Four Reasons Why Wealthy Chinese Immigrants are No Longer Welcomed

Four Reasons Why Wealthy Chinese Immigrants are No Longer Welcomed
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Editor’s note: According to a survey conducted by the Centre for China and Globalization this year, since 1990 just over 9.3 million Chinese people emigrated overseas. A large number of those have emmigrated to developed nations like the US and Canada. But with Chinese immigrants increasingly shaping the society in which they’ve settled, not all locals welcome their new, foreign neighbors with open arms. This article, translated from wenxuecity, outlines a number of reasons why attitudes towards Chinese immigrants abroad may be shifting among some locals.

1) “False” Investor Immigrants Do Not Benefit the Country
Many wealthy Chinese immigrate to highly wealthy developed nations like the United States, Canada and Australia. These kind of developed nations often have an investor immigration scheme in which immigrants can bring capital into a nation for investment and receive citizenship or special immigration status in return. They can therefore use their status as an investor to give their children a future in a new nation. Investor immigrants are able to live in wealthy countries exempt from normal visa rules and regulations. It is a convenient way for wealthy immigrants to globalize their businesses, which is their real motivation for immigration. Therefore, these wealthy Chinese investor immigrants do not actually have much interest in the local economy. The whole point of investor immigration is to bring in more capital to these developed nations in order to invigorate local economies. However, investor immigrants often only satisfy the minimal investment demands to obtain their coveted status. Their main focus is still domestic Chinese business. They are not concerned about the economy of their new country and it is unlikely that they will make any real, long-term investments.

Zheng Zhuo, a native Chinese, and Singaporean immigrant said that there are not many “genuine” investor immigrants in foreign industries. In fact, many entrepreneurs are not even willing to emigrate at all because it is difficult to break into foreign markets. Most wealthy emigrants work in commercial trade. In the past, a number of them worked domestically in commercial enterprises and shifted into the field of commercial trade after immigrating.

2) Locals Are Unhappy about Rising Prices
According to media reports, after many wealthy immigrants arrive in Canada they are not active in helping to develop or invest in the local economy. Instead, they are only interested in purchasing a home. Almost every wealthy Chinese native is fixated on the housing prices of foreign livable cities.

Local Canadians hoped that wealthy Chinese immigrants would help to create jobs—don’t forget, they all immigrated through the “investor” channel. However, the only thing they have brought is an increase in Canadian housing prices.

Canada is a different kind of nation than China. There are no “commoners”, only “voters.” These locals dislike the fact that the foreign immigrant population is driving up housing prices. As voters, they are able to voice this disapproval to representatives at all levels of the Canadian government. These representatives cannot neglect their constituents. Looking at the Canadian immigration bureau’s new policies, we can see that these protests have been very effective in changing immigration policy.

3) Wealthy Investors Leave the Country, Don’t Support Local Society
The Canadian people have had many years to observe the true nature of these Chinese wealthy immigrants. In all, they feel that Chinese wealthy immigrants are generally good people but that it is a shame that they have no credibility. The most obvious sign of their lack of credibility is the way they do not take their oath of citizenship seriously. Before becoming naturalized as Canadian citizens, one must swear an oath: "I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and Her Heirs and Successors, according to law, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.”

Many wealthy Chinese immigrants return to China to work shortly after receiving Canadian citizenship. They do not consider the fact that this is actually exploiting local Canadians, who had urgently hoped that the wealthy Chinese immigrants would help create jobs within Canada. At the same time, Canadians also seem to have a negative impression of the majority of Chinese natives living in Canada.

In Mainland China, rich people feel important and enjoy a life of living like a king. In Canada and other Western countries, it is not enough just to be wealthy; to gain the respect of society, they must also assume a substantial amount of social responsibility.

4) Natives Believe That Wealthy Chinese Are Bad for Local Life
Wealthy Chinese immigrants and local society seem to clash on many levels. The flaunting of wealth brings about racial discrimination which leads to dissatisfaction and retribution.

Mike Martin said that most investor immigrants who come to Canada do not integrate well into Canadian society. They are characterized by their “fancy cars, mansions and upper-class education.” Every day, young Chinese drive their sports cars around Vancouver and “everyone hates them.” “It’s more than hate for this kind of blatant display of wealth. People feel that these immigrants have taken an advantage of a loophole in the system. Because of this, they have a kind of stigma attached to them.”

Incidents often occur that underline the idea that wealthy Chinese adhere to poorer values. These incidents often trigger heated debates within society. An example of such an incident happened in Vancouver. On August, 31, 2011, at the peak of the city’s rush hour, 13 wealthy Chinese youth drove around crazily in fancy and expensive sports cars. They cleared a path for racing by obstructing a highway. Then, they raced their cars at 200 kilometers per hour. The freeway had a speed limit of 90 kilometers per hour. The police were shocked and said that this was the first reported incident in the city’s history of illegal group automobile racing. The wealthy Chinese youth were subsequently arrested and fined.

