China Issues New COVID Guidelines for Upcoming School Semester

China Issues New COVID Guidelines for Upcoming School Semester
Aug 19, 2020 By

China has issued new COVID guidelines for schools across the country before the start of the autumn semester. The Ministry of Education and the National Health Commission has issued a code of practice for all schools, from kindergartens to universities.

Schools will open on a staggered schedule across China in the coming weeks, with universities getting the ball rolling. According to China Daily, universities in Beijing began registering students on the weekend.

The guidelines state that all students and staff attending any kind of school will require a green health code for the corresponding city to enter. Those attending school in or coming from medium or high-risk areas will also need to present a negative nucleic acid test a week before their return.

Mask wearing rules have been relaxed across the board. University staff and students will not be required to wear them but must have their temperature checked before entering the campus. Kindergarten students will also not have to wear masks, although teachers and other staff should. Students in primary and middle schools, meanwhile, should carry masks but will not be required to wear them in low-risk cities.

Universities have been asked to step up their checking and management of delivery workers and parcels entering the campus by designating areas for collection and delivery. Entry to kindergartens, primary and middle schools should also be restricted, with parents and visitors prevented from entering the premises. In addition, schools should enhance ventilation and disinfection efforts as well as stagger lunchtimes to prevent crowding, the guidelines state.

Unfortunately for teachers and students still stuck abroad, those without an official notice from their school will not be be allowed to return at this time.

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Science and technology comes into role. Health code is an effective means to contain this pandemic as seen in South Korea and China.

Nov 17, 2020 10:05 Report Abuse



Wearing a mask is more like a social responsibility, not only it protects oneself but also society as a whole.

Nov 17, 2020 09:57 Report Abuse



I watched a video from a YT few months ago, some universities students are not allowed to leave the campus until further notice. Situation certainly have change so much by now.

Nov 13, 2020 19:06 Report Abuse



Kudos to the China government. They are not taking this situation lightly. All measures are implemented to contain and prevent spread of this virus.

Nov 04, 2020 08:27 Report Abuse



China is serious to tackle Covid 19. All measures are in place to ensure the situation is under control.

Sep 04, 2020 15:17 Report Abuse