched ...... Read More>>

Chongqing’s Jiangbei City Centre: Shopping for a Taste of Home HOT

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The sprawl of Chongqing's Jiangbei city centre – in common with the city in general – has little to offer those foreigners shopping for a taste of home. Look closely, though, and a few emporia cater to the foreign palate with imported foodstuffs… ... Read More>>

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