However, the youth involved in the case continued to publish their own insights on the case on various Chinese websites. They said that they had no regrets and proceeded to mock the Canadian police for being underfunded. One couple, a young male and female, took a smiling photo of themselves while in the car “to keep as a souvenir” and said that they “felt very happy” about the whole situation. Another youth involved went on Vancouver TV in order to “become famous.” Netizens soon lined up to praise him. When the police towed their vehicles, the Chinese youth took pictures from the sidelines. One said that this was “proof of my wild youth. Later, I can show these pictures to my children and tell them, when dad was young he was crazy too.”

In addition, Vancouver and Toronto may be famous for a high quality of life, but they are also famous for the creation of a form of extramarital affair culture, or cheating culture “with Chinese characteristics.” Many wealthy Chinese arrange for their mistresses to settle down in Canada. This is such a popular trend that some wealthy areas are mainly made up of Chinese mistresses. Local Canadians do not see immigrant families in these areas, only beautiful young women on their own. There was even a support event for mistresses held in Vancouver in which 80 mistresses attended. “Mistress Anonymous” groups have also been set up in Toronto. This trend is extremely difficult for Canadians to accept because of the strong emphasis that Western culture puts on family relationships, respect for marriage and loyalty.


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A good sequel to the previous article. Considering HOW plenty of wealthy Chinese (mainlanders) acquire their wealth, and their hidden agenda (in addition to the one they show on their application forms), allowing even one of them as a tourist into your country is a mistake. The only bigger mistake is granting them a permanent stay status. Not all money brings good luck, some brings along curses.....

Jul 28, 2014 11:28 Report Abuse



I am a Chinese living in China. I am very glad to learn that the local Canadians find so many rich Chinese immigrants repulsive.Acutally, quite a number of rich immigrants from China had been corrupt civil servants and dishonest businessmen before they moved to Canada. Their fortune came from bribery, embezzlement, cheating and other illegal wrongdoings. They have cunningly escaped from the punishment of the laws of China. Believe me, the hatred of the Chinese public towards them are even stronger than yours. I sincerely hope that the Canadian government can restrict the investment immigration policy to prevent Canada from becoming a paradise for the above-mentioned dishonest,corrupt and sinful Chinese criminal suspects. Canada should be home to good people. May God bless Canada. May God send the corrupt Chinese immigrants back to China to receive legal punishment.

Jul 26, 2014 22:47 Report Abuse



Irish immigrants were treated like dirt when they went to Britain, America and Australia. Yet we got on with it. With hard work we contributed to society and prospered. Now I see people in the comments complaining that wealthy Chinese don't have it all their own way abroad. Just makes me laugh at the spoilt, ignorant attitudes. They seem to want everything handed to them without contributing or integrating at all, it's ridiculous. Also kudos to the moron who came out with the "all white people are slave owning murderers" generalisation. That was a good one.

Jul 25, 2014 13:03 Report Abuse



Who ended foot binding? Western people Who ended polygamy in China? Western People Where did Lu Xun go to school? Japan, which was WESTERNIZING Where did Marxism come from? The West With the exception of delicious food, China has offered very little to the west since the Qing Dynasty. Sure kites, paper, and gunpowder were great things. But lets talk about recent things? How many diseaes have been cured by TCM? How many rare animals are hunted for rich chinese idiots to use instead of modern medicine? Rich Chinese are not, JUST another group of rich people. They are RICH Chinese people. If you couple the extreme lack of ethics of the Chinese with the apathy of the rich you get a terribly terribly AMORAL group of people with no human decency.

Jul 25, 2014 12:43 Report Abuse



This thread is like some hickoid klan rally.

Jul 23, 2014 18:43 Report Abuse



white people are just like the catholic church

Jul 22, 2014 06:16 Report Abuse



Worshipped by over a billion people? I wouldn't go that far.

Jul 22, 2014 08:30 Report Abuse



Kockiong14 you are a dumbass. It is true there are lots of cases of child abuse in the catholic church butthen again sadly child abuse exists in all countries even china. It just isn't reported here because the childs family is worried they will lose face. Haters gonna hate.

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I saw a comment "By this definition their enemies are all over the world. Their national anthem states clearly what they do to their enemies, carry their enemies' bombs and march into their enemies' territories, no moralities, ethics, manners" LOL, just LOL. We might sing about it but it was you, white people, the ones who actually still invade enemies' territories with no morality, ethics or manners, as you have been doing for ages. China is a country with millions of people. So a few are not good people, you have shootings at school every month and yet you can judge other societies because your morale is higher?? I am sorry if some chinese immigrants (like myself) have not been good neighbors, but come on, at some point in history where you slaves? you have always been the masters, so just suck it up!

