10 Million Chinese Have Emigrated Overseas in Last 23 Years

10 Million Chinese Have Emigrated Overseas in Last 23 Years
Jan 22, 2014 By eChinacities.com

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According to a survey conducted by the Centre for China and Globalization since 1990 just over 9.3 million Chinese people had emigrated overseas, marking a 128.6% rise over the past 23 years. China has now become the fourth largest immigrant-producing country in the world. In 1990 it was seventh.

Investment emigration has also grown dramatically. According to the survey over the past three years the number of Chinese investing in America has grown from 772  to 6124 in 2012. Chinese have also become the second largest overseas buyers of American real estate since 2011.

Nearly 70% of respondents think the environment and medical services are key considerations when people emigrate.

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I've got no issue with Chinese going abroad and gaining benefits of other nations but it would be nice to see China modernize their immigrant policies to stop giving power to bosses when foreigners have a Chinese spouse.

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