Beijing School Given Permission to Bring Back Stranded Foreign Teachers

Beijing School Given Permission to Bring Back Stranded Foreign Teachers
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An international school in Beijing has been given permission to bring back foreign teachers to China, according to the school’s website. Keystone Academy will be welcoming back 14 foreign teachers and faculty members after receiving official notice from the Beijing Municipal Government on July 10.

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An announcement on the school’s website read: "The School Leadership Team has been working closely with government authorities on reopening procedures, including the urgent task of bringing Keystone faculty members who are currently abroad back to China. Following a three-month effort, the Keystone Office of Government Relations and the administrative team announce that the school’s application for the visas of the first group of 14 foreign faculty, including some academic leaders and returning and new teachers, has been approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Government..”

The school did not specify when the teachers would arrive and from which countries, but according to the Beijinger, they are now working to get the visas of a second group of foreign employees approved by the government. Meanwhile, another international facility, Daystar Academy, also announced via their WeChat account that they too would be welcoming back foreign teachers soon.

Almost all foreigners have been banned from entering China since March 28, when the government effectively closed its borders in a bid to stop imported cases of COVID-19. This left many international schools struggling as their foreign staff were stranded abroad, oftentimes unable even to teach remotely due to timezones.

Recently, however, some big foreign companies, such as Universal Studios and BMW, were given permission to bring back “essential” workers from abroad. This was done via a "Fast Track" system that has been set up between China and several other countries to facilitate the movement of essential personnel. In order to make use of the Fast Track arrangement, companies must convince the government that the employees they wish to bring back are indeed essential and that the company as a whole contributes to either the local or national economy.

The latest news that schools are now doing the same will be a welcome ray of hope for foreign teachers currently stranded outside of China.

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I recalled watching a short video in YT recently, a training centre has to be temporary close it's operation by virtue of that it is too small to obtain a PU letter to hire teacher.

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Chances of entering China remain slim at this moment in view of that European countries and many countries abroad are experiencing increasing number of cases , 2nd wave or possible of 3rd wave.

Nov 04, 2020 08:34 Report Abuse



China is doing all it is possible to ensure the well being of the citizens are protected as well as to prevent the further spread of the Covid 19. It remains unseen that the border will once resume the usual operation unless the situation in certain countries are under control.

Sep 08, 2020 10:44 Report Abuse



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I guess the students of CCP members in power have some power after all. Interesting.

Jul 22, 2020 09:13 Report Abuse