Jul 22, 2014 04:45 Report Abuse



Your use of "white people" as some sort of unanimous group further reveals your ignorance. To answer your stupid question "at some point in history where you slaves?" Yes, there have been slaves with a white skin color. You really shouldn't try to lecture anyone about culture, history and society because it is very clear you lack serious knowledge in these fields.

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You should just suck it up that you are a little pin dick with no culture. Oh sorry, pissing and shitting on the street, spitting everywhere and picking your nose is all you have achieved in 5000 years. Loser.

Jul 22, 2014 13:59 Report Abuse



weren't you just generalizing the word "chinese", oh I'm sorry, it is never wrong when you white people are racist. read everything again, you can all agree on an article that generalizes chinese people, but you don't like it the other way around.

Jul 22, 2014 21:02 Report Abuse



Where did learn your Chinese history? Don't you know slavery in China prevailed until the Ching dynasty, and China is still ruled by a one- party government with no universal suffrage?

Jul 24, 2014 08:42 Report Abuse



White people, you guys have been assholes for hundreds of years, and now you are complaining because the slaves you imported for building your railways have more money than you? Chinese people, and asian people in general, improve, but you live the same life generation after generation. When you went to Africa to buy or just hunt slaves, did you "integrate into their society"?? You guys still think that everything different from your culture (since you think you really have a culture) is wrong? the only reason why you haven't bombed democracy all over China is because now we can defend ourselves. So maybe it is finally our turn to be the assholes in the world, because now we have the money, so just suck it up a few centuries.

Jul 22, 2014 04:30 Report Abuse



White people this, white people that. China kept slaves? African people never sold slaves? Arabic territories? Yor comments reaveled that you don't really know anything about world history. As for the second part; I don't have any problems with different cultures, but funny how many people in China I've met who fit that description. I do have a problem with self entitlement, narcissism and the whole thought of "I have money so I can be an asshole".

Jul 22, 2014 07:53 Report Abuse



So many people that post opinions here are just cry-babies and need to go home and move back into their parents basement. Don't like China? Go home! You'd complain if your ass was on fire rather than put it out. I think China is great. I'm making lots of money. Chinese people treat me very well. They are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. Lord knows people in the West are never greedy or avaricious. Westerners don't start phony wars for profit or let their greedy and corrupt elites cause global financial meltdowns. Westerners never cheat on their wives. Westerners never travel to other countries and exploit foreign peoples financially and sexually. Oh wait... they do.

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Jul 19, 2014 15:48 Report Abuse



Eorthisio is a completely normal and well balanced individual. Like my comment if you agree.

Jul 20, 2014 16:00 Report Abuse



I agree, white people and asian people all can be assholes sometimes, and that's it.

Jul 22, 2014 05:05 Report Abuse



well put

Jul 22, 2014 14:06 Report Abuse



Some terrible journalism on offer here. "According to media reports..." What media reports? Who wrote them? When? This is just lazy writing/journalism. "Wealthy Chinese immigrants and local society seem to clash on many levels.." They seem to clash? Well do they or don't they? When did they clash? With whom did they clash with? What does clash mean exactly? Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. "The Canadian people have had many years to observe the true nature of these Chinese wealthy immigrants. In all, they feel that Chinese wealthy immigrants are generally good people but that it is a shame that they have no credibility." All Canadian people think exactly like this? The author of the article asked ALL Canadian people and they said the same thing? Miraculous.

Jul 19, 2014 13:17 Report Abuse



Yeah, i am sick of seeing foreigners not working hard to fit into their new homes. I have never even seen them try to shit on the floorvor spit on the floor while in a restaurant. I even once saw a foreigner stop his bicycle at a red light! They think they can come here and act like they are still in their barbaric countries. There countries are so backwards they don't even have a proper guanxi system or hongbaos.

Jul 18, 2014 14:15 Report Abuse



a friend of mine who owns a small business at home. Needing a new assistant she employed a Chinese girl who expressed an interest and saying she needed the money for her family. She paid well above the average wage (she is a generous employer and i saw the contract). My friend admitted that the Chinese girl was not the best worker, and needed constant supervision, but she was treated with respect. When the girl needed dental work, my friend accommodated her by allowing her time off and an advance to cover the cost. Then when this girl asked for extended time off to visit her family, my friend allowed that and being generous, advanced her salary to cover the costs. This girl then disappeared without a word. Mo phone call or email got a response. My friend then decided NEVER again to risk employing a Chinese person. A unique occurrence? unfortunately no.

Jul 18, 2014 17:53 Report Abuse



Sha bi OP

Jul 21, 2014 01:30 Report Abuse



what do white people know about working hard?

Jul 22, 2014 06:17 Report Abuse