China to Start Allowing Entry to Nationals of 36 European Countries

China to Start Allowing Entry to Nationals of 36 European Countries
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China is to reopen its borders to travelers from 36 European nations, according to an announcement by the PRC Embassy in Denmark. Those with valid residence permits and work visas or people with permits for family reunification will be allowed to return to China, according to the announcement, although this is yet to be official confirmed by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any other EU embassy.

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China suspended entry to almost all foreigners and slashed international flights at the end of March in a bid to quell imported cases of COVID-19. It has since allowed selected foreign nationals whose work was deemed necessary for trade, scientific, technological and humanitarian needs to enter, while a special fast-track system has permitted travel between certain cities in China, Singapore and South Korea.

The full list of the 36 EU countries eligible according to the latest announcement can be found here, but Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Italy are all included.

Anyone entering China will, however, still need to comply with local epidemic measures. These are constantly changing but will likely involve nucleic swab tests before, during and after transit as well as 14 days quarantine on arrival. Those testing positive for COVID-19 or in close contact with someone who has may be required to undergo quarantine at a government hospital.

In a recent press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang said, “Recently, as the situation has been brought under control in many countries, people are looking forward to making foreign trips. Thus, China is relaxing in an orderly and gradual manner visa restrictions for foreigners entering China to resume economic activities and for other essential purposes. One more point to highlight is that for those who hold valid visa or residence permit but need visa renewal, Chinese embassies and consulates will provide them visa service for free.”

Meanwhile, all international flights to Beijing are currently being diverted to 16 domestic airports, and tourism to China is unlikely to resume any time soon. Anyone traveling to China from abroad is advised to purchase health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment and potential repatriation.

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The government announced new rule for non Chinese citizen entering China. All non Chinese citizen are suspended from entering China. This rule applies whether they have resident permit , work visa or so.

Nov 07, 2020 07:43 Report Abuse



China domestic tourism has bounced back as noticed by the recent national holiday.

Nov 05, 2020 07:47 Report Abuse



Health insurances is essential nowadays to ensure those insured are well protected from Covid 19.

Nov 05, 2020 07:45 Report Abuse



Only those with resident permit and work visa are allowed to enter China at this moment. This situation is expected to last till year end as pandemic is still not under control in many countries.

Nov 05, 2020 07:40 Report Abuse



Air fares to China remain high at this moment with limited flights operating in between countries which they are now allowed to enter China. I hope the situation will improve before year end.

Sep 02, 2020 12:34 Report Abuse



How about the Bangladeshi students?When we can enter in China??

Aug 23, 2020 20:04 Report Abuse




Aug 22, 2020 23:04 Report Abuse



Is this also available for people who still not work in China but is looking for job? I mean if a company wants to sign me, would china embassy give me a work visa (Z)?

Aug 14, 2020 03:33 Report Abuse



Why don't you ask the Chinese embassy in your country?

Aug 18, 2020 21:56 Report Abuse



that useless and unhelpful comment from Nikwestside is typical of the kind of foreigner that is in China. Arrogant. But here is some useful information for. On Facebook there is a group dedicated to sharing information on the latest updates concerning PU letters, work visa information and other details concerning going to China for employment. It is quite an active group and worth being in on. It is called Foreigners Stuck Outside China. With regards to Nikwestside if you do not have anything useful to say keep your mouth shut.

Sep 05, 2020 12:50 Report Abuse