Need a Cheap Place to Sleep? Check out Chengdu’s Best Hostels

Need a Cheap Place to Sleep? Check out Chengdu’s Best Hostels
By Nick Callos ,

Well, we can't all be like Joe Biden or the Miss Universe contestants and stay in a luxury hotel like the Shangri-La. Some of us are on a budget, and simply need a cheap place to lay our heads. What are our options? The clear answer is: hostels. There are a ton of cheap hostels in Chengdu, but you want to be sure that the place you're staying at won't give you any "strange itches" for the next week. Check out our guide to Chengdu's best hostels.  

1) Sim's Cozy Guesthouse 欢华青年旅舍 View In Map
The name doesn't lie. It is cosy here. Situated near bus lines that go to Chengdu's Panda Breeding Centre and the Xinnanmen Bus Terminal, Sim's Cozy Guesthouse has a prime location and great room rates. The staff are friendly, attentive and helpful. Most speak good English. The guesthouse has a cool, relaxed feeling and a traditional Chinese garden that is great for hanging out. My suggestion: grab a cup of Chinese tea, get your laptop and stretch out on one of the bamboo chairs out there. Rooms vary in size from eight-person dorms to deluxe family size rooms (with A/C). Best yet, all of the rooms are clean! Also, unlike many hostels in China, this one will actually write down and keep your room reservation.

Add: 211 North Section 4, Yihuan Lu, Jinniu District, Chengdu
地址: 成都市金牛区一环路北四段211号
Tel: 028 8197 9337
Price: 35-240 RMB (depends on room selection, time of year, etc.)

2) Nova Traveller's Lodge 成都乐浮国际青年旅舍View In Map
This hostel is a bit under the radar because it doesn't have a website set up. Regardless, this Nova Traveller's Lodge is pretty solid all-around. There's even a swimming pool on site! The beds are cosy, clean and padded. The coffee served at breakfast is actually quite tasty. The staff are here to help: they are well-known for going out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your stay there. For a small fee, airport pick-up is offered too. The hostel also offers "freebies" every week for its patrons. These range from free hot-pot parties at the hostel to free city tours! The only things keeping this hostel from claiming the top spot are the comparatively expensive room and food prices. 

Add: 10 Taisheng Bei Lu, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Tel: 028 8695 0016
Price: 35-200 RMB (private king is 200 RMB)

3) Mix Hostel 成都驴友记青年旅舍 View In Map
According to Mix Hostel's website, it was once ranked third for "hostel atmosphere in Asia" by And it is pleasantly quiet here. You are also just a stone's throw away from tourist hotspots like Wenshu Monastery and Wenshufang (a walking street with tons of neat Chinese folk-style shops). It is also very close to the tourist bar district of Zhaixiangzi. In terms of location and "bang for your Yuan", this hotel wins among Chengdu hostels. However, some rooms are a bit dirty, and you should prepare yourself to use the common bathroom and shower facilities. The hotel is very understanding of foreigners' needs, though, and sells international calling cards, and offers ticket booking and bike rental services. Each bed also comes with a safe, so you can keep your stuff from being stolen by shady vagabonds.

Add: 23 Renjiawan, Xinghui Xi lu, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Tel: 028 8322 2271
Price: 30-120 RMB. (bed in dorm room vs. private twin room)

4) Sam's Guesthouse山姆青年客栈 View In Map
While this guesthouse is slightly more expensive, it has very clean rooms with cosy beds. The guesthouse's rooms are situated in the old Shaanxi Assembly Hall. The architecture of this guesthouse is classical Chinese style, and is the best in Chengdu. Located in the heart of the city, those who choose to stay here will have quick access to People's Park, Tianfu Square and Chengdu's shopping haven, Chunxi Road. The Sichuan food cooked here is delicious, and the chefs offer cooking classes to those interested. For those looking to hit the road for Tibet, this hostel is one of the best in terms of helping you get there and helping you manage your trip while there.

Add: 130 Shanxi Jie, Chengdu (behind Rongcheng Hotel)
Tel: 028 8611 8322
Price: 100-200 RMB (depends on the season; all rooms have private bathroom)

5) Chengdu Dreams Travel Hostel 成都梦之国际青年旅舍View In Map
Located near the famed Wuhou Monastery and Chengdu's Tibetan Quarter, staying at the Chengdu Dreams Travel Hostel offers backpackers close access to some of Chengdu's most interesting culture. Also, there are some very tasty Sichuan hotpot and Sichuan cuisine restaurants close by. This hostel has a tourist centre inside. In terms of location, this hostel is either number one or two. But the quality of the rooms has gotten a bit worse. The beds are "bumpy" and uncomfortable. But what do you expect when a dorm bed in a hostel only costs 30 RMB?

Address: 242 Wuhouci Lu, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Tel: 028 8557 0315
Price: 30-225 RMB (the 225 RMB room has three twins and a private bathroom)

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