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Chongqing’s Best of: Expat Bars Part II HOT

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Chongqing's expat bars range from high-end and exclusive (and yes, sometimes clique-y) to open and budget friendly (and sometimes a bit off the cuff). While it definitely won't be nominated for an award for most vibrant expat nightlife any time soon, ...... Read More>>

Best of: Chongqing’s Expat Bars (Part 1) HOT

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Chongqing, dubbed the Chinese city for Chinese people, perhaps unsurprisingly plays host to a much smaller community of expats than one would expect from a city of this size. Hence, expat-frequented venues are fewer and further between. Even so, ...... Read More>>

Live Music in Chongqing: A Sight for Sore Ears HOT

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Let's face it — China isn't exactly known for its modern day live music scene.<br /> That's not to say that there isn't an increasing number of quality artists coming to tour in China or that the domestic scene isn't ... Read More>>

After Hours Fun: Popular Bars in Chongqing HOT

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Chongqing’s nightlife scene is alive and kicking, with an ever increasing number of bars and clubs joining the burgeoning bar scene every year. However, Chongqing has a number of long-running mainstays and themed bars which continue to be ...... Read More>>

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